Cauvery water supply areas in bangalore dating

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cauvery water supply areas in bangalore dating

Planning to buy an apartment in the outlying areas of the city? Check two things with your builder:Will the flat you are planning to purchase be. Kaveri water supply is currently limited to corporation area. Old airport road, c.v raman nagar, vignannagar, Karthik nagar, BNarayanapura areas are good as far . Due to a major maintenance work to be undertaken on Tuesday at the pump houses which despatch Cauvery water to Bengaluru, many parts.

The newly added villages are home to labourers, domestic help and construction workers, who are struggling to make ends meet. A domestic help living in Kodipalya village in Banashankari 6th Stage says that she had to skip classes as a child to be home when the tanker arrived twice a month.

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This practice has continued over the years, but today the length of the queue for the tanker has only increased. Residents in Vijaynagar village in Mahadevapura stuffing pots into an auto en-route to collect water from BBMP tankers. The plight is the same for the population of 11,03, according to census report people inhabiting the villages area.

The sq km area comprises of 23 villages in Mahadevapura, 17 villages in RR Nagar, 26 in Byatarayanapura, 33 in Bommanahalli and 11 in Dasarahalli. This was kept in cold storage as Stage IV was underway.

Four years later, not much has changed. During a progress-review meeting held on May 26, at the BWSSB head office, senior officials took note of the initiatives and hiccups in supplying water to the newly added villages.

cauvery water supply areas in bangalore dating

The larger plan is to direct the surplus water from the project to core areas and 8 Urban Local Bodies ULB in the next decade It is then pumped to Toraikadanahalli water treatment plant. But, with the decrease in number of lakes year by year, the recharge of groundwater has steadily declined to a very great extent. The terrain of Bangalore is such that the water flows out on sloping land, but does not infiltrate quickly into the surface soil horizon.

Maintenance work: No Cauvery water supply in many areas tomorrow

This phenomenon of water repellency is due to crusting of surface soils devoid of vegetation. If this runoff water is not trapped and groundwater aquifers not recharged, the scenario would indeed become bleak. Lakes as recreational areas: Lakes are vital parts of freshwater ecosystems of any country.

A freshwater lake when maintained free from pollution can offer many beneficial uses in an urban area.

cauvery water supply areas in bangalore dating

Lakes give very beautiful landscape view to the city. Lakes encircled with trees and parks perhaps could be the only place where the urban population can find a place close to nature and provide aesthetic enjoyment and recreational potential. The ends of these pipelines have been left open near individual houses, and water will spill out if connections are not taken to the houses.

He says that this is the case in Devasandra, which is at the tail end of the water supply system in KR Puram constituency. But only have applied for new connections. Venkatraju says that out of the one lakh houses in the constituency, only about 10, are getting water from Stage IV now. Experts lament this strange logic. In the loop system, the supply lines are set up in a closed system and there are no open ends.

The other half of the water was lost because of leakages and illegal connections.

cauvery water supply areas in bangalore dating

A BWSSB engineer says, on condition of anonymity, that unaccounted water is higher than usual now, as more water is lost due to testing and trial runs for Cauvery Stage IV.

Why are residents not applying for Cauvery connections?

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This has been going on for a while, but is not being done in a large scale as it is also a difficult job; the intention is to get people to apply soon. Once the line is disconnected, the house owner will have to get the connection laid again at his own cost, after taking road cutting permission from BBMP.

cauvery water supply areas in bangalore dating

The deadline for public to take new connections was January 15th, which was then extended to February 15th, and now has been stretched to March 15th, as per news reports.