Num ne nonne latino dating

-ne nonne num — Legonium

num ne nonne latino dating

Kiss scene dating Num ne nonne latino dating Clay pipe stem dating agency on also. The quiz seems to be wrong. The triplet nonne, num, -ne is indeed important for Latin questions, and therefore naturally studied together. The negative particle *ne 'not' (Skt. nd, OCS ne, Goth. ni(-h), Lat. ne) is in the later descendant languages (e.g. Lat. ne, nonne, and num., Goth. niu, Gk. ou). as nominal modifiers, may also be of Indo-European date, though there is much.

Johannes de Hil- desheim, Liber de gestis ac translatione trium regum, etc. Mul- dener, Leipzig, ] i. Meister, Leipzig, ; 30 quod iam to 33 Troilum and 36 sub- sistere to the end are lost.

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There is a sixteenth-century contents list on f. In section ii there is a ornate initial in red and blue; in section iii two plain initials in respectively blue and red; in section iv the first initial is in blue with red tracery, later ones are in red; in section v there are plain initials in blue and red. Sections ii and iii are in round humanistic hands, iv and v in gothic hands. An inscription on f. The ex libris of Sir James Balfour is on f.

It later belonged to Sir Robert Sibbald, and was sold with his library. No signatures or catchwords. Binding of brown sheepskin, tooled blind and in gilt, ca rebacked ; vellum strips formerly used to strenghen the folds are now in Adv. The text is apparently contaminated from the t and i classes. A large initial on f. Initials of each book and prologue alternately red and blue except that those of books xx and xxi are both blue and those of xxii and xxiii both red ; those of books i-v and viii have tracing internally and in the margin, in ink with the red initials, in red with the blue.

The text is written in a round, flowing humanistic hand. There are no other early marks of ownership. It belonged to Sir Robert Sibbald and was sold with his library. Modern signatures in arabic in pencil in the lower inner margin of the first recto of each probably dating from the present binding.

Pricking with a triangular awl in the outer margins, from first recto to last verso of each gathering. Scottish binding of brown crushed morocco tooled in gilt, ca A manuscript of the eleventh or early twelfth century 76 Klinger, Leipzig, ; cf. It presents basically a T text, most closely related to S Brit.

Headings and initials some in red. Different hands wrote i and ii other slight differences are probably due to change of pen. The second folio corresponds to that of a manuscript of Leicester Abbey no. On the inside front cover is a late- eighteenth-century pencil note in French on the order of the poems, and the pressmark Van Praet", by Joseph B.

Signatures in the lower margin of the last verso of gatherings 1 A4 Dand F-O. Pricking with a triangular awl in the outer margins not preserved in gatherings Ruling with a hard point, each sheet separately ruled on the hair side. Limp, binding with remains of thongs. My- nors, Oxford, There are verse arguments to books ii-vi and ix-xii. Bound in are end-papers from a binding: A Volume of Vocabularies, pr.

Coloured initials to books i, xi red and blackii, iii green, red, and goldiv redand xii red and gold ; ink initials to books v, viii, and x; those of vi and ix have been omitted. There are a few marginal pen drawings.

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Signatures in roman numerals in the centre lower margin of the last verso of each gathering. Pricking with a awl in the outer margins from first recto.

num ne nonne latino dating

Ruling with a hard point. French binding of wooden 77 My- nors, Oxford,written by Antonio Caballavo in There are verse arguments to "Aeneid" ii-xii.

num ne nonne latino dating

Subscription to the "Eclogues", f. Leonardi de bagnara Scriptus p er me Antoniu m Caballauu m die 28 Augusti". Initials in red and purple or blue and purple to each "Eclogue", to the of "Aeneid" ii, iv-xii, and to "Aeneid" ii, v-xii.

Initials infilled with a flower or with leaves, in red, green, blue, and gold, to the argument of "Aeneid" iii and to "Aeneid" iii-iv.

Interlinear glosses and occasional marginal notes of various dates. The manuscript belonged to George Douglas, son of the first Duke of Queensberry, whose library was to the Advocates' Library after his death.

Catchwords in the centre lower margin parallel to the text in gatherings 1 andin the right-hand lower margin at right angles to the text in 3. Scottish binding of brown calf, late 17th cent. DCat each side feathers? Presented,by William, 1st Duke of Queensberry. Mynors, Oxford,probably written by Lodovico Regio of Imola in The text embodies a considerable number of readings apparently otherwise unknown. Some of these are clearly errors, others if emendations display great metrical ignorance, but some are of superior quality and of these a few are normally ascribed to scholars of the sixteenth century.

Subscription, partly erased f. The traces are compatible with: The title page is surrounded by a border of cherubs, vases, etc. The first five lines on this page are respectively in blue, red, green, gold, and gold; the next two in a mixture of these colours. The titles of the poems omitted in gathering 2 and partly in gathering 7 are alternately in purple, green, and red.

Initials are gold, set in purple, green, red or blue ornamental panels. A few lines of text, marginal notes, and the subscription are in red. Catchwords in the right-hand lower margin, at right angles to the text. Scottish binding of red straight-grained morocco, tooled blind and in gilt on both sides, with marbled endpapers, ca. Ovidi Nasonis Tristium libri quinque, ex Ponto libri quattuor, etc.

At the end occur the verses " E xpers naso modi" etc. Written in a competent humanistic bookhand. There are a few later marginalia. On the inside top cover is a note in an eighteenth-century hand. There is a modern pressmark J on f. Catchwords in the lower right-hand margin, at right angles to the text.

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