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que es tai chi chuan yahoo dating

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The Tai Chi Chuan teachings largely consist of 3 elements: Outstanding physical condition is a crucial phase when learning the skills you need to defend yourself.

The heart and peace developed by the meditation component of Tai Chi Chaun is viewed as crucial in maintaining optimum wellness.

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Tai Chi Chuan allows one to learn the appropriate change in response to exterior forces and it teaches to stop an inbound strike rather than attempting to match it with an opposing power. The use of Tai Chi Chuan as a self-defense skill is fairly difficult and requires a lot of groundwork. The perspective of Tai Chi Chuan is if a person does not display flexibility when repelling a severe power, then each side will be injured, if even in the tiniest amount.

This kind of harm, in compliance with Tai Chi principles, is an anticipated outcome of meeting a severe power with an identical kind of power. As a different solution, pupils are educated to indirectly fight or escape an inbound power. They should respond to it with meekness and monitor its motion all the while staying in physical contact until eventually the inbound force of invasion empties itself or can be safely rerouted somewhere else.

Tai Chi Chuan demonstrates 3 basic ranges: Punches and open-hand hits are more regularly employed than straightforward blows. When it comes to kicks, these are usually to the lower legs and should always be below hip level.

que es tai chi chuan yahoo dating

Tai-chi-Chuan begins with teaching slow series of movements slow forms and chi-gung. The purpose of these exercises is to gain complete control of every muscle and joint in the body so they can be used smoothly and effectively. Your mind is trained to be aware of and be able to control every part of the body at the same time.

Is Tai Chi Chuan a real martial art?

You then learn more aerobic and acrobatic forms generally called, "wushu" which challenge your abilities further. You also learn push hands which teaches you the principles of interacting with your partner to push him off balance and in advanced stages to throw and grapple.

que es tai chi chuan yahoo dating

If you tense up, your partner uses your tension to throw you. If your attention lags in any part of your body for even a second, your partner uses this to throw you off balance. Your pushes then turn into strikes and this is where you add the grappling as well. You gradually separate so you can practice the boxing.

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There is no light boxing in Tai-chi-Chuan because you are practicing the explosive force of the rapid expansion of the joints from ground to strike. So you have to wear protection.

Tai chi chuan Combat

You then add in kicking training. This adds to the difficulty because you now have to expand your attention from top to bottom.

que es tai chi chuan yahoo dating

The kicks and punches come in rapid combinations.