Ray and shoshanna age difference in dating

ray and shoshanna age difference in dating

Through Ray, Shoshanna seems to be drawing her own definition of After finding out that her 33 year old boyfriend is homeless, and has. Killing Eve's Season 2 premiere date is set, and it'll be here sooner than you can say "Villanelle" But very early on Ray fell in love with her “refreshing” authenticity in her life when you compare her to the rest of the Girls characters. where she ran into her old roommates that she ditched years ago in. But as he developed a real romance with Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet, who was We spoke to Karpovsky about finding inspiration in old emails, Ray's to really bring his house in order — to end relationships that are not fulfilling, They not only connect but they respect each other in weird, different ways.

The Definitive Guide to Why Every 'Girls' Fan Should Love Ray

Instead, he picked himself up and began actively trying to improve his life. He's making moves, too — getting his own apartment and taking on responsibilities at work. Perhaps he's doing it because of his experience with Shoshanna, which showed the places where he was lacking, but he's not doing it to win her back. Unlike many of the characters in the show, Ray is improving himself for himself.

He's a working boy. Tumblr It's no big secret that the Girls characters are not exactly the most responsible of somethings, leading some to say that the show is not an accurate depiction of the ambitious spirit of New York. In his quest for self-improvement, Ray is taking over the shop from his ill boss.

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Ray questions his leadership ability, but nonetheless accepts the position because he knows it's the right thing to do and a good opportunity. If that's not admirable, I don't know what is. Tumblr One of the recurring faults of the Girls crew is their inability to know their own personal safety limits.

Hannah stuck with Adam in season one despite his carelessness towards her, Charlie kissed Marnie while he had another girlfriend, Shoshanna and that crack pipe Ray, on the other hand, is self-aware enough to know what he can and cannot handle. In last week's episode, rather than fake friendly conversation, he told Shoshanna that he didn't want to see her.

ray and shoshanna age difference in dating

This was one of the healthiest wellness decisions we've seen on the show. Instead of painfully sticking through "being friends," Ray was honest and open about his feelings.

Moreover, he was as kind as possible in saying so.

ray and shoshanna age difference in dating

Did you know at the start, or do you think Lena Dunham and the writers knew, that Ray was going to be such a big part of the ensemble? I really thought that was going to be it. Then they brought me back, I was recurring in Season 1. I think they correctly anticipated the potential criticism of the show and there was a logic in place, a theory, that if someone called out the girls before the audience called them out, it would help things along.

They connect on this weirdo, freak wavelength and [the writers] fell in love with Shoshanna, and they wanted to find a way to keep her going, and I think that sort of allowed Ray to keep going.

They seem to have the healthiest, most stable relationship and in retrospect, neither was supposed to be a regular character. Yeah, I love the energy between those two, even six years later. They not only connect but they respect each other in weird, different ways. That really adds a lot of gravity to their interactions. They can just be real and have fun with each other, which is not the case with a lot of his other friendships.

The Definitive Guide to Why Every 'Girls' Fan Should Love Ray

Back in the first season, Ray claimed to hate Marnie so much and so often that it was obvious he was hot for her. What is it, or was it, about Marnie that got him so hot and bothered? I think what kept them together was some strange combination of lust and projection and loneliness. Especially in Season 1, I would come up with references of who he reminded me of.

He was a little bit of this person, a little bit of that person. But more than anything else, I realized he reminded me of who I used to be about ten years ago.

Someone who is much more judgmental and cynical, has a lot more unresolved anger, is a lot more existentially disoriented. I thought about those traits, and I try to put them into high relief.

‘Girls’s Alex Karpovsky on the Victories and Defeats of Ray Ploshansky

I essentially try to create a caricature of my former self for comedic effect. To some degree, I relied on memory, but my memory is not great and thousands of bong hits probably does not help. The thing that I discovered in Season 1 that was more helpful than anything else was emails.

I would go into my old emails — you can enter these date parameters for your search, and then you can type in a keyword. You know how search engines work.