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tegan and sara dating 2012

Pick any station in any of the who are tegan and sara dating Video On May 17, , it was announced that the show's fifth season. For 36 years, Tegan and Sara Quin have shared a face and a voice. The lead single, "Closer," is released in September, , four months . The first single, " Boyfriend," is released in April, inspired by Sara's girlfriend. sense of self is rattled by a monster crush on Tegan and Sara, who better to give you advice than Tegan Quin herself? August 15 PM EDT I was lucky to have a group of friends much more interested in each other than dating.

At the end of The Con 10th anniversary tour in they stated they plan to take two years off from touring to focus on The Tegan and Sara Foundation and to make a new record. The sisters are known to do a lot of onstage banter, which often includes stories and commentary about their childhood, politicsand life on the road; this has become a characteristic trait of their live shows. InTegan and Sara opened for the band fun. Tegan and Sara toured with Perry from September to October Quin[ edit ] Tegan appeared on Against Me!

In AprilTegan wrote and recorded a song titled "His Love" at the request of Augusten Burroughs as a contribution to the audio version of his book A Wolf at the Table. She also appeared in the music video.

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Sara appears on Jonathan Coulton 's album Artificial Heartproviding vocals for the album's remake of the song Coulton wrote for Valve's game Portal" Still Alive ".

They later called the song "the first time we'd co-written with somebody, so it was the first time someone was giving us feedback on what we'd written Sara and I were both so obsessed with him liking the song enough to put it on his record that we both were writing on it.

It was a true collaboration; there's like two sections that Sara wrote, and three that I wrote. An "Alligator" remix EP was released by the duo on iTunes in The EP consisted of remixes of their song "Alligator" by different artists.

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Whatever that message is for anyone, for each person there are personal reasons why people connect to the songs, but for me I think our record is pretty desperate, very emotional. I think that's the one common link between our feelings about politics or about economic reform and music and the music industry, it's that we're very passionate people.

So Jealous is also a pretty great glimpse of the future of Tegan and Sara, who will likely experience pretty vivid sense of deja vu insince many of the talking points regarding So Jealous will be repeated during the press cycle for Heartthrob. Interview upon interview asks the twins about embracing pop. This interview from Out in the Mountains in will be repeated again and again in and Write music we like.

Write music our friends like. Write music our family likes. Write music our fans like. Write music our label likes. We do believe that our label believes in us — they have proved it by not dropping us when they really could have.

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So it is our job, Tegan and Sara, to make sure we don't alienate everyone who is with us right now. We are a pop band in an indie world, and we want to grow out of that, eventually, but not right now.

Now at the same time, we run into people that say 'I never want you to get big and famous. I want you to be poor and live in a square-foot apartment.

But that doesn't mean millions of records and that doesn't mean Tegan and Sara with boob jobs on the cover of Maxim, even if we are giving the finger. Spin says that although they were once a "Wicca-folk nightmare," So Jealous is "indie pop bliss" and "a self-defence guide for smart girls in an emo boys' world.

Among the choice lines is this summary of "Walking With a Ghost": The whole exchange is excellent, but this excerpt really stands out. That's the damn truth. Here's the sexist, homophobic NME — they talk about us being lesbians, our hairstyles… oh there's one half-sentence that talks about the music, and then there's the thing about us hating cock. I mean there, that's pigeonholing. With regards to the NME, Sara points out that it wasn't just the review that upset them, but the way their team reacted, saying, "They're jerks, just ignore it.

It's not just the targets of misogyny and homophobia that should be offended. Everyone around us should be just as angry and horrified as we are — that behaviour lowers things for everybody. And apathy contributes to the problem. I didn't know whether to cry or to bludgeon her. There is no accountability. It can be lonely out there. We've had people write, 'Oh, I love this record, but you just really want to fuck them.

It's just a different world that men and women live in.

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It's a more melancholy, contemplative pop affair than So Jealous, but overall the songs are stronger, with more emotionally complex themes and arrangements. Tegan is grappling with the end of a five-year relationship the wistful heartbreaker "Call It Off"whereas Sara is coping with immigration issues with her partner and Tegan and Sara's creative director, Emy Storey the sweetly hopeful "I Was Married".

According to BuzzFeedthe twins are also grieving the death of their grandmother, who had helped raise them.

Sara tells MTV that she "feels much more confident with the new album," that it's a more dynamic and cohesive effort than So Jealous. And for the most part, critics agree.

But even reviews that are mostly positive still skew terribly weird, such as famed critic Robert Christgau's writing for Rolling Stone. The album receives three-and-a-half stars, but begins: This may be why their uncommonly detailed love songs are so short on drama — a riddle worth pondering, because their keyboard-heavy, New Wave-ish music is also uncommonly catchy.

tegan and sara dating 2012

Of course, The Con is chock full of drama, but aside from that, Tegan and Sara are songwriters. Not every song is specific to their lived experiences. And as musicians, as storytellers, all Christgau reveals in this review is the fact that he's always going to put "lesbian" before music.

Descriptions that are jarring, kind of desperate in a desire to be controversial or shocking or "funny" are not the exclusive domain of male rock critics. Pitchfork's reviewwritten by Jessica Suarez, opens with "Tegan and Sara should no longer be mistaken for tampon rock, a comparison only fair because of the company they kept.

tegan and sara dating 2012

They are both strong advocates, for whom the political and personal cannot be separated. That's something Sara's wife, Storey, reflects on via a email interview with The Coast. However, there's a lot of education that needs to be done.

tegan and sara dating 2012

In a small way, we are challenged by helping friends and colleagues unlearn sexist and homophobic behaviour they don't even know they have. The newlyweds are separated by the time the Quins tour Europe that winter, "and I was totally alone for the first time in a long time," Sara tells BuzzFeed.

There are three bus accidents during the tour, and on February 29 in Glasgow, the sisters have a physical fight. Sara says they have hit "rock bottom. That was screaming, fighting, pushing, punching: I feel ashamed of how badly Tegan and I treated each other.

We were totally without the tools to get through what was happening to us. Previously, each had worked on their own songs and sent demos either via email, post office or leaving a package on the other's doorstep. The massive transition in their personal lives — endings and beginnings, upheaval and success, their own near implosion — is catalogued here. The inverse is true for her sister. This is her Con in a way, her very ripped-apart, analyzing record.

The album's urgency comes from an organic place, too, with Chris Walla back in the producer's seat, alongside Howard Redekopp, spurring Tegan and Sara into a sort-of disciplined, repetition-induced madness.

He wanted the album to be more organic and collaborative, in the vein of their New Orleans experiment, retaining the intimacy of The Con but with an in-the-moment spark. He insisted Tegan and Sara play their demos with a band, live off the floor, plus times, letting them evolve into true-blue band songs. Both twins coped differently. According to blog posts, it was common for Tegan to wear a bat mask and call herself 'Bategan.

Sainthood's by far the most collaborative record we've ever done, and that's really exciting. It is also shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize. These five years are also marked by other professional highs and lows together and apart. That was exactly what we were looking for, we wanted to have an organic growth, we didn't want somebody to come in and style us up, and put us in the studio with really fancy producers and then not be ready to do it.

I think that the best records are made when it's time to make them.