Reviews on mate1 dating site

Mate1 Expert Review: Dating Site Ratings, Costs & Features

reviews on mate1 dating site

The Review. Editor's Summary. Founded in in Montreal, Canada, Mate1. com is a mainstream dating websites that claims to have anywhere from 15 million. Should you use Mate1? Is it legit and for real? We experiment on the site and report our findings after months of use here!. We really wanted to like, but the problem with this site is that no one on here really takes it seriously. It's mostly full of kids that don't know what they're . Review

There are also plenty of innovations which are designed to make your online dating experience as user-friendly as possible. For example, you can create a hotlist in order to manage all your favorite matches, while the news feed enables you to keep tabs on what they are doing.

You will also be able to see at a glance when a user was last online, which can help you sift the occasional user from the serious dater. All you need to do is submit a few basic details, such as date of birth, gender, e-mail address, user name and a password.

Mate1 review

You can then add up to 20 photos and you are ready to browse. You are then able to populate your profile, which is a great opportunity to tell other users a little more about yourself, especially the unique section on your favorite and least favorite things, which really will help you to narrow down the field. You should have no worries on this score when it comes to Mate1.


For a start, the site is encrypted, keeping details away from prying eyes. Most importantly, you only need to hit a button in order to block a problematic member from interacting with you. And if you need any further tips, the site provides a safety advice page for online dating.

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How does one site accommodate such diversity? By being incredibly intuitive and simple to use. Potential matches are generated automatically and displayed on your dashboard each time you log in, based on the information you have submitted. The dashboard itself is extremely logically laid out and puts you just a click away from pretty much anything you need.

The tabs along the top of the page link directly to your inbox, matches and the search function. Meanwhile, your hotlist and personal settings are among the side bar features. A top quality app means that you can follow all the action from your Android or iPhone. This is quite a hands-off matchmaking tool, although if you really want someone else to do the work read our review on the excellent ProfessionalMatch.

However, if you wish to make your search even more specific, then you can conduct a manual search. The basic search allows you to find someone based on broad categories such as age, gender and location. To be honest, I really feel like the site could be better if it just got shut down.

The women are seriously disgusting.

reviews on mate1 dating site

Can you guys help me? Streaming Dreaded Laser April 27th, Wow, I honestly hope this site burns in hell for how terrible it is. I got so screwed over on this site, and it makes me so mad that I put up with it in the first place.

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You guys have no idea what a terrible time I had on here, and I want my money back. Zummahome May 4th, Everyone who thinks Mate1. I was on here for three whole months and I hated it. I ended those three months hating it as much as I did when I had first started. You guys should steer clear of this site. Carmelo May 12th, I feel like all the women on here have diseases, I really do. I mean, are all these women virgins, or what?

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Cyril May 25th, What are people saying about this site? Can you guys give me some feedback please? Is that okay with you guys? Can you guys point me to somewhere that I can talk about this site where people would take notice?

This site really is a huge problem. My computer got so riddled with viruses that I had to completely replace it, which ended up costing me a ton.

reviews on mate1 dating site

If you want to go through this, then by all means go right on ahead. You can waste your time and your technology, go ahea. Jay July 5th, Is there anyone on here that can tell me about this site? Do you know how shitty that is?

reviews on mate1 dating site

In all honesty, this site really needs to go down.