Science and health mary baker eddy online dating

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science and health mary baker eddy online dating

Mary Baker Eddy's family background and life until her “discovery” of Christian dates. December 3 · July Mary Baker Eddy, née Mary Baker, (born July 16, Although the first edition of Science and Health contained the. Publication date. Media type, Print. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is the central text of the Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy described it as her "most important work. . Read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures online · The major milestones of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Mary Baker Eddy () continues to be one of the most influential authors on the relation of mind, body, and spirit. She was a remarkable lecturer.

The last numbered edition was the th, which appeared inbut further changes were made until At Eddy's insistence, the English text of each page was printed opposite the German translation. The same format was kept for the subsequent versions in other languages: During the s, a trade edition was released which included an index and a banner headline "More than 10 million copies sold.

Summary[ edit ] Science and Health encapsulates the teachings of Christian Science and Christian Scientists often call it their "textbook. Eddy called the two books Christian Science's "dual and impersonal pastor. The Christian Science Board of Directors. Mary Baker Eddy Institute. K—— has destroyed the happiness of my home, ruined my wife, etc.

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We say that he did these things [ 7 ] because we have as much evidence of it as ever we had of the existence of any sin. The symptoms and circumstances of the cases, and the diagnosis of their diseases, proved the unmistakable fact.

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His career of crime surpasses anything that minds in general can accept at this period. We advised him to marry a young lady whose affections he had won, but he refused; subsequently she was wedded to a nice young man, and then he alienated her affections from her husband.

A married lady, and member of the Methodist Church, became his patient, and afterwards went to the South with her husband, whom we had never seen but once before they left the city where we resided. I gain much spiritually from you. In their absence we had a letter but once from the husband, to ask permission to join our class in metaphysics, but requesting that his wife should not be informed of this application.

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To this we replied in a letter addressed to his wife. The aforesaid mesmerist had gained such control over his wife that after her husband studied and entered into practice she kept away from her relatives where he was located until this fellow, who had an office in that city, sent for her.

We were told by her husband that her only terms for peace with him were that he should vindicate this villain. He refused to do that, and they again separated. He finally sued for a divorce. The night before the trial he said to us his mother's testimony alone was sufficient [ 8 ] to give him the case.

We were informed that when she entered the court-room she commenced weeping, and her son afterwards described to us her testimony, and said it was the very opposite of what she had told him the day previously.

The mesmerist said to an individual, to our certain knowledge, that he had the entire control of that witness. The husband told us that he divulged the latent facts of the case in court, and testified that the aforesaid mesmerist was, according to his opinion, the despoiler of his home. Not content with the sins already committed, this mental malpractioner pursued that husband, until he lost his practice and had to change his place of business.

science and health mary baker eddy online dating

Then he infuriated this man to abuse his benefactors, and finally got him mixed up with thieves in a conspiracy, made him an accomplice, brought him to his feet, caused him to take back his charges, and circulate the report that we had caused the separation between him and his wife, and this after he had sworn to the opposite facts. Instead of favoring the separation we had insisted on the damage it would be to the cause of metaphysics, and our students will testify they heard us warn him against it.

From what he informed us relative to the case we were led to say that his evidence might or might not be valid; the point we sustained was this, — that he must comply with the obligations of a husband or show justifiable cause for non-compliance therewith, else we could not endorse him as a Christian scientist. The rapid changes in morals produced by this mesmerist are incalculable, but not uncommon when the individual is ignorant of their cause; hence our obligations to introduce to public notice this lurking demonology in our very midst.

The unfortunate man above referred to was [ 9 ] apparently hurled into the maelstrom of mesmerism precipitately. He had obtained the publishing of some of our works, and we had a letter from him in March,handed to us by our husband, that contained the following: I have not done right by you in not reporting, according to agreement, the sales of your book. Truth may again be buried beneath the accumulating dust of centuries by the stopping of your labors. I want the books sold, and would gladly have any one you might sanction take the same off my hands if you think best, as it undoubtedly is.

I propose to carry it on alone. The above instance is painful to us and to all who know the cause of it, and we most sincerely hope this individual will regain his normal self-government and the happiness of again being useful, and awake from his false estimate of his best friends.

A report of his success reached the aforesaid mesmerist, who asked us if we had heard of it. Our reply in the affirmative, and the remark that we expected it from him, brought the color to his face, and a look of indescribable envy.

When a letter came we opened it with eager expectations, but only to be shocked with a most abusive epistle, filled with sentences like the following: I ask you to refund to me this amount five hundred dollarsand I will retire from the cause, but still consider that I am not restored to my former position.

He acted like a madman.

science and health mary baker eddy online dating

The case grew complicated. We were constantly taken by surprise, having been deeply interested in their welfare before. The next movement was a series of scurrilous newspaper articles from one of the parties, relative to our system of metaphysical healing. One of the paragraphs was as follows: While I do not deny that mesmerism can be successfully employed many times in curing certain maladies, I do deny the right of any one to teach it clothed with the cloak of moral science. The relations between he and I are probably of a different nature from what you suppose, as I owe him a debt on the past which, if driving him from —— will accomplish, it can and shall be done.

He thinks that I am your greatest enemy, and favors, if either, his side.

Science and Health

Let him continue to think so; it will do me no harm. For my part, I rather a person would come out boldly and fearlessly, as you and I did, facing each other, than to sneak like a snake in the grass, spitting his poison venom into them he would slay.

I have said I owe Dr. Perhaps we can be united on this, and the result may be that this city will finally be rid of one of the greatest humbugs that ever disgraced her fair face. All this can be accomplished; but, as I said before, it is necessary to be very cautious, and not let the fact of our communicating together be known, as a friend in the enemy's camp is an advantage not to be overlooked. We will help you always to do right; but [ 13 ] with regard to your proposition to send Dr.

Let each one of us do our duty. Even though so falsely accused, we shall never swerve from the right. If defrauded, and set at naught, God will one day justify his children.

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We can show you, under his own signature, his agreements with us that he has broken, and a note he has never paid of seven hundred and fifty dollars. A few months thereafter we had a call from the aforementioned young man, whom the mesmerist was urging on, and whose eyes would occasionally open to his villany and then close again as suddenly, when more opportunity was given the mesmerist to fasten his mind upon him. At this call he apologized for the past by saying he could not account for his conduct unless it was chemicalization.

He acknowledged that Dr. He then hesitated, wriggled, but finally insinuated that he now wished to work for us. We were credibly informed that he went that very night to the office of the mesmerist and scared him into paying the balance of his bribe. Another victim of the aforesaid mesmerist was a young [ 14 ] man who was consumptive, and went to him to be doctored.

He was bleeding at the lungs, etc. Being poor, we receipted to him in full for one half our usual tuition. After our instructions he regained perfect health, and professed great gratitude to us. He finally accomplished his purpose, and broke up his business relations with us through the aid of his accomplice, who was interested to obtain his position. Their united mesmerism severed a friendship that might have been profitable to us both.

We doctored him gratuitously, and his friends when he requested it, gave him business chances that others coveted, etc. He having seen but about seventeen summers when we first knew him, his business mistakes cost us months of labor.

He copied for us, and we offered to pay him, but he always refused, saying he was not doing us the good that we were doing him; and that was true, although he was then a good worker for the cause, and rendering us many small services. For his sake we taught the lady whom he wished to marry gratuitously, and endeavored to realize the obligations of the word mother that he had asked permission to call us. A noticeable change commenced in the young man very unlike the fruits of metaphysics.

Although the first edition of Science and Health contained the essential structure of her teachings, Eddy continued to refine her statement of Christian Science in the years to come. A promising move to Boston in began with a jolting setback: Nonetheless, during her years in Boston from toChristian Science began to make an impact on American religious life.

Boston was an intellectual centre where new ideas, especially in religion, traveled fast. Eddy contributed to the ferment in the religious life of New England, especially since she maintained that her teaching, while thoroughly Christian, offered a distinct alternative to both liberal and orthodox forms of Christianity. The demands on her were enormous during this period.

Eddy taught hundreds of students in the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, for which she obtained a charter in She continued to revise Science and Health and wrote a number of shorter works, including numerous articles for a monthly magazine she founded in And she also preached intermittently at Christian Science church services, which were attracting a growing number of disaffected mainstream Protestants.

Her successes in the s, especially her conversions of mainstream Protestants, exposed her to growing criticism from concerned Boston ministers. Eddy moved to Concord, N. During the next decade she gained both authority within the movement and public recognition outside it. In she reorganized the church she had founded inand over the next decade she established its present structure as The Mother Church—The First Church of Christ, Scientist—and its worldwide branches.

In she published the Manual of The Mother Church, a slim book of bylaws that she continued to revise until her death and that she intended would govern the church in perpetuity.