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pergunta resposta online dating

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We go by the date stated on your diploma or provisional degree certificate.

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The key date for calculating the period after the Bachelor's degree is the start date of your fellowship in case of a successful application 1 October of the year following the application. Which completion date is valid if I hold multiple university degrees? In the case of multiple degrees, the valid date is the completion date of the first Bachelor's or comparable degree.

Will you take into consideration the time I devoted to bringing up my children? Please indicate on the application form any leave of absence from academic or professional activity after completing your Bachelor for child-rearing purposes. We will determine whether these periods qualify as parental leave. If applicable, the effective application deadline may be extended.

We allow up to two years per child at most. If you have additional questions, please contact info at avh. I already am or have previously spent time in Germany. Am I eligible to apply? You can apply if you have been in Germany for less than six months at the time of the application deadline 15 September or you have returned from an extended stay in Germany more than twelve months and have been in a programme country USA, Russia, China, India or Brazil for more than twelve months at the time of the application deadline 15 September.

In all other cases we regret that we cannot consider your application. If in doubt, please direct any questions to info at avh. Can I apply if I completed my schooling and a university degree, or a university degree and a doctorate, in Germany? No, an application for a German Chancellor Fellowship is not possible.

pergunta resposta online dating

If in doubt, send us a seamless CV so that we can then advise you info at avh. I already am or have previously spent time in a third country i. You may apply if you are only staying temporarily up to 12 months in a third country and the actual focus of your life and work is still in your country of origin. If you are a citizen of a programme country USA, Russia, China, India or Brazilyou may also apply if you are staying in another programme country for a longer period of time.

pergunta resposta online dating

Provided that your connection with your country of origin is assured e. In case of doubt, please contact us info at avh. I have studied English, German, or related subjects at the university level. Do I have to submit a language certificate? If this is documented on your diploma, you do not need to submit any additional documentation proving your proficiency in English or German.

English or German is my native language. Do I have to submit a language certificate proving my proficiency?

No, a language certificate is not required. I completed my first university degree Bachelor's or equivalent more than twelve years ago. Can I still apply? We cannot consider your application if you completed your first university degree Bachelor's or comparable more than twelve years ago.

If you have just passed the deadline, an exception may be made in well-founded cases e. The key date for calculating the period after your first university degree Bachelor's or equivalent is the start date of your fellowship. Please send us your CV so we can advise you info at avh. Anyone working at a public or private institution in Germany for example businesses, associations, administrations, NGOs can serve as a host.

We do not provide any direct support in finding a host. Applicants often turn to existing contacts from their professional or private sphere to identify a host, e. Can I carry out my project with several hosts? Only one person can be your official host. But this does not mean that you are not permitted to also collaborate with other people during your project. Will my host institute receive any additional funds for the costs it incurs in connection with my stay?

Is the German Chancellor Fellowship suitable for inhouse-trainings? No, the fellowship is not meant to support company employees who intend to work at German headquarters or branches. Applicants suggesting a project that includes an inhouse-training have a rather low chance of success.

Can I apply with a dissertation project? The German Chancellor Fellowship is not a traditional doctoral fellowship programme. As a doctoral candidate you are however welcome to apply if: You have initial leadership experience beyond your research activities; Your project is relevant to the social dialogue; You will be able to successfully complete your project within the specified fellowship period.

Can I apply to several Humboldt Foundation fellowship programmes at the same time if I fulfil the formal requirements? No, it is not possible to apply to several fellowship programmes concurrently. Should you be rejected by any of them, you may, however, apply to any other programme as long as you fulfil the formal requirements.

Can I conduct part of my project work abroad? During the sponsorship period, fellows may conduct short-term study or research visits to institutions elsewhere in Europe except the fellows' home countriesif this is essential for the execution of the project. The maximum duration should be 1 to 2 months. Are there deadlines for submitting applications? The application deadline is 15 September of each year. How often do selection committee meetings take place?

There is one selection committee meeting in Bonn per year. Do I need to have contacts in Germany at the time of application? In order to assess the viability of your project, the Selection Committee must know if a German mentor has agreed to provide you with adequate professional support during your stay in Germany. Please direct your host's attention to the form for the prospective host's confidential statement.

Can I apply for a fellowship from another institution at the same time I submit my application to the Humboldt Foundation? In principle, it is possible to file parallel applications. You must, however, indicate this on the application form and inform us immediately of any other applications you submit and any other sponsorship decisions that occur while we are considering your application. Can the fellowship be postponed?

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German Chancellor Fellowships must begin according to the predetermined time schedule in the year the fellowship is awarded. What is the time schedule of the programme? The following time schedule is mandatory for all German Chancellor Fellows: August to September Intensive German language course in Bonn: This course is mandatory and lasts from one to two months depending on existing language skills. October Four-week introductory seminar in Bonn and Berlin November to September of the following year Eleven-month period spent working on an individual project at a host institution in Germany June of the following year Two-day Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Annual Meeting in Berlin summer of the following year Three-day final meeting in Berlin with visits to the German Chancellery and the Federal Foreign Office Can I bring my family?

The Humboldt Foundation welcomes the idea that fellows' partners and children should accompany them and encourages this by paying family allowances in addition to the fellowship, provided that the family members accompany the fellow for more than three months. Who bears the travel expenses to and from Germany?

One deadline extension can be granted, provided that the signatory duly completes the online delay request form - please refer to the FAQ: If the Covenant Signatory has already been granted an extension: The global success and the credibility of the initiative depend upon the fulfilment of the commitments taken by its signatories. See more information under: With the new -fully automatic and transparent- suspension procedure, the information on whether or not signatories are respecting their commitments is publicly available under their individual profiles - see the list of Signatories.

pergunta resposta online dating

In case of suspended signatories, the public profiles are greyed out with the following notification: What happens once the SEAP is submitted? Furthermore, if you choose, all your uploaded documents become available for download in your public profile. The eligibility criteria are the following: For specific information on the assessment of your action plan the Joint Research Centre can be contacted via: The Covenant of Mayors reporting templates What is a reporting template?

The Covenant of Mayors reporting templates provide signatories with a structured manner of summarising the key elements of their action plan and tracking of implementation during the monitoring phase. When signatories submit their action plan document in their national languagethey are at the same time required to complete an online template available via the Covenant website restricted area: Only after this process is completed, the official submission of the action plan to the Covenant of Mayors takes place.

Perguntas e Respostas

The SECAP template used by signatories of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, which includes the framework for mitigation as well as climate adaptation, include the following parts: It includes the vision, the CO2 emissions reduction target sadaptation goals, the attribution of staff and financial capacities, the involvement of stakeholders and citizens among others.

Energy and climate mitigation: Serving as a check-list and inspiration for a comprehensive local plan for adapting to climate change. Highlights of the collected information in the template are provided in a graphical format which is then shown in each signatory profile on the Covenant of Mayors website. Signatories can use the EXCEL version as a working tool as well as to get acquainted with the reporting framework that will be introduced online as of In the meantime, signatories will be able to upload any documents, e.

In what format is the template available? The official submission of your action to the Covenant of Mayors has to be done using the online template available in the Covenant website restricted area: This Excel-based template is an offline working version of the official online template which has to be completed in English and submitted online. Please note that it is not possible to export the data entered in the Excel to the online platform and vice-versa. As soon as the online SECAP template has been developed in full reporting on both climate mitigation and adaptation will be available through the online platform.

When submitting their action plan, Covenant signatories are required to fill in their Baseline Emission Inventory as part of their template. In addition, they are strongly encouraged to include information on their subsequent inventories, the so-called Monitoring Emission Inventories MEIswhen existing especially the most recent one. For example, several Covenant Signatories have carried out a Baseline Emission Inventory for the year and then have included more recent inventories MEIs in their action plan template.

If you have already implemented emission reduction actions, the results are visible when comparing the Baseline Emission Inventory BEI with subsequent inventories. You can describe these actions in both the action plan and the monitoring reports. Covenant Signatories can decide to establish these estimates either 'compared to their baseline year levels' see option 1 or 'based on the results of their latest inventory year' see option 2. Take the results of your Baseline Emission Inventory as a reference, and evaluate the expected contribution of each sector to the overall CO2 reduction target Under this option, the sum of the CO2 reductions expected in the various sectors should correspond to the overall CO2 reduction target. - Registered at

In the example above, this should thus correspond to tonnes. Take the results of your latest emission inventory as a reference, and evaluate the expected contribution of each sector to the remaining effort needed to reach the overall objective Under this option, the sum of the CO2 reductions expected in the various sectors should correspond to the remaining effort. In the example above, this corresponds to tons: These options were designed to facilitate the work of cities having opted for a baseline year that is far in the past e.

What if your CO2 reduction target has a different horizon than or ? The years and are the time horizons of your commitment in the Covenant of Mayors. For instance, if your local authority has set a long term target beyondan intermediate target for ordepending on your Covenant commitment, should be set in addition.

Monitoring report What is a monitoring report? Monitoring and evaluating results is important for following up on the main achievements and for continuously improving your action plan in case corrective measures are needed.

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Covenant Signatories are committed to regularly submit monitoring reports to show the results achieved at a glance, both in terms of measures implemented and CO2emissions reduction. What should the monitoring report include and when should it be submitted?

Two different options for monitoring are available for Covenant Signatories: Report on the implementation status of their actions in qualitative terms Update of the Adaptation Scoreboard, The Risk and Vulnerability Assessment and the choice of updating the Adaptation Action Tab.

A Monitoring Emission Inventory and quantified outcomes of the actions implemented, such as: An update of the Adaptation Scoreboard, the Risk and Vulnerability Assessment and a minimum update of 3 key adaptation actions The reporting requirements are the minimum and both the Action Reporting and the Full reporting can be done as often as the Signatory find it relevant to have a status of its progress towards fulfilling their commitments.

How to submit the monitoring report? Covenant Signatories are invited to use the on-line submission system available via the website restricted area: The procedure includes the following steps: Please note that all the green cells are mandatory. Note also that you must submit at least three actions as Benchmarks of Excellence. Validate your online Monitoring submission - Click on 'submit' in order to have your monitoring template officially submitted. A preliminary checking system of the template will be made available inallowing the detection of errors or inconsistencies.

This will be run through a parallel online application, developed and managed by the JRC. How to request an extension of your monitoring template submission deadline? To request an extension of the deadline for submitting your monitoring template please provide a short explanation for the extension request to info eumayors. If you are an individual Signatory i.