Dating a younger guy tips on girls

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dating a younger guy tips on girls

Flirting with, then asking a younger guy out on a date is no different than Girls choosing flowers Gay Online Dating Hints, Tips, and Secrets. 40 important questions to ask a girl you're dating to get to know her better Some things to remember about seriously dating someone younger with men three decades younger than her, and she brushed it off. Understand where your younger partner's coming from, but don't try to give them advice or. It takes a strong, confident woman to date a younger man. While its gaining popularity, a woman dating a man much younger than herself is still a cause for.

Nia Stanley "Cougars" is the widely used term to describe women who like to date men who are considerably younger than them.

dating a younger guy tips on girls

Demi Moore married Ashton Kutcher who is 15 years her junior, and Halle Berry had a baby with Gabriel Aubrey, who was almost 10 years younger. Dating a younger man can provide a relationship that is just as positive as one with a man who is the same age or older.

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Dating a younger man can be exciting. Meet Singles in your Area!

Dating a Younger Man – Part 1

Remember you are dating, not mothering, a younger man Women are commonly nurturers. When dating a younger man, there will be a temptation to take care of him, more so than when the man is the same age or older.

Resist doing this, so you do not create a shift in the dynamics of the relationship.

dating a younger guy tips on girls

No one wants to feel like they are being told what to do in a relationship. Also avoid supporting your younger man financially.

dating a younger guy tips on girls

Fights over money can create rifts in the strongest relationships. He's an adult; let him make some mistakes. For instance, even if you know it's a bad idea to get wasted at his friend's birthday party when he needs to be at work bright and early the next morning, bite your tongue or find a way to casually warn him without being overbearing.

You could simply say, "Don't forget you've got that meeting in the morning," and leave it at that. Try not to make all the decisions in the relationship. If he wants to take you to that action-packed movie that his age group is raving about, let him take you and watch it with an open mind.

Tips on Dating a Younger Guy

In turn, you can open his mind to more mature things as well. Let Him Pay Don't get swindled into paying for every meal or activity you do because you make more money or are more established.

dating a younger guy tips on girls

If he wants to be the man and pay, let him pay. If the two of you have been dating a while, do what other couples do and take turns covering the meal.

dating a younger guy tips on girls

If you consistently pay when you go out, he may begin to feel that you think he can't take care of you, or he may allow you to begin taking care of him and take advantage of you. Make Him Wait Some younger men like the novelty of sleeping with an older woman and only want to use you solely for those purposes.

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Younger Man

Don't let someone turn you into a conquest. If the guy is calling you often in the evenings to come over or is constantly asking you what you can teach him in bed, get rid of him unless that's all you want out of the relationship too.

But if you're looking for a solid, meaningful and potentially long-term relationship, wait until you really get to know him better before sleeping with him.