Two introverts dating yahoo messenger

Why Yahoo's big app push wasn't enough to save it

two introverts dating yahoo messenger

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Certainly, with the right engineers and a little foresight, this could have been leveraged into a Google Photos-like experience. Some of the pieces were even there. Flickr began giving away 1TB of free storage years before Google Photos came on the scene. It even beat Google Photos to the punch by a few weeks in launching some intelligent search features that used image recognition. But despite its head start, Flickr's features fell behind Google Photos almost immediately.

two introverts dating yahoo messenger

Worse, the company was never able to articulate an overarching vision for the service. Tumblr There's not much left to say about Tumblr that Mashable's Seth Fiegerman didn't already cover in his exhaustive look at all the ways Yahoo derailed Tumblrbut suffice to say that Yahoo's mishandling of the once-hot social network, combined with the rise of newer, hotter, services like Snapchat resulted in Tumblr's apps falling into near irrelevancy along with the rest of the platform.

Tumblr's app, once in the top 20 apps, now hovers around the th position in the App Store, according to app analytics firm App Annie. Yahoo News Digest The product of one of Mayer's splashier acquisitions, Yahoo News Digest was one of the company's early attempts at app innovation under Mayer. Nevertheless, Mayer then tapped the young developer to be a product manager it was reported he committed to an month stint at the company for a new news app.

The result was Yahoo News Digest, a news app that used algorithmically generated summaries — and a team of human editors — to provide daily "briefings" on the day's headlines. Though much more polished than Summly ever was, the app's only standout "feature" was its almost total lack of customizability.

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The app serves up the same handful of stories to each user, regardless of their interests. Aside from region-specific editions, there is no way to personalize what content you see.

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Only care about business and politics? Too bad, you'll see sports and entertainment, too. A later update added the ability to "read extra stories" but even this is just a standard feed based on Yahoo News' top headlines. In fact, the app's overall position is now so low it hasn't appeared in App Annie's rankings for more than a year.

Yahoo News Digest remains in the App Store but hasn't gotten a single update in more than a year. Like Yahoo itself, much of the app's failure seems to be due to an identity crisis: Serious news junkies want more than a few stories a day. Yes, current versions of the app allow you to "read extra stories," but the feature is so hidden it looks — and feels — like an afterthought rather than an intentional experience. And even those with more specific interests want something customizable that they can have a say in curating.

That's not to say the core premise of the app didn't have merit. The fact that TheSkimm, a newsletter startup that breaks down the day's biggest headlines into easily digestible snippets, has flourished as much as it has is certainly a testament to that.

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But while TheSkimm's summaries are written to sound like your best friend explaining the news to you, Yahoo News Digest's are as dry as the newsprint they aim to supplant. Users "called" each other, but instead of, you know, talking, they chatted via big text overlays on the video.

Needless to say, the app, a pretty clear attempt at Snapchat's demographic, barely registered. The app was sort of fun, but the premise — combining text and video but ditching the audio — felt gimmicky and was hardly compelling enough to inspire users to ditch Snapchat or other messaging apps, if it even made it onto their radar to begin with.

As with so many other Yahoo apps, it was aesthetically interesting but failed to deliver anything real users actually wanted. Instead, it overwhelmingly felt like yet another Snapchat ripoff. The app debuted in the top apps in the U.

App Store, according to App Annie, but soon declined to the 1, position less than two weeks later. The company axed the app earlier this year amid a bigger cost-cutting push.

Yahoo Messenger With Livetext clearly a dud, Yahoo once again tried its hand at messaging. This time, the tech giant turned to an old favorite with a redesigned version of Yahoo Messenger — brought back to life as a mobile app in late Like so many of Yahoo's other apps, Messenger was well-designed.

It handled one-on-one and group chats with ease and even leveraged Flickr for photo sharing and Tumblr for a built-in GIF search pretty nicely. It also — like so many Yahoo apps before it — failed to take.

two introverts dating yahoo messenger

The new Yahoo Messenger app launched in Though hugely dominant in the early s, the fact remained that Yahoo Messenger hadn't been culturally relevant in nearly 10 years. By latethe messaging universe was already incredibly mature. If Yahoo was hoping to launch a new product that could capture new users in any meaningful way, the company needed to do more than slap some Tumblr GIFs on an pretty UI. Though it upgraded its security from previous versions of the app, at launch it supported TLS encryption only.

APp Annie Worse still, Yahoo Messenger's legacy users — whom the company was ostensibly relying on to help prop up the app — hated it. The app has overwhelmingly 1-star reviews in the App Store, according to App Annie.

Chief among their complaints is that they were "forced" into using the new version of the app after the company retired the legacy mobile version of Yahoo Messenger.

The Yahoo app Unlike Google, Yahoo has never made a compelling case for why anyone would want to use its self-titled mobile app, which is essentially its homepage in app form. There, you can browse the latest from Yahoo News and Finance and also search the web, though Yahoo Search is not featured prominently.

two introverts dating yahoo messenger

Much ink has been spilled discussing Mayer's fixation on competing with Google in search. Yahoo could have used the app as a place to experiment with predictive search or assistants, perhaps. Instead, the app mainly acts as a portal to read news from Yahoo's media properties: And, judging by App Store reviews, it's also popular among some of Yahoo's more dedicated commenters.

What could have been Pundits and analysts will likely debate for a long time whether not there was anything Mayer could really have done to truly turn things around at Yahoo.

But what is clear now is that, at nearly every opportunity, the company failed to define the conversation in mobile or provide any overarching vision of what their mobile business should stand for.

At the same time, the company failed to identify and adapt to the bigger trends that were shaping the mobile industry. While giants like Google and Microsoft and Facebook and the scrappy startups around them were investing in AI, virtual reality, strong encryption and gesture-based UIs, Yahoo was still favoring aesthetics over features, clean lines over innovation. Despite its vast resources, and growing pool of engineer talent, Yahoo simply fell behind — hoping refreshed mobile versions of its web-based services wold be enough to keep the company afloat.

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two introverts dating yahoo messenger

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two introverts dating yahoo messenger

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