Reddit social anxiety dating service

Dating as an Awkward/Socially Anxious Guy : dating

reddit social anxiety dating service

I registered on a dating app, to at least see what girls "Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. your paid book / paid app / paid therapy services will result in an instant ban. PDF | Social media platforms are revolutionizing the way users communicate by hashtag where as for Reddit, we crawl all the self posts shared on /r/metoo . sex perform, oral, consensual, date, violent, nonconsensual sad, anger, anxiety , positive and negative emotions), social relationships (family). I would feel less pressure on myself, unless ofcourse I got one of those people who think they have social anxiety, but always seem to be the.

And seeing as my blog is all about mindful living, I immediately felt compelled to tell my singleton readers about it. MeetMindful is a dating site for those who live life with a mindful and passionate outlook. Those with an awakened mind that's open to learning and self-development; those that want to live life positively and explore the opportunity and potential in life; those who are compassionate and kind, health conscious perhaps.

Of course you don't have to be into all or even half of those things; perhaps you just have a yearning to meet someone who wants more out of a relationship than a few beers and a movie on the sofa. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of people on there who still enjoy a beverage or two, and even a smoke!

Let's say you're a vegan ,who enjoys meditation but also a glass of wine or two on the weekend, and wants kids some day. Or perhaps you're a Christian who smokes weed occasionally, is anti-fracking and likes camping in the great outdoors!

The cool thing about MeedMindful is you can filter matches for these types of thing. The general emphasis is on truly living life: It really is a fantastic platform. What to Expect on MeetMindful In their own words: MeetMindful is more curated than other mainstream dating apps and sites, particularly those offering free messaging.

Trust us, we've tried them all. At the end of the day, we were tired of superficial profiles, and unsatisfied with casual encounters and ghosting. So we created what we were looking for ourselves. Okay… so, to do a proper review for you, I had to set up a profile and find a match. But don't worry, my wife knows!. It took me about 10 minutes to do, which is pretty quick. Man, I remember those endless pages I had to fill out back in my online dating days. I'd sit there, mind blank, writing, deleting, editing.

reddit social anxiety dating service

Honestly, I found MeetMindful super-easy because I felt like the platform was tailored for me. And that's the key benefit here. You're able to easily include and exclude the lifestyle choices you want your matches to have. You'll see what I mean in the screenshots below.

I also liked the fact that I could skip what I didn't want to fill out immediately and get onto viewing profiles. Here's an overview of the profile process you'll go through when you sign up: None of us are. Tell people how others see you, what changes you're embracing and exclude areas of life you aren't interested in.

Okay, so this is a hypothetical exercise, but I was very impressed by the matches returned. A few hadn't bothered to write much, but some were compelling and really struck a chord with me.

Below is the profile of my favourite match. I have blurred her face and name out to protect her identity. What attracted me to this particular person? Great quote used at the top of her profile Has a thirst for wisdom Likes music and exercise Likes travel and exploring outside of her comfort zone She wrote about kindness, love and positivity in her profile She has a wonderful smile!

But hey, I'm married. Seriously though, I hope this gives you some insight as to the kind of people you can expect to meet, and indeed the concept behind the platform.

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In a nutshell, it's a dating community for the conscious world: I became obsessed with protecting myself from every possible threat. I researched what to do if I was arrested and thrown in jail. I spent hundreds of dollars on food and equipment that I hoped would save me in the event of a disaster. There was nothing inherently wrong with preparing for an emergency, but obsessing over apocalyptic scenarios, every day, for months on end?

One day, it finally dawned on me: And what planted those seeds of fear?


I replaced the scary news with positive, joyful, and fun information. I still talked with my friends, who would inevitably bring up the noteworthy events that took place that week. I was alive, and the world kept turning. That was about it. The information you allow into your conscious awareness determines the quality of your life.

If your friends are watching the news in the same room, either change the channel or go do something else. Replace those unsettling thoughts with positive content that will uplift you. My favorite anxiety-fighting content. Sad people tend to focus on the lyrics, while happy people just listen to the music. Only nature, face-to-face interactions, and books are allowed. Unplugged nature vacations are incredibly refreshing.

My mind always feels like a stuffy room that gets a sudden rush of fresh air. Give yourself permission to stop working and unplug. One of my readers wrote this message to me after reading an early draft of my book: My mind could function and that tight feeling around my eyes vanished. Eight hours of sleep is a miracle pill. The endless stream of digital information I was taking in every waking hour only compounded the problem.

And because I kept going to bed at random hours, my mind never had enough time to shut down, relax, and digest everything that poured in during the day. During the month I cured my anxiety, I made consistent sleep one of my highest priorities.

Here are the steps I took: This little obstacle prevented me from checking Facebook or watching Youtube before trying to fall asleep. I always put my iPhone on Airplane Mode or turn it off while sleeping. Even on silent, the illumination of arriving text messages is enough to wake or aggravate me. Kept the curtains drawn and wore a sleep mask so that my room was as dark as I could possibly make it.

Once my room was optimized, I committed to a consistent bedtime. It took several nights to adjust to this change, but within a week, I was sleeping like a champion. It set me in motion toward getting in bed, and ultimately re-trained my body to crave sleep at a reasonable hour. There was another aspect of my sleep routine that was critical for healing my anxiety: I took a minute nap every afternoon.

I never tried to fall asleep; I just relaxed and focused on breathing in and out. I wish I could be a salesman for naps. Take a quick nap in the afternoon, even if you have to cut your lunch break short.

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Then force yourself to get ready for bed at the same time every night. Set another reminder to take a nap after lunch. Cover your windows so your bedroom is as dark as possible.

Drop the temperature in your bedroom to 68 degrees. Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask. Use this mask to block it out. If you despise alarms as much as I do, then check out the Wake-up Light. It makes waking up gradual and pleasant. Eliminate Stimulants The physical sensations that preceded my panic attacks were the jitters shaking hands, quivering voice and a rapid resting heart rate.

Guess what gave me both of those sensations? I decided to cut coffee out of my diet for a week. Shortly after I removed the caffeine from my bloodstream, I stopped having the jitters. My resting heart rate remained steady.

reddit social anxiety dating service

The physical sensations that came with having a panic attack were no longer there, and I started calming down. As soon as she stopped drinking diet soda, her anxiety disappeared. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the simple answers that are right in front of us. Keep it out of your body for one week. If you have that substance in your house, throw it away.

If the people you spend the most time with are encouraging you to consume it, politely turn them down and do something else. If you have strong cravings for that substance, find a healthy substitute you can consume instead e. Try to eliminate that substance for good. Trauma Releasing Exercises [Note from Charlie: This technique is going to sound bizarre. Relaxing felt physically impossible. My body was so tense because I was constantly in fight-or-flight mode.

Every day, I was producing the energy needed to survive a life-threatening event. A friend recommended that I check out T.

I watched a few videos of T. The clips showed people lying on the ground as their bodies went into spastic tremors. Their movements looked comical and freaky, like they were in the middle of an exorcism. Anyone who has gone through extreme trauma, from the emotionally abused to war veterans, can use these exercises to their benefit. I learned that tremors are a natural means for mammals to discharge excess energy after a traumatic event.

I watched footage of antelopes, bears, and other animals that had narrowly escaped an attack. Unlike most species, adult humans typically prevent themselves from having tremors. Because we avoid behavior that makes us look weak or vulnerable.

I bought the T. I was just astounded by how vigorously my body shook. I looked like a vibrating cell phone.

I performed these exercises three nights per week, for three weeks. They were hugely effective for releasing the physical tension my body was holding in. This short book explains the trauma recovery process in uncomplicated language.

The last chapter includes photos and descriptions of the exercises, which elicit tremors that release deep chronic tension in the body. Fix Micronutrient Deficiencies Everyone should get tested for micronutrient deficiencies at some point. So even if you are eating a seemingly natural and well-balanced diet, you could still be deficient in key nutrients your brain and body need in order to function properly.

Where you get your produce matters; they could be chock-full or devoid of the vitamins, etc. The Vitamin B club. A lot of people are deficient in B methylcobalamin — found in meatbut others might be deficient in B-2 riboflavin — found in yogurt, spinach, almonds, and eggsor B-5 pantothenic acid — found in avocados, mushrooms, and sweet potatoesor B-6 pyridoxal phosphate — found in tuna, chicken, turkey, and cod. You can find omega-3 in salmon, fish oil, hemp seeds, and flax seeds.

For a few months, I was feeling unusually fatigued.