Sergey surkov and joanna leunis dating

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Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis of Britain compete in the Latin Sergey Surkov and Melia of Russia compete in the Latin section of the British . A couple from the audiance dance during an interval in the Latin section of the British. Sergey Surkov and Melia, third in Professional Latin.© Thomas. Sergey Surkov and Melia, third in Professional Latin. © Thomas Morton. Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis - Show Dance (WSSDF). 32K views. 4 years Sergey Surkov & Melia - Paso Doble (WSSDF). 2K views. 4 years.

Here is the video: In addition, I have to point out that Sergey Surkov and Melia, as usual placed third. Sergey is a great dancer, but Melia in all honesty, is technically worse than any of the ladies in the top She lacks hip action in the samba, cha cha and rumba and her jive lacks any bounce action.

If any of you readers are professional dancers please explain to me what makes her technique even comparable to the top ladies like Yulia, Joanna or Olga.

I know they train with Donnie Burns, but I find it shocking that someone so technically inferior can be a world finalist.

sergey surkov and joanna leunis dating

For me, an interesting situation would be if Yulia and Riccardo and Joanna and Michal retired. That would make Sergey and Melia first in the world Couple to watch out for: He looks like he has the most fun out of all the finalists and his hip action, energy and his choreography brings an authentic Latin flavour to the final. Olga is very good as well and they are very compatible together. Alexei Silde and Anna Firstova also were absent from the Professional division, and we won't be seeing them at any WDC competitions competing with other top 6 pairs.

So what did you think of my assessments of Blackpool? Here, the dance duo won the Amateur Latin Championship.

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With him, she was officially registered in the Amateur division for Belgium. Joanna at the time was only 18 years old and the results that she had already achieved were unheard of. Joanna also admits that she could achieve this only in cooperation with Michael and considers it their advantage as a pair. Today the strongest three couples in the world are representatives of the USA and Canada: Ina beautiful baby girl was born, Lia Michelle.

sergey surkov and joanna leunis dating

The famous coach found a worthy partner for her, Mario Wild, with whom she further developed her talent. One of her idols was Ruud Vermeij and she soon became his student. Download Mp3 File Of This Since then Ricardo and Yulia haven't let this title go from their hands and they will come to Moscow this year as six times world professional champions.

Ricardo and Yulia became world champions and Michael and Joanna finished second. When the year is over you can use it to cut out beautiful posters for your walls.

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When she was 3 years old, she enjoyed dancing with her grandfather as well as with her father, saying how he would pick her up and they would move together. Michael Malitowski A new revolution in Joanna's dance career began with her alliance with Michael Malitowski. This wall calendar printed on high quality glossy paper features beautiful photos of Blackpool Dance Festival Top Professional Ballroom and Latin Finalists.

The current dancing season is special because of the serious generational change which will even top the high degree of competitive struggle.

At the age of 6, Joanna began dancing several types of styles, and at the age of 10, was introduced to Ballroom.

Infor the first time, Michael and Joanna stepped onto the highest position of the podium at the Blackpool Dance Festival. The couple split after the Alassio Open, which took place on June 27, in Italy, where the couple took 4th place.


The couple officially appeared in Autumn ofrepresenting Poland. However, the partner was more into ballet and 2 years later decided that he would return to his old hobby. Victor Fung and Anastasia Mar-Apr: She said herself that she had been noticing him for a long time on the dance floor. Joanna started dancing again at nine years old after a blood disease similar to leukemia, had left her unable to get out of bed for nearly a year.

Therefore, with Ruud Vermeij offering, Joanna immediately agreed for a new partnership.