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ver anime b gata kei online dating

Discussion in 'Anime' started by ECWROCKS, Apr 4, Date Posted: Apr 5, #2 . 2 to arrive via mail, and I've seen B Gata H Kei on Netflix multiple times. . I came up with my user name when WWE's version of ECW was still much (Eureka Seven and Sword Art Online are two of my favorites). Watch Yamada's First Time: B Gata H Kei Anime Movie, TV-MA, English Dubbed & Japanese, Seasons:2, Episodes, Genre:Comedy,Fan Service. Buy B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time - Comp Series [Blu-ray] [US Import] from Amazon's DVD & Blu-ray TV Store. Everyday low Date a Live - Season One - S.A.V.E. · out of 5 . So overall UK buyers if you love this anime then I suggest you buy this version Watched this collection online and just had to buy it after.

Takeshita doesn't take long to point out that she's a virgin herself. Despite being a Lovable Sex ManiacYamada is quick to engage in Slut-Shaming whenever she thinks another girl is romantically interested in Kosuda or threatens to upstage her as the school idol.

I Have This Friend Yamada uses this to get advice from Chika, who sees through it right away. On several occasions, usually when talking to Kosuda. There are boatloads of these in every episode, since Yamada's imagination has a tendency to run away with itself and she can't see reality anymore.

Of course they are always sexual in nature. She experiences at least three of them in the manga when being alone, when she believes it could be the last time before the deed. Yamada has a huge inferiority complex for being B-cupped and a virgin, but she's also a haughty Alpha Bitch who believes that any man should fall for her on the spot.

Yamada is treated as far and above every other girl in the school in terms of attractiveness, but most of the main female characters are pretty much just as attractive. Lampshaded when Yamada enters the school beauty contest. It's All About Me: She is very selfish and doesn't see it. Yamada constantly expounds about her sexual knowledge and her eventual plans to have sex friends, but in reality she has zero experience and often panics when she's faced with an actual romantic situation.

Yamada is called by everybody, except her family, by her last named. And she calls everyone, except her family, by their last names.

Her first name is never revealed. Yamada's defining character trait, though she has traits of the Covert Pervert too from the standpoint of the other characters that are not Takeshita: She is still a likeable character and while she changes over time, her character type is never deconstructed.

Making Love in All the Wrong Places: She fantasizes about doing it with Kosuda in a cable car, a Ferris wheel and even more. Also invoked when she tries to seduce Kosuda in the dark room of Kosuda's photography club.

Master of the Mixed Message: Yamada decides to pick him as the individual that she will lose her virginity to, but everytime she forces him into a sexual situation, she winds up chickening out, sending him mixed signals of whether she's actually interested in him or not.

She spends most of her time in her fantasy world where all her sex plans work out, although Reality Ensues quite quickly most of the time.

Actually it's all a dream and in reality I have a lot of experience. She imagines this very often, either on herself or on Miyano. Nature Abhors a Virgin: Yamada hates herself for being a virgin and tries to change that as soon as possible.

In the manga, when she's expected to write down her goal for her life after high school, she writes "losing virginity". Her teacher Akai is not very happy about this.

B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time

She delivers one in episode 6 that doubles up with a title drop. You absolutely can't argue with her on this. There's no way he could escape from my charms!

After all, I'm the epitome of B-type H-ism! She is described as "ero-schoolgirl" in the manga. She calls on of the nurses in the hospital "ero-nurse" too. When ever something goes wrong which happens A LOTshe always claims it's Kosuda's fault while she is the one who can't express her feelings. It's all Kosuda's fault.

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Although she's not a noblewoman, she does it occasionally, mostly when making sex plans. In episode 10 she's dating Kosuda but they both claim otherwise when Misato shows up.

Provided several times throughout the series by Yamada, including a chalkboard-drawn version seen about 35 seconds into the opening of each episode. The series is essentially a standard harem anime told exclusively from the perspective of the Tsundere character. The object of Yamada's affections is a completely nondescript generic Nice Guyand her rivals for his love include his Yamato Nadeshiko childhood friendhis flirty and masculine older sister, and a stuck-up rich girl. Other cliches such as Kosuda having a perverted Bromantic Foil are also shown but not given much focus to further emphasize how drastically the shift in perspective changes the flow of the story.

Additionally, while the audience gets to see every side of Yamada's personality over the course of the show, her tendency to behave both aggressively and strangely when around Kosuda cause her to appear to be much more of a straightforward tsundere to him than she actually is. As a child, Yamada trained herself to memorize text at a glance so that she could read dirty magazines she saw people reading without being obvious about it.

This in addition to the fact that she likes to read through the dictionary to find the dirty words is why she has such high grades despite her sex obsession. The plot is mostly driven by Yamada's problem that she can't express her feelings towards Kosuda or anybody else. At first she just wants sex but then develops feelings is completely overwhelmed by them but can't tell Kosuda what she really wants so he keeps guessing for most of the time.

ver anime b gata kei online dating

While they are rather erotic magazines than porn, she has lots of them under their bed and often worries what will happen to them when she's not home. Primarily Yamada's quest but it becomes Yamada and Kosuda's joint quest over time. Happens quite a lot, whenever she learns that having sex is more complicated than in Harem Manga. Also when Yamada is making Valentine's Day chocolates for Kosuda and bragging about how easy it iskitchen-savvy viewers might notice that she's not using a double boiler to melt the chocolate.

Sure enough, her chocolate soon begins burning, and she has to try again Played with in the case of Yamada, who wants to be this but her inability to send clear signals and her extreme insecurity with all aspects of love prevent her from getting laid. Riddle for the Ages: Yamada's first name is never stated, not even when Kosuda asks for it by the end of the manga.

In the closing narration, the author acknowledges that this secret has not been revealed but chooses to keep it for herself. She tries to keep her relationship with Kosuda a secret, one of the few things she does that is a success. In the end she and Kosuda both make their relationship public and everybody believes she must have lost a bet or something. Yamada believes that sex is the most important step for her to reach adulthood. Whenever she gains more experience she claims that her value as woman has increased.

She genuinely believes that having sex is a morally good act but can't handle her urge quite well. She also gives Kanejou Kyouka a lecture about how much sex rises the value and femininity of a woman. She briefly poses in one in episode 4. Yamada gives lots of fanservice to the audience but still is often ashamed when Kosuda sees too much of her although she shows him herself. She is impulsive while her little sister Chika is more thoughtful.

Yamada's plan of having sex friends has some crippling flaws that should be obvious: She never had a boyfriend, has zero sexual experience and does not understand how to seduce Kosuda.

Of course, she has to drop her plan by the end and confess her love to him. Frequently refers to Kyouka as hooker due to her efforts to attract the boys in their class. Of course, given Yamada's own motives, the irony is completely lost on her.

She stalks Kosuda, though it's not until Kazuki calls her out on it that she realizes what she's been doing.

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Yamada evaluating love hotels in episode 4. It comes with a Robo Cam and gauges for "mood", "prize" and "cleanliness". Stock Shoujo Bullying Tactics: Yamada tries to engage in this towards Miyano due to them both having feelings for Kosuda. Miyano proves to be so nice however that Yamada finds herself giving her advice instead. The story basically turns out to be this, after Yamada sees that seducing Kosuda is not as easy as it seems.

Yamada makes remarks during a Imagine Spot in episode 5 about how the show so far had been a "B-type generic love comedy". Poor Yamada gets mistaken for one of these when she goes online, since all she does is ask inappropriate questions about sex.

B Gata H Kei Tập 12 (END1)

She is this from Kosuda's point of view, who is completely surprised when she tells him. Yamada can be often so cruel and self-centered that she's the perfect example of this trope were it not for her occasional bouts of endearing innocence. She does this to Kosuda in the beginning, although being a virgin herself.

As she is isn't evil-meaning towards him, this is more Played for Laughs. Yamada spends the entire second half of episode 5 deliberately not wearing panties to make Kosuda melt. The problem is that it's a very windy day and she has problems to keep her wardrobe together.

A sharp air draft finally makes all visible to Kosuda. When Takeshita learns about this she's completely freaked out, but Yamada still justifies her action. What the hell is wrong with you? You're wearing a skirt! Weakness Turns Her On: One possible interpretation of Yamada's behavior and ultimately zigzagged.

She turns down all guys and goes for Kosuda who is a Loser Archetype. She falls in love with him although he doesn't change very much over the course of the story, she is sometimes turned on by his alleged manliness like when she fell on him in the book store which was more of a coincidence.

Yamada goes through this often as her relationship with Kosuda develops. Sometimes her lack of understanding her feelings, or ignoring of feelings to prefer sexual fantasy, hinders their relationship development. He is perceived by Yamada and their classmates as being a plain and ordinary guy, and often enough outright as complete loseralthough Yamada still holds the relatively best opinion of him. When Yamada makes advances on him, he is initially taken in, but becomes confused and anxious because of her mixed signals.

He is a member of photography club and seems to be a rather boring person. He develops feelings for Yamada, but keeps guessing what she really wants. He has no idea about Yamada's plan to have sex friends. His childhood friend Miyano is secretly in love with him, which he is completely unaware of. He is very often referred to with a wrong name, most notably by Kanejou Kyouka and some of his teachers. Kosuda on a few occasions, though the difference is that Yamada wants it.

Kosuda accidentally confesses to Yamada in front of the whole class in episode 9 while voting for a popularity contest between Yamada and Kyouka. He gets immediately turned down and laughed at by his so-called friends. Kosuda, who is more awkward and indecisive about those matters, is represented as a docile herbivore, like a sheep.

Miyano and Yamada, respectively. Miyano is his childhood friend who is very shy while Yamada is flirtatious and oversexed. The most popular girl in school being after him and highly increasing his probability to lose his own virginity might sound great on paper, but it's Yamada after all who just sees him as a stepping stone at firstwho cannot express her feelings and keeps him guessing what she wants.

It becomes better after a while. Inverted as he seems to be a born loser. He has always been a failure for all of his life and the other characters remind him of this constantly. It's not your fault that you were born a loser.

ver anime b gata kei online dating

He has to take a lot of punishment throughout the series and is usually the one who has to do the works for everybody else his family or run around and take pictures on the school trip to Kyoto. He is perceived as a loser by every character in the story, although Yamada and her sex goddess still have the best opinions about him besides Miyano. Kosuda turns into this whenever they are on a school trip or he's outside in nature.

Cannot Spit It Out: Kosuda worries that he won't be able to make his confession of love for Yamada during their school trip to Kyoto. Yamada's frustrated Freak Out! He finally spits it out in episode 9: Yamada is confused by her sex goddess is happy.

Caught with Your Pants Down: Yamada catches him in the manga but tells him to not worry about it because he imagined her. Completely Missing the Point: When Yamada wants him to invite her to a Christmas date in episode 4, she tells him that all love hotels will be shaking. Kosuda has not a single clue what this means. Whenever Yamada comes closer to him, he retreats to this afterwards, usually with a lot of tissue boxes besides him.

He mentions to himself he's "used" Miyano for this on occasion, as well. Yamada thinks of him as this through most of the story, but in the end, they become an Official Couple. Kosuda has many, but probably his worst ones are: He firmly believes that everything he does will end in spectacular failures, also and especially sex with Yamada, if it should ever come so far.

He fails to get an erection when they finally try to have sex in the manga, not in the anime. Is it going to be the greatest cockblock in the history of humanity? Keiichi confesses to Yamada while Kosuda is on a Date with her. Some other girls in the bar point out how much of a loser he is.

Late in the manga his sister stomps all over him in front of the whole neighborhood and even their parents to become more of a man. He's a rather mediocre student. And although he gets better over time to match Yamada, his heart is beating for the photography club. When he goes ice skating with Yamada in the manga, he breaks his leg.

Happens to Kosuda when he attempts to confess to Yamada after she gets off a train. Just as he's about to spit it outthe train doors close around his neck before he's whisked away.

He gets sucked in whole by the floor once in the manga when he screws up again with Yamada. From Bad to Worse: Almost everything goes wrong for him. He starts out as plain, ordinary guy but has his lowest moments yet to come.

In the end however he gets some kind of happy endingforming a relationship with Yamada and passing the final exam. Yamada's goal is to have sex friends but she is afraid to approach a guy with experience, so she turns to him, the most plain and unremarkable guy that she can find.

Although people question this, she maintains that she just wants to use him for her first time and dump him afterwards. In the end, she has to admit that she loves him and they form an Official Couple. Giving Up the Ghost: Kosuda's soul different from his sex god is gently hanging out of his mouth as he reflects upon how he ended up seeing Yamada underneath her skirt when she wasn't wearing any panties earlier that day.

They appear when he makes out in the park with Yamada but do not help him very much. How Yamada imagines him after she landed on him in the book store. She says "she didn't look at the face". The Loins Sleep Tonight: As could have been expected of his loser personality, he fails to have an erection when they finally try to do it this was changed to a broken leg in episode 12 of the anime.

When Yamada sees his photo album, she imagines him as matryoshka puppet, because his appearance has changed so little over the years. In episode 9 he has to give his vote in the popularity contest between Yamada and Kyouka.

Takizawa High School - Main

The problem is that he is the last to vote and it's a dead draw so everybody will know about his vote. He can only choose if Yamada or Kyouka will be pissed. He still takes kind of a third option and accidentally confesses his love.

Kosuda has a nerdy hobby photography club and doesn't have many social skills, so he comes handy as Yamada's "cherry boy". He's very nice and polite but mostly because he can't say no to anybody and because he doesn't understand Yamada's feelings.

Yamada saw his face only as Henohenomoheji before she finally remembered him. His appearance is basically unchanged since he was young. In episode 10 he's dating Yamada but they both claim otherwise when Misato shows up.

He has no idea that Miyano loves him from early childhood on, although it's quite obvious his sister and Takeshita see right through it. In the manga, Miyano ultimately confesses to him but he turns her down to be with Yamada.

Kosuda believes that Yamada just wants to have sex with him out of pity, because he's such a pathetic loser. When Yamada first comes to his house, his sister shouts that he should hide his porn magazines.

When Yamada hears this, she doesn't mind, as she believes it's normal for a boy to watch porn. Yamada thinks that he is one although he barely fits this role. Kosuda is just a sex slave. When Yamada and Kosuda finally have their first time, it only lasts for some seconds. The second time lasts longer but still not very much.

He is this in episode 10 when he's technically dating Yamada but Keiichi gets in the way. This Loser Is You: The series' primary male character is about as pathetic as they come see Epic Failwhich is regularly noted in-universe. The series assumes that the average male viewer is exactly the same loser as Kosuda.

Kosuda wears a sweater in the manga that says "B-Type H-System". He also sings the theme song in episode 12, where the title appears. He is plain-looking, self-doubting, afraid of heights, has a hobby that is considered boring by most and does not have many friends. Whether meeting Yamada was good or bad for him is up for debate.

On two occasions when he wants to go on a date with Yamadahe's surrounded by catastrophe, like a granny, a clueless foreigner, a lonely boy and a pregnant woman all take his attention. He's afraid of heights. This makes his pool date in Episode 2 difficult.

ver anime b gata kei online dating

It's difficult without Takeshita. For example, when suddenly a question like 'when do you put it on, before the sexual foreplay or after it? I wouldn't answer even if I were present!

Takeshita is Yamada's best friend and is constantly freaked out by Yamada's never ending sex questions. Still she sees the good things in Yamada and wants her to admit her love for Kosuda. She also helps Yamada by inviting Kosuda on a double date and giving her advice. Unlike Yamada, she has a boyfriend and is not a virgin, but refuses to talk about the details.

Acceptable Feminine Goals and Traits: She reminds Yamada of these. She believes a woman should pursue things like a loving relationship and her career, although she doesn't to be happy with both all the time either. Takeshita is the best source of advice that Yamada has. This comes with serious drawbacks for Takeshita, as Yamada asks her the most embarrassing things to the worst possible times and often misinterprets her advice in a perverted way.

Takeshita and her boyfriend Daisuke are this to Yamada and Kosuda. Takeshita is the tsukkomi-part and constantly freaks out when Yamada asks sex-related questions at the worst possible times. One of Takeshita's purposes in the plot sometimes seems to deconstruct this.

See D-Cup Distress below. She is the one who keeps Yamada from going overboard but she can't be everywhere at all times. While Yamada and the other girls, to some extent is always jealous of her, Takeshita has pointed out that: Takeshita's defining character trait is to have the sarcastic last word to Yamada's sex-crazy comments.

Comes also with a Disapproving Look. On one point in the manga, she refuses to talk to Yamada until she matures. How are you going to compete with her [Kyouka]? The number of sex partners? I don't think you'll win. She hands them out a lot when Yamada makes her usual remarks. She often hits Yamada over the head when Yamada goes overboard. Usually comes with Cranial Eruption. She has a suppressed wild side in her that is represented by her other eros deity she has two.

Also she can't admit until very late in the manga that she's jealous because of her boyfriend and misses him very much. Takeshita has them too.

ver anime b gata kei online dating

To make it more confusing she has two eros deities in the manga which are different from her angels. Takeshita does this when they make the school trip to Kyoto. You are such a perv! Offscreen Moment of Awesome: While never happening onscreen, we learn in Kyoto that Takeshita has told Yamada about her first time. Given Yamada's reaction to everything Takeshita is telling about her boyfriend, we can imagine Takeshita'a retelling was quite an intense moment for both.

In the very end of the manga, directly after Yamada has had her first sex, Takeshita gives a lecture over many hours about love and sex. He is perceived by Yamada and their classmates as being nothing special, even "plain and ordinary". His hobby is landscape photography.

She is described as "dry and sarcastic", and a "foil for the loud, sex-obsessed Yamada". Although she has a boyfriend who is a college student, she rarely talks about him because of Yamada's lewd prying,[ ch. She is depicted as a shy, clumsy, yet busty girl with glasses.

She is extremely wealthy,[ ch. This most likely also goes for her older brother, Keiichi. Kosuda's Eros Deity wears a bathrobe, has a laid back attitude, and gives ineffective advice such as telling Kosuda to give up and go to bed,[ ch. She is unaffected by Yamada's perverted nature. She is very popular, and often receives affections and gifts from boys because of her cuteness,[ ch.

Although she is visited by many boyfriends, when Yamada asks her to teach her how to have sex without fail, Chika replies that she cannot give an answer as she does not know how.

She is not shy, and often walks around the house barely dressed despite her brother's presence, much to his objection. At the end of the series, Keiichi becomes a "legendary teacher" and the Minister of Science and Education.

He occasionally appears in the story as he offers advice to Kosuda concerning his relationship with Yamada, and appears to be composed and insightful, although it is because he has previously heard the details from Miharu. She is as boy obsessed as Yamada.