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Your expression will contain a single argument to pass to the SUM function: Empiece a escribir "SalesAmount" hasta que solo quede un valor en la lista: Begin typing "SalesAmount" until only one value is left in the list: El nombre de la columna precedido por el nombre de la tabla se conoce como el nombre completo de la columna. The column name preceded by the table name is called the fully-qualified name of the column.

Fully-qualified column names make your formulas easier to read. Select Sales[SalesAmount], and then type a closing parenthesis. Syntax errors are most often caused by a missing or misplaced closing parenthesis.

Para restar las otras dos columnas: To subtract the other two columns: After the closing parenthesis for the first expression, type a space, a minus operator -and another space.

Add a closing parenthesis. Type a space, another minus operator, space, another SUM function with Sales[ReturnAmount] as the argument, and a closing parenthesis. Press Enter or click the checkmark in the formula bar to complete and validate the formula.

The validated measure is now ready to use in the Field list for the Sales table. If you run out of room for entering a formula or want it to be on separate lines, select the down chevron on the right side of the formula bar to open up more space. You can separate parts of your formula on different lines by pressing Alt-Enter, or move things over by using Tab. Uso de una medida en el informeUse your measure in the report Ahora puede agregar la medida Net Sales al lienzo del informe y calcular las ventas netas para cualquier otro campo que se agrega el informe.

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Now you can add your Net Sales measure to the report canvas, and calculate net sales for whatever other fields you add to the report. To look at net sales by country: Select the Net Sales measure from the Sales table, or drag it onto the report canvas. Select the RegionCountryName field from the Geography table, or drag it into the chart. To see the difference between net sales and total sales by country, select the SalesAmount field or drag it into the chart.

The chart now uses two measures: SalesAmount, which was summed automatically, and the Net Sales measure you created. Each measure was calculated in the context of another field, RegionCountryName. You can add a slicer to further filter net sales and sales amounts by calendar year. Click a blank area next to the chart, then in Visualizations, select the Table visualization. This creates a blank table visualization on the report canvas. Drag the Year field from the Calendar table into the new blank table visualization.

En Valores del panel de visualizaciones, seleccione la flecha hacia abajo junto a Year y, luego, seleccione No resumir. In Values in the Visualizations pane, select the down arrow next to Year, and then select Don't summarize. The table now lists individual years. Select the Slicer icon in the Visualizations pane to convert the table into a slicer.

Las medidas Net Sales y SalesAmount recalculan y muestran los resultados en el contexto del campo Year seleccionado. The Net Sales and SalesAmount measures recalculate and display results in the context of the selected Year field.

You want to find out which products have the highest net sales amount per unit sold, so you need a measure that divides net sales by the quantity of units sold. Puede crear una medida nueva que divida el resultado de la medida Net Sales por la suma de Sales[SalesQuantity]. You can create a new measure that divides the result of your Net Sales measure by the sum of Sales[SalesQuantity]. Cree una nueva medida denominada Net Sales per Unit en la tabla Sales. Create a new measure named Net Sales per Unit in the Sales table.

In the formula bar, begin typing Net Sales. The suggestion list will show what you can add. You can also reference measures by just typing an opening bracket [. The suggestion list will show only measures to add to your formula. La lista de sugerencias muestra todas las columnas que incluyan Quantity en el nombre.

The suggestion list shows all the columns with Quantity in the name. The formula should look like this: Select the Net Sales per Unit measure from the Sales table, or drag it onto a blank area in the report canvas. The chart shows the net sales amount per unit over all products sold, which is not very informative.

For a different look, change the chart visualization type to Treemap. Select the Product Category field, or drag it into the treemap or into the Group field of the Visualizations pane. Now you have some good info! Try removing the ProductCategory field, and dragging the ProductName field into the chart instead. Ahora solo estamos jugando, pero tiene que admitir que esto es genial. Ok, now we're just playing, but you have to admit that's cool!

Experiment with other ways to filter and format the visualization. In pairs, use these verbs to interview each other. Ask at least two questions for each verb Write a news story about a social or community event that was disrupted or temporarily canceled by some extreme weather. Books closed show students some verbs so they work on the present perfect. Contrast questions in Present simple and Present Perfect Continuous.

Which ones are good news? Read opinions then listen to six scientists Read sentences a-c and match them to uses in the Grammar box. Listen and write the five questions you hear. Write on the board the following prompts: Drill pronunciation, sts take turns asking one another, share experiences, they found what they have in common or different from others. Match the opinions to their counterarguments a-f. Read environmental news and underline the correct verb tenses.

In pairs answer them. Read the pop-ups quickly. Which premise s do you find hard to believe? Find ten sentences with ellipsis in the completed ads. Complete the information then listen to check.

In pairs, remember all you can about each story. For more grammar and pronunciation practice, begin the class with rousing drills, follow the example in the book. Listen to a report and use the numbers on the photos to complete the chart.

Read world of English and find out the ways to express small quantities. Read World of English and practice Match, re-read, complete and check the information. Prepare an ad using ellipsis.

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In pairs, choose a topic and interview each other. How many things in common? In groups share the most interesting answer with the class. How does this extract make feel? Use the ways to express small quantities in sentences. Listen again and notice the stresses words. Listen, read, write, and talk. What do you think Daniel has been doing? Watch the video and answer. Answer true or false. Read and complete the different tasks Listen and write the numbers.

In pairs, try to retell each fact. Listen again and check. Read, listen, choose, and write the correct answers Setting the steps to develop the project. In groups, talk about changes. In pairs, think of three ways we can help endangered species. What kinds of things have you done to help the environment?

How have you, your friends, or your government been trying to make a difference for the planet? Match the columns, and then modify the underlined phrases to make them true. Compare in pairs Question time: Evaluation sheet with different items of the skills. Preliminary indications for the development of the project. How to remember new words together not in isolation.

Find the bold words in the text and identify them in photos a-g. What else can you see? Read world of English and make sentences.

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Divide the class in three groups. Give each group a set of premade cards. Make a sentence with at least four words from the box below. Rita is in Hong Kong for the first time to meet her in-laws. Complete her tweets with Read and analyze cyber English. Read World of English and find out the uses of have in English.

Are the photos C capitalI landmarkor S scenery? Use these adjectives to give your opinion about the places. Check the correct answers to questions Warm up: Divide the class into pairs or small groups and have sts brainstorm endings for the sentences starters you wrote on the board. Give groups a point for each ending. What are the rules where you live? In small groups, write six tips for a foreign visitor and share them with the class.

Use these ideas to help. Listen to check and notice the contractions Look at the tweets in A and complete the grammar box. Wait until A finishes, then guess or ask more questions. In pairs, describe your favorite place or historic landmark. Check the features of a place in your town. Had you ever lived anywhere else before you moved there? Use though, although, even though. Read and complete the article with from 4 A.

Listen to three international students talking about their hometowns. Write sentences starters on the board and invite volunteers to complete the sentences with their own ideas. Read the example sentence and answer a and b in the Grammar box. Read World of English and retell the stories. In pairs, from the photos, choose the five most serious problems in your city. Can you agree on the order? How about your city? Complete and share your ideas in pairs.

Find five examples in A. What area they contrasting? Write three questions and interview as many students as you can. Use some of the vocabulary in A and the expressions in C. Have you ever missed anything important because of traffic?

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In groups, share stories and choose the saddest and funniest ones. Plan what to say first. Retell the stories from the pictures in 7A, alternating sentences. Use a variety of tenses. Understanding Rules and Regulations. Explaining and Questioning Rules. Show sts the questions on the board and have pairs of sts discussed them.

Match the signs top photos a-j in pairs, try to think of two places where you might find each one. Which four signs are intended to be funny? Do you find them funny? Listen to four dialogs and circle the correct signs in ID skills A. Read and choose the correct photo for the story. Sentences are true. Find evidence in 4A. Read and complete the different tasks Read, listen, choose, and write the correct answers. In pairs, which rule in A is the most important? Have you or any of your friends ever gotten in trouble for breaking a rule?

Share stories in groups. Have students review p 35 and, in pairs, take turns asking and answering questions that form the lesson titles in unit 3. Read the article to check your predictions and match the bold phrases to photos Read world of English stress syllables. Then scan the text and Common Mistakes to check. Point out the questions you write on the board. Pair sts up and have them ask and answer the questions.

How many differences can you find? Read world of English and give an example for each ending. In pairs, describe your ideal school, its policies and schedule. Use the ideas in 1D Complete column two in B. Is it mostly positive or negative? Write the bold words in the website article next to their definitions.

Then listen and read World of English. After greeting your sts, tell them they are going to play a game. After time is up check. Listen to three interviews about career choices and complete Read World of English and do the mini quiz. Then listen again to check.

Match the five sentences combinations. Compare with others and choose the funniest. Display the photos or point out the list of activities on the experiences. Any similarities or big differences? In pairs, share your opinion about Complete with items from A. In pairs, answer From the results which person is British?

Look at the pictures On p Predicting and Checking Predictions. I do the dishes everyday and I hate it. Match the two halves of the quotes and define the bold words. Which is the funniest quote?. Look at the cartoon and circle4 the correct rule in the Grammar box. Use the title question on the top of p 44 to introduce the lesson topic to sts.