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When they just celebrated their th day and took wedding pictures, they decided to leave the show in with the reason of scheduling problems.

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They were actually met for the first time on the red carpet Mnet Asia Music Awards and met again on another event in early After that, they started to fell each other and started dating.

Ga In Brown Eyed Girls: They are also the longest lasting couple on WGM. Their 'marriage' last about 1 year 3 months and initially leave the show in Some fans still love them because of their good relationship. They made their first broadcast reunion in "Happy Together" onalso Ga In showing some support by visiting Jo Kwon's theater musical in May Although they were so awkward on their first meeting, but later this couple became so cute. Its no wonder when they decided to leave the show, both of them looked really sad.

Their last episode on the show is airing on September 7th, Some sources said that they started dating since they've been friends under the same label. The relationship became closer because lots of similarities between them. The Namong Couple are known for their cute relationship. They also became close friends and texted each other off screen.

They decided to end their virtual marriage in February Nam Goong Min is 11 years older than his girlfriend. They are one of the couple with noona-dongsaeng relationship. Several times they showed an affectionate relationship and people loved to see their interaction.

Sora va jin woon and junhee dating

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sora va jin woon and junhee dating

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¿Cuánto cuesta filmar un video de kpop?

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