Single and dating blog names

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single and dating blog names

Use these 10 Ways to Choose A Blog Name You'll Love and get blogging! Maybe she's that single female, aged , dressed chic, and always That way you can go through them at a later date to see if they match your. Here are some blog name generation ideas that have worked for others My blog is named after my dating site, which is an extension of One. Use this Blog Name Generator for 9 ways to come up with your blog name! when I used to have a fashion blog, and coming up with a name was one of .. I never wanted the name to become “out of date” as it were it will.

For example, Finance, lifestyle, fashion, exotic frogs around the world, eco living, etc. Who is your audience? Visualize who your reader is. If it helps, go sit in a Starbucks and people watch. Look for your ideal reader.

single and dating blog names

She sits and listens to her fave podcast on creativity while finishing her coffee. While demographics are important, go beyond that and get personal. Just like I painted a little picture above, ask questions like: Where does your reader hangout online?

When she reaches for a book, is it Jane Austen, self-help, fashion, minimalist decor?

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What does your reader binge watch on the regular? Now how are you going to talk to her? Will you be witty and conversational?

Top 100 Dating Blogs & Websites To Follow for Dating Advice in 2019

Or, maybe your site is more educational and you want a more professional vibe. Remember that the tone and voice of your blog should be YOU. You are speaking writing directly to your audience — how would you talk to that person if you were grabbing a cuppa in a cafe?

single and dating blog names

Now write that way. Are you a brand or just a blog? Take one last moment to think on it. Whatever you choose, your blog strategy needs to reflect your choice — killer brand or online journal.

single and dating blog names

Should you use your name. This is a dilemma I struggled with. If you plan on building your personal brand this may be the route to consider. Keep in mind that whatever you put out there will be under your name and anyone employers included can find you and your blog.

33 Best Dating Blog Names -

Myself, I have many talents and combining a photography and writing side hustle with my minimalism blog may not be in the cards. The name you choose should encompass all the questions above.

Create a word list. Take an hour to brainstorm all the words associated with your topic, your audience, and you. Make three separate lists: Keep another list of blog names that simply come to you. That way you can go through them at a later date to see if they match your message and audience.

single and dating blog names

Think thesaurus or dictionary. This can be a perfect way to find a slightly different word to make your blog name more unique.

Once you find the name you want, add it to cart. You can also save the name for later domain registration. Add any other domain name that you already own to the cart. Subsequently, you can check out the domain names from the cart page, purchase and protect them.

33 Best Dating Blog Names

When you create an account with Nameboy, you can manage all the domain names you own from that account, wherever the names are registered. Type in your keyword, select the quality level, and the language you want.

You can choose more than one language. Specify the location of the keywords in the name. Wordoid will come up with a number of options and their availability for registration. Wordoid is free to use. You can sign in using Facebook or Google. To help you widen your search, it also makes alternate suggestions derived from the words you keyed in and related terms.

You can also check app name availability and domain name availability, including country based domains.

single and dating blog names

More domain tools There are many more blog name generators available. Keep track of the date on which a particular domain name expires and access a list of domain names coming up for sale. As unavailable names are rooted out with repeated searches, accuracy is expected to improve.

There you have it — almost ten tools to play around with. The most thorough way to start your search would be to try out at least five of these tools. Write down the names you like and compile a list of new names you consider fit. Then narrow them down to five and show them to the people you trust. See which one turns out to be the most appealing. However, if you trust your gut, the easy way out is to jump into Domain Wheel and pick an available domain that sounds right for you. What if none of those tools helped, and you are still looking at other ways to come up with a blog name?

Use a word generator. You may also lose backlinks. So what to do next once you have your sights set on the perfect domain name for your project? The benefit is that you can often get the domain name entirely for free when you buy a hosting package.

9 Blog Name Generators - How to Find a Name for Your WordPress Blog

Just go there once you know what domain you want to get. Register it via Bluehost, and sign up for a hosting plan at the same time. Are you struggling with finding a good name for your blog? Download free guide Original text by Vishnu Supreet.

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