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Omega Psi Phi - Initiation Ritual

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Several can be given this fourth test at the same time. Every Son of Omega shall be courageous. Though you have passed the tests of Discretion, Faith, Obedience, and Endurance, Omega cannot use you unless you are brave.

Bravery is characteristic of the Negro; the Negro has been a great soldier in all the wars of history in ancient times, in the Middle Ages, and today. Who can question the courage of Antar, the Epic Poet of Arabia, who won his bride saving Arabia with his sword?

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Who call doubt the bravery of Thomas Alexandre Dumas, the father of Alexandre Dumas, the novelist, and the soldier who drew the envy of Napoleon? Then we are ready for the test. The Neophyte shall now be conducted in to a room in to which the member s have previously arranged themselves, guarding every avenue of escape, some carrying knives and conducting in apparent low tones, conservations of threats to the Neophyte for the blunders made and for every outcry given.

A board eighteen inches by eleven inches shall be studded with six-penny nails so arranged that the nails will forform to the Greek letters, Omega Psi Phi, that shall be previously marked upon the board, the blindfold shall' be removed from the Neophyte, and he shall be given to feel and examine his clothing that both of his knees may be exposed, kneel in prayer, audible or silent, blind-folded again, and commanded to keel upon the board studded with nails.

No force is to be used but by gentle persuasion he shall be encouraged to obey the command, this unavailing, he shall be forced to kneel by two members placed, one to his right and one to his left side while the Neophyte Commandant shall remove the board, as he attempts to kneel.

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The two attendants shall restrain him before he injures himself. Each Neophyte having gone through the several tests, the Neophyte Commandant shall assemble all Neophytes in one room arrange them in order of their numbers, and shall, escort them in and stand them before the Basileus, when the following dialogue shall be carried on: Whence come ye, my friends clothed as ye be and accompanied by these my true and tried brothers?

dating a man of omega psi phi shield

From the outer chamber of darkness into the Shekinah of light of Omega. What come ye here to do? To seek further knowledge of Omega, to learn traditions and to swear allegiance to her cause. Brothers, have you satisfied Omega beyond reasonable doubt that these friends have met her rigid requirements? What further have they to offer for this wonderful privilege now asked of Omega? Their lives which they hereby dedicate to the service of Omega.

Do they offer this voluntarily, uninfluenced by hope of self-aggrandizement or gain of any sort? Are they ready and willing to sacrifice time and effort, and to share their means if needs be to further the cause of Omega?

Do they accept the Fatherhood of God, the universal brotherhood of man, and the sole aristocracy of the intellect?

dating a man of omega psi phi shield

Are they willing to share the joys and sorrows of Omega, to defend her principles and to maintain her standards? Seeing now, my friends, that you have been faithful in the little things, that in your state of darkness you have placed implicit confidence in these my brothers, that you crave the further mysteries of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity let us together invoke the aid of the supreme Basileus of the Universe.

Come, magnify the Lord with me, with me exalt His name: Brother Chaplain, lead us in prayer. All shall devoutly kneel during the prayer. At the end of the prayer the members shall say in unison: Amen, Thy will be done in all things.

The District Representative, attired in cap and gown shall now call upon the members: Brothers, draw nigh without fear and assist me to stretch forth the strong arm of Omega in bringing these friends from the darkness of selfish and self-centered lives in to the light and fulness of life in Omega, whose standards are worthy of emulation, whose watchword is service and whose implied motto is: The members shall accompany the District Representative into the room in which the oath is to be administered, the Neophytes and Chamberlains remaining.

The Oath Chamber reached, the District Representative approaches the Altar table ; the four candles shall now be lighted and the other emblems of the Fraternity so arranged as to be the immediate view.

Neophytes shall be escorted into t he Oath Chamber, fully obligated and given fellowship in groups of convenient size. As they are obligated they shall remain in the Oath Chamber until the ceremony is over. The first Neophyte having been brought into the Oath Chamber, the District Representative shall proceed to talk on the value, sacredness and significance of the oath. The District Representative recites: My friends, we are now about to go through the most sacred part of the entire initiation; you are about to take upon yourself an oath which will bond you most intimately to every brother of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and enlist you in a ca use with which you will at all times be expected to sympathize, whose principles you will uphold and defend, whose name you will honor, and to which you will give your full support, Think well of what you are doing; think of the responsibility you are taking upon yourself, and of your obligation to the Fraternity.

The taking of this oath is not a matter of mere formality, but a far more serious transaction. It is the centralizing of all the higher forces within one upon a great principle in the presence of Almighty Godthe keeping of which immediately decides the man.

Are you willing to take upon yourself this obligation? Answer yes or no. Now inasmuch as you have complied with all the necessary requisites up to this point, and inasmuch as you have concurred with the ideals upon which this organization was founded and have evidenced no spirit other than the highest manhood, I shall ask you to kneel upon both your knees, place your left hand upon the Holy Bible which I here give you, raise your right hand toward the heavens and repeat the oath after me.

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dating a man of omega psi phi shield

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dating a man of omega psi phi shield

Using a mod manager will make your life easier and much more convenient. Today, there are eleven such officers who are elected annually at district meetings. Also inthe office of Vice Grand Basileus was created. The first Omega Bulletin was published in and Campbell C.

dating a man of omega psi phi shield

Johnson was the editor. Drew, professor of surgery, and Mercer Cook, professor of languages, both members of the Howard faculty, were the composers. Cook wrote the music and first stanza; Drew wrote the last two stanzas. Each of the founders graduated and went on to have distinguished careers in their chosen fields: Pullen, was adopted as the official sweetheart song by the Nashville Grand Conclave. Just entered Omega Chapter in InCharles Drew perfected the use of blood plasma as a life-saving tool.

William Hastie resigned as Civilian Aide to the Secretary of War in protest against discrimination in the armed forces. Sincethe fraternity has undertaken a National Social Action program to meet the needs of African Americans in the areas of health, housing, civil rights, and education.

That same year, the scholarship fund was renamed in honor of Charles R. Thousands of Omega men became actively involved in the fight to eliminate racial discrimination. Brothers were active participants in the "sit-ins" and other civil rights demonstrations. Moreover, undergraduate brothers especially were involved in the demonstrative aspect of the civil rights struggle. Inthe Washington, D. Founders -- Love, Cooper, and Coleman were present. Thirteen of 23 former Grand Basilei also attended this historic gathering.

Omega Psi Phi

It was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for young brothers to mingle with some of the greatest black men that America had produced. Inthe new national headquarters was dedicated. It was a dream come true and was the first building of its type to be built by a black fraternity. Founders -- Love, Cooper and Coleman participated in the ceremonies.

The name was later changed to the International Headquarters and was located at Georgia Avenue, N.