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Paper Mario: Sticker Star (JP Japanese: ペーパーマリオスーパーシール Romaji: Pēpā Add new page . Release Date(s) Mario then is free to walk around the town and save Toads that became given to him by Bowser, which allows him to heal himself fully on his turn. Bowser Jr. (second time), , Surfshine Harbor. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the fourth title in the Paper Mario series and is album page, and after losing to Mario uses paperization to toss away the Sticker Comet, All of the tablet pieces reveal the Drybake Stadium, which was completely He tasks Mario to find all of them, reseal them in the book, and place it on. It must be said that one area where Sticker Star absolutely shines is Paper Mario: Sticker Star is often funny, thoroughly charming and a joy to.

After going through The Bafflewood Mario and Kersti arrive at Wiggler's Tree Housethey find that Wiggler has been broken into five segments by Kamek's magic, four of which have run away to different parts of the forest. Mario and Kersti must find the Wiggler Segments and bring them back to the Wiggler's head. Mario and Kersti go through the entire poison-infected forest trying to find each Wiggler Segment where various events happen, such as Mario losing his entire inventory including his Hammer and Kersti in Rustle Burrow as well as fighting a Big Scuttlebugand retrieving a Wiggler segment from a game show hosted by a Snifit that is housed inside a stump.

After the Wiggler Segment is initially found and each level in World 3 cleared, it will run away to another level where it must be fought due to being enraged. On the Outlook Point the poison is discovered to come from an island near Whitecap Beach.

Here, the last Wiggler Segment, after freeing it from Poison Bloopers, is enraged by this and runs to Surfshine Harbor to get a boat and reach the island. The Toad that owns the boat refuses, because a fishing boat was recently lost at the island. After this, the Wiggler Segment decides to finally return home. After Mario and Kersti reattach Wiggler, he decides to help them by taking them to the island where the poison comes from.

There, it is shown that Gooper Bloopercorrupted by the third Royal Sticker, is the cause of the poison in the forest. After defeating the Blooper, the poison disappears, reverting the forest to its normal state, and Mario gets the Royal Sticker.

Wiggler can again find himself food. The boat at Surfshine Harbor.

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To reach the other worlds, Mario and Kersti require the boat from Surfshine Harbor. The sailor Toad helps them with this after finding and placing back the boat's wheel and eventually using Scissors to remove some rope attaching the boat to the mast. After Mario defeats it, the frightened Toad retires from sailing, enabling Mario to use the boat as he wishes.

The Enigmansion This world is snow-themed. As Mario and Kersti travel through it, they come across The Enigmansionwhere its steward is sitting outside due to the mansion being haunted by "Terrifying Things", Boosfreed from the Book of Sealing. He tasks Mario to find all of them, reseal them in the book, and place it on the pedestal in the basement.

After the task is completed, Kamek then reveals himself, claiming that he released the Boos by accident when he was looking for a novel about stickers.

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He tears out all the pages of the book, and crumples them together to form the Big Booand leaves. When the Big Boo is defeated and sealed again in the book, the steward thanks Mario by inviting him to enjoy tea, as well as letting Mario have Forebear's Portrait, which is of the Enigmansion's previous steward.

Mario and Kersti head to Whiteout Valleywhere they use the portrait to fill the hole.

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The forebear thanks Mario by starting up the ski lift, which Mario rides to reach Bowser's Snow Fort. This place is a minecart coaster which Mario must ride to reach Bowser Snow Statue.

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After breaking it down, it's revealed to be Mizzter Blizzarda snowman who only wanted a body that wouldn't melt, and although the Royal Sticker gave him that, it also corrupted his mind. When Mizzter Blizzard is defeated and the fourth Royal Sticker is obtained, his final words are to beg Mario to rebuild him next winter, so they can meet on more peaceful terms.

If the player returns to the Enigmansion, the forebear has returned there, and the former steward is now a servant. Also, leaving the world causes Bowser Jr. By defeating him again, Bowser Jr. A Cheep Chomp chases Mario. At the next world, Mario and Kersti travel through a forested area where Spear Guys steal pieces of a bridge that requires crossing, ride a raft while avoiding dangerous obstacles, and get chased by a massive cardboard Cheep Chomp.

This is followed by Chomp Ruins, where Mario has to battle a massive Chain Chomp, afterwards is the volcano itself, starting in Rugged Road where Mario uses a cold Thing to freeze one part of the Volcano.

As Mario places them on the wall, he can paperize the wall and flip it, revealing Bowser's castle which flies to the sky, out of Mario's reach. Upon hearing mention of a creature flying over the forest and by heading to Wiggler's house, they find out Wiggler has grown up into Flutter. Here, Mario defeats Bowser Jr. At the castle, Mario again faces and defeats Kamek for the last time. With him out of the way, Mario is able to continue on to Bowser at the final area of the castle, where Princess Peach is taped to a chain.

During the final showdown, Bowser falls down into a pit with the last Royal Sticker, and emerges seconds later as a massive cardboard version of himself. With any attack dealing little damage to him, Kersti powers-up Mario to face him by sacrificing herself, apologizing for all the hassle she has caused him.

With this power boost, Mario defeats Bowser, releasing him from the Royal Sticker's control. Mario frees Peach and uses the Royal Stickers to return everything to normal. After Peach congratulates Mario and the rest of the kingdom for their success, Bowser attempts to steal the Royal Stickers again, only for the revived Kersti to intervene.

She jokes that she wants to change her career, and Mario, Peach, and Bowser laugh. Mario and Kersti finally find Peach, but a battle against Bowser, who's still empowered with the final Royal Sticker, soon ensues. Eventually, Mario pushes Bowser off a platform, only for Bowser to grow to gigantic proportions due to the Royal Sticker's power still being inside him.

Kersti then realizes that her own sticker power is the only thing that can match Bowser's sticker power. Kersti then sacrifices herself by giving Mario all of her power, whilst apologizing for "forcing" him to go on the quest with her in the first place. With Kersti's power inside of him, Mario is able to defeat Bowser and save Peach.

Peach then reminds Mario of the Royal Sticker's ability to grant wishes and asks Mario what his wish is. Mario and Peach arrive back in Decalburg to once again present the Sticker Comet. Bowser then once again attempts to touch the comet, but just before he touches it, Kersti pops out and stops him, revealing that Kersti was revived by Mario's wish.

Kersti then states that if Sticker Fest is to be this way every year, she would need to reconsider her career. Development[ edit ] According to an interview with some of the game's developers, the partner system prevalent in previous Paper Mario titles was removed because it was found to often conflict with the sticker-focused gameplay and the developers were asked by Miyamoto to make a Paper Mario game only using traditional characters as much as possible and "stop creating and introducing new characters," which also had the consequence of removing the partner system.

Miyamoto also asked the developers to change the gameplay and battles because he considered it to be too similar to The Thousand Year Door and asked the developers to greatly de-emphasise the game's story, saying "It's fine without a story, so do we really need one?

Dark Moonwith a release window sometime during the holiday season. So Kersti gives Mario a few jump and hammer stickers and teaches him how to use stickers in battle.

While wandering through Warm Fuzzy Plains, Mario is run into by a Toad, who then precedes to drop a large, rare, gold scissor sticker. He then tells Mario that Bowser Jr. Mario then picks up the rare sticker, and Bowser Jr. In the battle Bowser Jr. Mario cannot defeat Bowser Jr. He then crumples up the bridge and throws it onto a high ledge.

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Mario then goes back the other may to find a way to get the bridge. He eventually meets a few Toads and after talking to one hiding in a nearby bush, they decide to help him to get the bridge.

When they return to the high ledge, the Toads form a stair case, that enables Mario to get the bridge. Kersti then helps Mario to place the bridge using paperization, and tells him that she can help him paperize things when he presses the Y Button. As Mario keeps wandering through the area he is ambushed by the group of Goombas again. However this time they have been given more power by Bowser.

They now can fold into spikes and fly sideways through the air.