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cleveland dating scene

Aug 30, At its best, college dating is an adventure. At its worst, ladies, it can provide you with ample material for a future tell-all memoir. It's not always. Mar 6, Maybe that's just the byproduct of the dating pool in Cleveland. That's probably it. It's you, not me. In fact, it's not just you, it's these exact 10 yous. Oct 11, What's the dating scene here in Cleveland like? Just recently moved here, in my mid 20's, Professional, living in Lakewood so i think i'm near.

Meanwhile, she earned an associate's degree, took classes toward a bachelor's, waited tables, served coffee, worked as an office assistant and became one of the most popular regulars in the Warehouse District.

10 Ways to Meet Singles in Cleveland, OH (Dating Guide)

Mel knows so many bartenders and managers, not to mention the other guys she meets, that someone's always coming up to her with a drink in hand and a cheery, "Here you go. The bouncer doesn't mind, because Mel's running her hand up and down his neck with a nonchalance that somehow seems more friendly than seductive.

Mel and her friends' partners-in-crime routine looks like such fun, it doesn't matter how the quest for guys goes. They've developed aliases to give to guys they've just met. Until Mel feels comfortable with a guy, she goes by Loretta. Tonia, who's met too many liars in the Warehouse District who pretend to own their own businesses or work for Fortune companies, pretends she's Ashley.

Dani goes by Dani. She doesn't want her real name published. Tonia sees a cute guy with a dusky, olive-skinned look, wearing a bright blue beach shirt. But Tonia's already heading over to him. His friends approach, and Dani joins them. But the guy turns creepy really fast. He proudly tells Tonia that the tattoo is a Sicilian word: Tonia gives him her ex-boyfriend's number, passing it off as her own, and moves on.

Mel met Tonia and Dani only two months ago, but they go out together a lot. Since Mel's longtime friends are settling into marriage or relationships with long-term boyfriends, she's found new, very single friends for clubhopping.

cleveland dating scene

But Mel isn't really the same as her friends. Dani distrusts guys she meets in bars; they're usually players, she says. She's hard to please, quick to decide a guy isn't worth her time. Tonia loves meeting new people as much as Mel does, but while Mel's tired of Cleveland guys, Tonia loves Clevelanders for being genuine, loves Browns fans for painting their limos orange.

Since she got out of a bad relationship, Tonia's been dating but not getting serious with anyone. Well, not for a long time, she demurs. Being single is "so much more fun. You do so much more. She can't wait to get married. She's used to being close to someone; she lived with her last boyfriend for four years and with her high-school sweetheart for six years before that.

She's from a large family and she wants to start one of her own. Her vision of marriage is exciting, optimistic and a little naive.

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Then, every day is something different," she says. Some of Mel's settled-down friends call Liquid a meat market. They can't imagine dating a guy they met in a bar. But Mel's just trying to meet someone who shares her interests. Tonight, no one's standing out from the crowd. Liquid's studied mix of style and ordinariness-- club-chic couches below a TV set to sports, decor that nods faintly to industrial fashion clashing with an autographed photo of local Playboy Playmate Carmella DeCesare-- attracts a crowd that dresses up but doesn't show off many quirks or rough edges.

Men in striped shirts dominate the room. Dani and Tonia chat up two guys in blue shirts with wild yet similar patterns, but the guys bore them and they drift off. A bit later, Dani turns around abruptly, says something to Tonia about a guy molesting her and rushes toward the door to find Mel. I try to meet them there after I get my coat and settle my tab. But there's a line at the door.

cleveland dating scene

When I finally get inside, I can't find them. I call Mel's cell phone twice, but only hear crowd noise and some guy saying, "Hi, Melinda" before I'm cut off. I give up, go home and read about the rest of the night a few days later on Mel's Web site. She met Mario Lopez, who played A.

Slater in the old TV show "Saved by the Bell," at Tramp, went to Panini's twice for sandwiches and reeled from the effects of a couple too many Jack-and-gingers: I drunk-dialed too many people between the hours of 1 and 4 a. The Thursday after Thanksgiving, Mel and her girl-posse gather at McCarthy's Ale House for one of her last Lakewood bar nights and pronounce the crowd "dead.

Stefanie, the token married woman in Mel's posse, grumbles about the guy "showing us his nasty little white ass. She watches her friends' search for men from a tranquil remove, making barbed comments.

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Mel's wearing the off-white suit coat again, this time with a black flower on the lapel, over a little brown top. She just got her hair straightened and highlighted, she's more made-up tonight and she looks sharp, perfect. Now, I can see why guys tell her she's intimidating. Apparently McCarthy's, like Liquid, attracts men who buy their outfits together. Two guys wearing matching white polos over matching white T-shirts with blue jeans come up to Mel and her friends.

One, with little curled blond bangs, does most of the talking. He tells Mel he's from Arizona.

cleveland dating scene

The other guy keeps quiet and holds his hands together in a little tent-- that hand position that's supposed to be a sign of wisdom and power in office meetings. Guys approach Dani as we talk, guessing that a man scribbling in a notebook isn't real competition. First come the white polo-shirt guys. Then Ralph, an engineer. Then a young bald guy in a white turtleneck who wants to do a shot with her, but not while I'm around.

He's "not doing any surveys. They could care less about them. He buys Dani a Jack-and-diet and tells her she looks exotic.

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Somehow age comes up. He's 13 years older than her, which doesn't seem to bother either of them. As it gets late, guys who actually know Mel and her friends show up. First comes Anthony, the guy Katie's dating.

They met at school. He stood out, Katie says, "because he didn't chase me," but let her strike up the conversation. Then, around 1 a. He's older than the average guy she meets, tall and sturdy, attractive in a standup-comedian way, with a face that's both cute and funny.

He stands next to her like he belongs there. He knows about her blog and jumps confidently into conversation about it. It turns out the mystery guy is Clay, the "cutie" Mel mentioned on the blog two weeks before. Mel was sitting in the hot tub on Liquid's patio when Clay first saw her. Other guys were hooting and asking her to pose for camera-phone shots.

Clay didn't want to seem like one of them, with his tongue hanging out. So he stayed cool, kept talking to his brother on his cell phone. He laughed at the scene, asked her, "How's the water? That's how Mel tells it, anyway. Clay says he's sure she didn't notice him outside. But when Mel went on break, she walked right up to him at the bar and started talking-- completely confident, he says, even though she was wearing only a terrycloth robe over a bathing suit.

The day after the McCarthy's trip, Mel writes: It was nice to have chemistry with someone unexpectedly. Of course, life and luck would have it that I would meet someone more than wonderful a few weeks before my move. I'll be honest, I wouldn't have spent them any other way.

But she says she was crying about how much she'll miss Cleveland. She posted a list on her blog of 25 things she'll miss: Clair Avenue who somehow knows her name. Now, she's in Phoenix, enrolling in Arizona State University to study TV production and starting jobs at a bar, a shop at the mall and on a film shoot.

She stopped writing the Arizona guys who wanted to take her out. She talks to Clay on the phone three times a day. They're going to try a long-distance relationship. He often flies through Phoenix for work and on the way to visit his brothers.

Clay, who's 39, lives in Westlake and works in sales and marketing for medical associations. Mel has "a smile that fills a room," he says. She's just fun, not afraid to poke fun at herself. He's trying to be cool about her writing about their relationship. I can be around him for hours talking and laughing. Can she keep all of it: Maybe being single was the easy part. Interested in meeting Black singlessenior singles or single parents in Cleveland?

Date ideas for Cleveland singles Getting creative and taking advantage of all that the Cleveland dating world has to offer is the ideal way to get to know each other and to let your personalities shine.

With its fabulous foodie scene, waterside attractions, and abounding art museums, this city holds a treasure trove of options for Cleveland single men and single women possessing a variety of different interests. With so many possibilities, deciding on a perfect date can even be a bit overwhelming. Here are some of our favorite ideas for getting the most out of Cleveland dating life. Kayaking on the Cuyahoga Want a great sumer date idea? Make the most of Cleveland dating with an afternoon of kayaking fun on the Cuyahoga, which has been subject to some pretty lofty restoration efforts in recent years.

This is an excellent choice for any Cleveland singles that love being outdoors. They can also help you to choose the best route for the excursion. Planning something active like kayaking on the first date will put both of you at ease and almost certainly create some memories. Try an arty coffee date First date jitters? Incorporating conversation pieces that draw on mutual interests is a wonderful means of quelling any anxieties that can come with the desire to make a good first impression.

Go culinary at the West Side Market For the foodies among you, nothing is more fun than sharing the things that ignite your palettes. In fact, Time spent at the West Side Market is definitely one of the most quintessential options on the Cleveland dating scene.

Afterwards, grab some tasty treats to go and take a five-minute drive to Edgewater Park for a picnic when the weather is nice. Wrap up warm and take a stroll anyway. Even in the snow, taking in Lake Erie's beauty makes for a wonderful date.