Reply 1988 ep 17 and 18 dating

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reply 1988 ep 17 and 18 dating

On-AirReply [Episodes 17 & 18] (self. Drama: Reply Lee Woo- Jung; Network: tvN; Episodes: 20; Release Date: November 6. Jan 12, 'REPLY ' - EPISODE 17It was all a dream. Deok Seon thinks that Taek bailed on their date because he doesn't care about her, and we. Jan 8, Answer Me Episode 17 After Taek cancels their movie date, Deok-sun sits in the library muttering to January 8, at PM.

Deok-sun takes that to mean they at least see her as a girl, and offers to cancel her date to go with them. They yell at her for acting all cutesy, and she scowls and asks for a drink. Deok-sun comes home and asks Mom why Dad looks so tired these days. She reminds him not to take sleeping pills tonight, and he smiles to find a cup of milk left out for him. Deok-sun gets all dressed up for her concert, only to get a message from her date asking to cancel at the last minute. So she changes out of her nice clothes and trudges out in slippers to go buy groceries for Mom, and happens to run into the guys on their way out.

It must be Blind Date Sunday, because Bora heads out on her blind date and waits for Garbage to page her, and Jung-bong heads out to meet Maggie with his pink shirt and a bouquet of roses.

Dong-ryong figures that Deok-sun got dumped after all, but Jung-hwan looks pissed. He races to his car and peels out of the parking lot, and outside the concert hall, Deok-sun leaves a message with her friend Ja-hyun to come to the concert and bring her some clothes. Deok-sun waits and waits even though the concert has started, and even the ticket-takers start to pity her. But then she looks up and sees someone approaching… Jung-bong waits and waits, looking up and looking despondent every time someone else walks through the door.

reply 1988 ep 17 and 18 dating

And aaaaack, Jung-hwan was literally two steps behind. He turns and walks away, as he narrates: To use the word fate, it has to be a dramatic moment brought by coincidence—that makes it fate.

My first love was always held back by damned timing.

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She tells him to answer first, so we flash back to Garbage reminding Sun-woo that he owed him a favor. Garbage got told to go on the blind date, but earlier on Sunday, Na-jung fell and twisted her ankle. Oppa-ya ran over to find her, and left a message for Sun-woo on his way, cashing in on that favor by asking him to go on the blind date.

He skipped a match to go to Deok-sun? Jung-hwan slams his steering wheel in anger and cries alone in his car. Surrender and decision, without hesitation—that is what makes timing. He lets her tell the white lie about her date getting into an accident on the way, just throws his jacket around her shoulders. Jung-hwan wipes his tears and continues to narrate, quoting Forrest Gump: Deok-sun begins another interview at a coffee shop, and when Lee Seung-hwan comes on over the radio, she reminisces about going to many of his concerts.

He lies that he likes interviews, and she laughs and tells him to go home. Jung-hwan and Dong-ryong are winning and they slide onto the grass to lie down, only Dong-ryong mostly falls straight on his bum. He looks down to find his pants soaked in blood, and the others carry him off to the hospital in a panic.

A security guard arrives and catches them on the field, so Taek just picks her up in a princess-carry and goes running down the field at full speed. Mom immediately takes away his fruit, his pillow, and his blanket, and Dad regrets putting his foot in his mouth. Taek tries to help by setting out the silverware, but Sun-woo tells him that sitting still is more helpful because he has to re-pair all the chopsticks.

[Drama Review] 'Reply 1988' - Episode 17

Deok-sun lies in bed thinking about Taek and the moment he scooped her up and carried her across the field, and she tosses and turns over it. Taek joins Sun-woo in his room and they sit quietly for a while, until Sun-woo starts to talk… but then changes his mind. Taek already seems to know what he wants to say, and tells Sun-woo about the time he came home early once from the baduk training center and found Dad eating cold rice in cold water. It must be easier for me.

Augh, you guys are going to make the cutest brothers. She wants to throw a party for his grand slam win, but Dad vetoes the idea, not wanting to add pressure by only celebrating his victories. Just when she opens her mouth, Sun-woo grabs her hand and points out a falling star.

Up on the roof, Jung-bong and Jung-hwan see them too—a shower of falling stars—and Jung-bong quickly makes a wish. Jung-hwan claims to have forgotten to make one, and guesses that Hyung wished for a happy romance with Mi-ok. But Jung-bong says no, he wished for his little brother to be able to do whatever he wants in life.

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And then we see a flashback to the moment when the brothers watched Top Gun together, and Jung-bong was so taken with the movie that he wished he could become a fighter pilot. Back in the present, Jung-bong says that what he really wants is for Jung-hwan to find what he wants to do, and not what Hyung wants to do: Down on the steps, Sun-woo says he wished for Bora to quit smoking, and asks what Bora wished for.

Sun-woo sits there stunned for a long while, then curses before burying his head in his hands. Jung-hwan sits outside by himself long after Hyung has gone inside, and Mom tells him to make a wish on a star. I wish that bastard were a terrible person. Jung-hwan sighs knowing his wish will never come true, and Taek awkwardly tries to hide his cigarette.

Mom shoots that down right away, making him pout. Deok-sun is alarmed when she gets a phone call, and upstairs, Jung-bong gets dressed up for his big birthday date with Mi-ok. The moms gets together and talk about their dreams when they were young. Upstairs, the dads sit in front of the TV watching a news report about the new generation choosing very different dream jobs, like science and education over being a civil servant.

reply 1988 ep 17 and 18 dating

Bora breaks up with Sun Woo, as well, which breaks his heart. Taek has a dream about kissing Deok Seon, but it goes no further in reality. There's talk of other dreams, too, as we learn Jung Hwan didn't want to be a jet pilot, but his brother did, so he's going into the air force for his hyung. The moms had dreams too, as did the dads.


All of them found out that while dreams are nice, real life often gets in the way. Sun Woo gets into medical school on a full scholarship. After all that you have a timeskip and six years go by. They all make ready to come home to celebrate Taek's birthday. Everyone looks all grown up! Some sport different hairstyles, and some others in different clothes. Jung Hwan's even in uniform, greeted with screams and hugs when he knocks on the door.

Deok Seon, looking every inch the professional flight attendant, comes home to No Eul's ribbing.