Polizia di stato permessi soggiorno online dating

How and where a foreign national can obtain a residence permit in Italy

- New management of the electronic residence permit delivered by the Police EU Long Term Residence Permit (ex Carta Di Soggiorno);; updating Residence well as the appointment date to be photographed at the Police Headquarters (Questura). . mob-con.info htm. Webinars · Online training · SDL Trados training . Il permesso di soggiorno CE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo e' a tempo indeterminato [NON SCADE MAI]. has a 5 year expiry date (even if just for the photo) and a 10 year expiry date 1) According to the Ministry of Interior (Polizia di Stato)'s English. The Permesso di Soggiorno will give you a right to reside in Italy until The Permesso entitles you to legal residency in Italy until the expiration date. way to go online to make an appointment at Polizia di Stato, you have to.

A photocopy of the visa page and photo page of your passport A photocopy of proof of financial security. This can be the same proof you used when you applied for your visa: A photocopy of the official enrollment letter from your school or university with the stamp from the Italian consulate you got this when your visa application was returned A photocopy of proof of medical insurance. Internationally valid insurance is necessary for all students, regardless of the national insurance coverage you have at home.

Residence permit

For instructions on how to get INA insurance once you arrive in Italy, click here. Upon verifying all documents in your completed Kit, the post office will give you a piece of paper with the date and time of your appointment at the Questura Police Headquarterswhere you will receive your official Permesso di Soggiorno card.

polizia di stato permessi soggiorno online dating

The appointment is usually for at least one month after your date of application. Bring the following documents to your appointment at the Questura, located at Via della Fortezza, The birthdate is the first six numbers of the line second from the bottom while the expiration of the photo is found in the middle of the same line digits ibid. Further information on the data included in the notes could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response.

Il permesso di soggiorno è pronto? Controlla sul sito della Polizia di Stato

A document issued by the Ministry of Interior of Italy entitled Staying in Italy Legally similarly states that the EC Long-Term Residence Permit is valid for an indefinite period, although it notes that, in order to be valid as a personal identification document, it must be renewed with a new photo after five years ibid. Sources state that the applicant must possess a valid residence permit and have had the residence permit for a minimum of five years Italy 24 Feb.

Permission to Stay

Sources further indicate that the applicant must demonstrate an income equal to or more than the annual social welfare allowance [3] [or social security level EU 25 Sept. According to the European Commission, an applicant with family members must show an income equal to or higher than the annual social security level increased by half for each family member; applicants with two or more children below the age of fourteen years old must show an income equal to or greater than double the annual social security level ibid.

Sources further indicate that the applicant must not constitute a threat to state security and public order ibid. Sources indicate that the applicant must include the following: The State Police website indicates that an applicant can also submit an application for the following family members: The same source indicates that applications for family members must also include certificates proving the family relationship; all foreign documents must be translated into Italian, legalized and certified by the Italian consulate in the country of origin or residence of the family members ibid.

The same source explains that if the photograph is not updated, the permit expires as a [translation] "valid identification tool," but "never as a vested right" ibid.

Residence permit

If you entered Italy with a visa for family reunification or employment you have to go to the Immigration Desk -'Sportello Unico per l'Immigrazione' - set up in every Italian province at the 'Prefettura', as provided for by the circular letter of 7th December In this case, a clerk will complete your application, that you must post by registered mail.

If you don't have a kit If you don't have a kit, you can complete the application for the first issue or renewal of a residence permit free of charge at the 'Patronati' or at the municipalities providing this service.

polizia di stato permessi soggiorno online dating

Staff working in these offices will assist you in the completion of your application and then you will simply have to post it by registered mail. What to do after posting your application form The receipt you get from the post office replaces the "receipt slip" that was formerly handed to applicants by the 'Questura'. The receipt of registered post together with the original of your expired residence permit or entry visa, if it is the first issue, will allow you to travel to your own country in specific periods of the year determined and regulated by immigration authorities.