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log horizon online anime dating

This is the character sheet for the light novel and anime Log Horizon. Whenever possible, the entries below use the spellings used in the books, rather than the. Hi, So I started watching Log Horizon (just finished the first season). gamers are trapped in the fantasy online game world Elder Tale. unrelated question, but what book is the anime currently covering? Of course, he says that when Marielle and Naotsugu are totally dating and started that off-screen. Watch Log Horizon for free on mob-con.info! Access Anime on all your Devices! Watch on your PC or download the AnimeLab app for iOS, Android.

While his skill with planning is acknowledged by veterans in Akihabara, Shiroe's reputation among the general adventurer population isn't that good, where the perception that he's an In-Universe Magnificent Bastard overrides whatever good intentions he might have had during a particular event.

It gets so bad that, by Book 5 and the later episodes of the anime, Minori makes it her responsibility to salvage Shiroe's reputation. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good.

For all his vast knowledge and skill, he can't dance. At Eastal's ball, Henrietta had to use her bard skills to prevent him from embarrassing himself. In episode 9 of season 2, he sees his past self sitting on a park bench alone at night while in the spirit world. He mentions that he was fairly intelligent for someone his age, but that also meant he distanced himself from other people.

log horizon online anime dating

Sometimes accidentally, and sometimes deliberately because he couldn't, or didn't want to relate to them. He then realizes that he's still doing it in the game, and despite others trying to help him, he's still not fully trusting them or sharing his feelings about various things to them.

Shiroe was formerly the head tactician of Debauchery Tea Party. After being trapped in the game he acts as de-facto leader of his party and eventually becomes the leader of his own guild.

Episode 9 of season 2 shows that he was one in real life as he sees his past self sitting on a park bench at night to help him get over his troubles. He also starts to realize that he's still pushing people away, and decides that he needs to trust his friends and companions more. Acts like one towards Reynesia in order to deliberately cause her to hate him so Krusty can help her out.

As a Scribe, he can create magical contracts using special ingredients. The more powerful the ingredients, the more powerful the contract. This includes a contract that can bestow Landers the Adventurer subclass, something he keeps an absolute secret in fear of the chaos that would ensue if it is revealed.

The City of Akihabara

Shiroe's two classes Enchanter and Scribe are best suited for people who can strategically make the best use of them, as well as think of clever and more efficient methods of using them.

By people in Akihabara, thanks to his wandering around with Akatsuki and Minori during a festival. They both look about fourteen, while he is somewhere in his twenties. Shiroe is a genuinely good guy, but can also be ruthless and underhanded if needed. Some of his friends call him a "demon" and "scary boy". Shiroe eventually realizes that in some ways, he's no different from Demikas. Both were afraid after the Apocalypse and took out their frustration on others.

Demikas, towards the Landers, and Shiroe towards Demikas. Even though he cannot forgive Demikas for his treatment towards Serara and the Landers, he's not the police, and to deny him his name is like not seeing him as another human being.

log horizon online anime dating

In addition to combat tactics, there's his plan for restoring order in the Akihabara border. Obviously he'd like to help create order out of the anarchic situation, such as when he goes to rescue Serara, though some of the bigger guilds are understandably hesitant to help since they wonder what he could do in the first place.

He then tells them that he bought the guild hall, where players have to go to form, join, or leave a guild, and it's also where the bank is located.

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As it is the only guaranteed safe place to store items and large amounts of money, he can blacklist anyone he wants to prevent them from accessing their stuff. While his intentions are noble, other players can't help but see how shady and underhanded his plan is, and some even outright state it's Blackmail.

He's not above using completely unheroic tactics to accomplish good things, as seen when he tricks three guild masters into giving him a huge pile of gold to buy him the entire guild hall so he can force people to go along with decisions made by himself or his newly-formed council.

Even though all he really wants is just to clean up the anarchic state of the city, there's a reason everyone calls him the "Villain in Glasses". Even those who can spot Shiroe's good intentions are in sheer awe of the extent he is willing to go to in order to carry out his goals. Developed one ever since his days within the Debauchery Tea Party.

Even after the Tea Party was effectively disbanded, as a veteran player he felt obliged to assist and guide beginner players whenever he could.

Black-Hearted Shiroe and Villain in Glasses. Sometime in the future, he will be known as the Chronicler of the East. Shiroe's overskill allows him to create contracts that overwrite the laws governing the world of Elder Tale. He first uses this ability to save Rudy by having him sign a contract granting him the abilities of an Adventurer as a subclass.

Next, Shiroe arranges a contract between himself and the Kunie clan that gave him all the gold he needed to buy up all the lands and properties in Yamato and then he returned them, absolving him and the Round Table Council of responsibility for paying the ruinously-high upkeep costs of the Guild Meeting Hall without allowing their enemies to have it either.

The result was a fundamental change in "gameplay" as it were.

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According to Ri Gan, the occurrence of such feats, known as "Sekaikyuu Mahou" or "world-class magic", is incredibly rare and is by far the most powerful form of magic in existence.

Just ask Maryelle or the person who dubbed him "Villain in Glasses". Minori definitely thinks this way. She even thinks the way he adjusts his glasses is cute.

He's the brains behind Log Horizon; a genius strategist, map maker, and master of exposition, with a real-life degree in civil engineering. When he had a flashback to his DTP days, Kanami straight up told him that "your job is to think".

log horizon online anime dating

Smart People Wear Glasses: Shiroe, the mage-strategist and resident Enchanter, wears glasses, and he fiddles with them incessantly. Enchanters are formidable buffers, debuffers and support characters, but when it comes to direct combat, they're better off taking cover behind a Guardian.

Despite his reputation and status as one of Elder Tale's best players, Shiroe himself isn't immune to this, and in the very rare occasions that he doesn't have anyone to support it's very clear that he can't handle combat by himself at all.

For the most part, Akatsuki spends her time in reconnaissance, keeping tabs on the Hamelin members and capturing their names so that Shiroe could later blacklist them on the day of the Round Table Conference. On the day of the conference itself, Akatsuki is kept on guard to make sure that the kids in Hamelin were successfully retrieved. However, she misses Shredderso he is able to access the main guild hall while the rest of his compatriots could not.

When Minori and Tohya are attacked by the furious man, Akatsuki comes to their rescue, gracefully kneeing the man and freeing Tohya. When he grabs her by the collar and demands to know where she is, she simply calls Shiroe and asks him to blacklist him, adding insult to injury by saying that Shredder's face matched his name. With that, he is kicked out of the building and lands outside, where Naotsugu and several other companions were waiting for him.

Summer Training arc Akatsuki is present when Maryelle throws a fit over going to the beach. After Shiroe finds a resolution, she is seen cowering from Henrietta inside Log Horizon's guild house, as the latter had prepared a summer dress for her to wear. When Serara talks to Nyanta, both she and Naotsugu listen intently for Serara's reaction.

When a messenger from Eastal arrives, however, and Shiroe is selected as one of the representatives to go to the Ancient Palace of Eternal IceAkatsuki decides to accompany him there. Much to both of their distaste, Henrietta tags along to "observe, "definitely not" to force Akatsuki into the aforementioned dress.

Akatsuki ends up wearing said dress at the ball held by the Lander nobles, and shyly asks Shiroe if she looked strange. Much to her shock, she learns from guild master Tatara that the sword which she wanted, on top of being too expensive for her, was already sold to someone else.

Faced with the reality that she was still only a second-class Assassin, she goes off to a forest and observes members of the Black Sword Knights train together, wallowing in her misery over her own incompetence.

She wishes to acquire an Overskill, which she overheard several members talking about, but thinks that it is beyond her because she rarely participated in Raid Battles that would give Secret scrolls that would improve her skills.

log horizon online anime dating

On Shiroe's request, she accompanies Maryelle, Henrietta, Serara, and Rieze in accompanying Rayneshia and guarding her.

She is mostly silent throughout the engagement as Maryelle throws clothes on Raynesia and forces her to dress up, empathizing with the Princess. Occasionally she speaks, but usually only to reprimand her companions. As she watches, though, she feels a pang of jealousy towards Raynesia and Rieze, both of whom she deems to be more beautiful than she is.

After they leave, Henrietta and Rieze are shopping for food together when Rieze mentions that Akatsuki had been watching D. D 's training sessions as well. Despite having only known the Assassin for half a month, Rieze could tell that Akatsuki was feeling depressed, while Henrietta, whom Akatsuki had confided in, understands that she had a lack of confidence in her skills. In the early hours before dawn, Akatsuki patrols the city, having decided not to return to her guild house in order to track down the murderer who had been killing several Adventurers over the past week.

Hoping to learn more about Overskills and perhaps witness some major battle guilds fighting him, Akatsuki wanders about, thinking about her relationship with Shiroe. Her jealousy towards Minori becomes eminent as she starts criticizing the younger girl in her mind, but she catches herself and feels guilty for thinking about her that way. In the end, she decides to stay at the inn rather than return to the guild house. Now with a hint regarding the murderer's capabilitiesshe goes off to find and combat him, unaware that Soujiro and the West Wind Brigade had already entered in combat with him.

However, while leaping from branch to branch, she overhears the battle and decides to join the fray. Her attacks are futile against the murderer, oftentimes missing or dealing little to no damage, but Soujiro's attacks keep the murderer from focusing on her. Even with Nazuna 's help, both fighters were aware that it would do little to nothing against an opponent of such caliber.

Despite this, Akatsuki yells at Soujiro to run, but he refuses. He performs several movements and radiates an air that Akatsuki doesn't quite understand, before she realizes what he was doing—he was showing her his Overskill.

While deflecting some of the murderer's attacks, he teaches her the secret of Overskill, which was to practice endlessly and to never give up. Soon, the barrier that Nazuna had erected before escaping collapses, and even with Soujiro's Overskill, the two Adventurers are killed.

There, she sees Shiroewho had himself died in the Abyssal Shaft raid. After a small conversation with him, she vows to make up for her previous lapses and revives in the Akiba Cathedral.

She requests the others to help her, and after receiving a stern lecture, takes a step forward to become stronger and stop the murderer. Shadow Lurk click to animate During the battle with the murderer, Akatsuki accidentally developed the Overskill, Shadow Lurk, which combined her Assassin and Tracker skills to create clones of herself as long as she held her breath; however, near the end of the raid, her blade is broken during an attack.

In response, Tatara handed to her Haganemushi-Tatara, the other powerful kodachi Akatsuki had been eyeing, which she reforged to aid the Assassin. With it, and with Nelles frozen by Rieze's aerial attack, Akatsuki destroys Byakamaru and defeats Nelles, putting an end to the fiasco in Akiba.

Afterwards, she joins the others for a slumber-pajama party in the Watermaple Consulate. Other Media Akatsuki was an acquirable character in the mobile game Chain Chronicle during the limited-time collaboration. New Adventure Land Main article: Her first SR version could be acquired by preregistering for the game. Since the release of the game, several other versions of Akatsuki have been released.

The black glaze keeps it from reflecting light, making it easier to conceal. This item is produced by aficionados. During the Akiba Raid, it was broken and replaced by Haganemushi-Tatara. Black Costume of Eternal Night: Equipped with a special magical power that raises the abilities of the person wearing them in proportion to the darkness of the surrounding area. It's standard to use them with darkness spells or night-vision equipment.

Has an effect, voluntarily activated, that destroys the pin but fans the Hate of the monsters in the area. In the language of flowers, heliotrope means "faithful heart, devoted love. A pale lilac-colored kofurisode with a cool pattern of scattered Chinese bellflowers. An original product from Yamato clothier Komachi, which makes its home in Akiba's production guild neighborhood. Komachi crafts its own traditional clothing, such as kimonos and furisodes, which are scarce in the world of Elder Tale.

A pale pink lip rouge. Instead of being in stick form, it's the old-fashioned type you paint on with a fingertip. There are brighter colors and sparkling, iridescent types as well, but this one is about as much as Akatsuki can manage. Wind Dragon's Wind Chime: Wind Dragon scales are used as the chimes. Akatsuki uses this wind chime as a doorbell. A reforged version of Meito-Haganemushi.