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Main · Videos; Cosmogenic dating laboratories in indianapolis administradores de bases datos yahoo dating administradores de bases datos yahoo dating. Las direcciones halladas se agruparon en: bases de datos, motores de búsqueda y Google and Yahoo, and in the Documents in Information Science database (WoK); it contains abstracts and indexed citations from to date. Change the date range, chart type and compare InterDigital, Inc. against other companies. iShares accounted for 38% of the company's $ billion in base fees in with retail providing another 31% and . WILMINGTON, Del., Dec.

It contains references to articles published in health journals edited in Spain from different disciplines such as Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Administration, Pharmacy, Psychology, Dentistry and Nursing.

It has more thanpublications from around journals. It also indexes theses, monographs, books and book chapters, conferences and conference proceedings, as well as governmental publications and those from regional international organizations, etc.

It collects bibliographical references from articles published in 4, medical journals from to date with more than 22 million references from approximately 5, journals worldwide in 39 languages.

Indiait was launched in February It has more than a million free-access articles from more than 13, journals, and this increases annually by approximatelynew articles. Pepsic Electronic Periodicals in Psychology. It contains open access journals, 2, issues and 27, articles with periodic updates published according to the SciELO methodology, although they are not part of the SciELO collection. PKP Public Knowledge Project is an open source journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the federally funded Public Knowledge Project from Canada.

It disseminates scientific material produced by universities and research centers including publications, teaching material, PowerPoint presentations, etc. It includes eight thematic areas: The area of Health and Medicine contains 5 databases: ProQuest Career and Technical Education: The references may contain links to the complete free text from the PubMed platform or from the websites of the journals themselves. The searches can be performed using MeSH terms. In addition, it has special tools such as "search history" and "clinical queries", and it can save searches for later reviews.

Rev Enf Electronic Periodicals in Nursing. It contains 27 open access journals, issues and Also in this case, they are not part of the SciELO collection. Science Direct, is sponsored by Elsevier. It includes more than 11 million articles from more than 2, journals, book chapters and close to 20, books.

OMPI – Búsqueda en las colecciones de patentes nacionales e internacionales

For most of the articles the abstracts are free access; access to the full text requires payment. It covers approximately 20, journals in the areas of sciences, technology, medicine and social sciences. Of these, almost 2, are open access. It also contains more than book series and around 3, articles in press.

The searches incorporate the Scirus and Elsevier databases. It also offers authors' profiles number of references of publications, etc. It is based on the web of poverty-related infectious diseases IDPs. WHO library information system based in Havana, Cuba. It offers publications from the headquarters of the organization and regional representations, journal articles, texts, technical and official documents. It also includes bibliographical databases, with references from more than 12, journals in science and technology, social sciences, and arts and humanities through its services and products: EMBASE provides information regarding treatment of diseases, drugs in general, new drugs and new applications of already existing drugs.

It allows users to recover articles that could not be found in other search engines. It currently has a source of more than 25 million records of approximately 7, journals from 70 countries.

It can use MeSH terms. Free Journals Act can search in open-access scientific journals by thematic area, approaching all the areas of the biological sciences.

It has the support of scientific journals. Google Scholar specialized in articles from scientific journals. It is supported by a freely available database that includes books, theses, abstracts, etc. It includes Elsevier journals. It can calculate authors' h-index. It cannot perform searches with limits by type of publication or research methodology, nor can it perform searches through MeSH and related terms.

Basic, advanced and multifield searches are possible. It also has a search update alert via electronic mail.

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It has 13 million patents from the US, Europe and Japan, and more than million indexed websites. It also provides search channels narrowed by content and categories like "medicine" or "psychology".

It does not allow searches with limits by type of publication or methodology used, or searches with MeSH terms. There is no free-access content. It emphasizes evidence-based medicine and clinical guidelines includes content from Cochrane and Bandolera. It has more than 17, references belonging to 60 databases.

bases de datos yahoo dating

Based on this search engine, Spain's Ministry of Health created "Clinical excellence", a meta-search engine specializing in information about scientific evidence that enables the integrated search of several resources, including: WorldCat World Catalogis a free-access search engine.

It houses files and records from more than 72, of the world's libraries. It can consult with the libraries about the searches and keep the reviews made to contribute with other users. It is updated weekly and contains documents from the 19th century to date.

Its main goal is contribute to health equity in the countries of the Latin America and the Caribbean by means of the democratization of access, publication and use of the health information, knowledge and scientific evidence. Its program model is the VHL, which through its electronic portal offers access to bibliographical references in Spanish, Portuguese and English mainly of scientific production in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The VHL portal provides access to scientific articles, monographs, conference proceedings, theses, etc. It has three databases: It is updated daily and provides information on more than 20, SR of diagnostic and therapeutic efficacy, 13, economic evaluations, and 12, abstracts of completed and on-going health technology assessments. It allows access to complete scientific publications created in the CSIC.

It includes information about various Spanish scientific communities such as Biology and Biomedecine, Food Science and Technology, etc. It is supported by libraries and research centers operated through a central database which is maintained cooperatively. It provides access to the full text of online journals. It can perform article searches by thematic area or journal title.

InterDigital, Inc. (IDCC)

GeoLibrary is a global library of training materials in environmental and occupational health. It was founded by WHO in as a collaboration project. It contains databases and resources on subjects of safety, occupational health and environmental health. It is divided into three sections: Net as well as other types of services. Searches can be made using DeCS. It is the result of collaboration among various institutions from 23 countries. It includes four databases of Ibero-American academic journals: Directory, Catalog, Electronic Journals and a portal to portals.

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It is comprised of approximately 15, books and journal subscriptions classified by category. Consider this Goldman's version of the Dogs of the Dow. BLKthe world's largest asset manager, didn't have a great year ingenerating a total return of Asset managers as a group didn't do well inso if you own BLK shares, I wouldn't get too concerned because it's got an incredibly diverse set of revenue streams that include iShares, the world's biggest ETF provider. Given the growth of China and other markets in the APAC region, one can't help but with this disparity as a real opportunity for the company.

On top of all the financial numbers, you've Larry Fink as CEO, one of the most candid chief executives in finance. I like its chances in EA didn't have a great year ingenerating a total return of However, like BlackRock, its industry didn't have a great year, either, so a bounce-back year could still be in the cards. One troubling aspect of the video game industry for Electronic Arts in was the phenomenal success of "Fortnite," which allows users to download the game for free on your iPhone, Android phone and even game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Free games are definitely not helping EA's stock price. However, in the case of Electronic Arts and the rest of the industry, it appears that investors have gotten ahead of themselves when it comes to the deterioration of the gaming industry. I like its upside in FB is at the top of the list. Mark Zuckerberg and company had a terrible year in from a PR perspective. The entire privacy issue putting a real damper on FB stock, which delivered a total return of That's the company's first calendar year with a negative total return since its IPO in Some experts feel Facebook is in for more pain in the year ahead.

JPM isn't one of them.

bases de datos yahoo dating

It has made FB one of its top stock picks for Of course, wasn't a good year for most banks, large or small. WFClost even more, down an additional basis points. Given all the problems Wells Fargo faced ina similar performance for SIVB seems like a big slight, since I consider it the better of the two California-based banks.

BACwas a big reason to like it. If there's a bank stock to rebound inmy bet's on SVB Financial. XEC might make for a good exception. Losing almost half its value on a total-return basis inCimarex is trading at 4. What's to like about Cimarex besides its valuation?

If you're looking for a mid-cap oil and gas stock to buy inCimarex ought to be at the top of your list.

bases de datos yahoo dating