Problematic internet use loneliness and dating anxiety

EBSCOhost | | Relations Among Loneliness, Social Anxiety, and Problematic Internet Use.

problematic internet use loneliness and dating anxiety

Odaci and Kalkan () conducted a study focused on problems with Internet use, loneliness, and dating anxiety among college students. The researchers. "In addition, physiological reactions in people experiencing dating anxiety, such as difficulty in establishing eye contact, reluctant to speak. Internet use among college students: An exploratory study. Problematic internet use, loneliness and dating anxiety among young adult university students.

problematic internet use loneliness and dating anxiety

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The healthy perspective New York: The effects of internet use, cell phones and computer games on mental health of children and adolescents, TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin, 7 3 The effect of home computer use on Jordanian children: All the University students of these faculties were invited to participate in this study.

problematic internet use loneliness and dating anxiety

Students with any chronic mental or physical disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease were excluded from the study. Study instrument Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire that was developed by the authors following several published international studies.

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Data collection The questionnaire started with demographic data about each participant, followed by PIUS which was developed by Ceyhan et al. Factor 1 is the adverse results of the Internet score interval: Total scores obtained from the scale ranged between 33 andthe high PIUS scores mean that that Internet usage is unhealthy, and lead to bad effects and Internet addiction.

In the current study, Cronbach's alpha coefficient for internal consistency of the test was found to be 0.

problematic internet use loneliness and dating anxiety

A total score of 20 and more was considered as having DEAs, and the internal consistency of the test Cronbach's alpha coefficient was 0. Official permissions were obtained from the administration of the University and from the administration of each selected faculty before data collection. In addition, informed consent was given from each participant.

problematic internet use loneliness and dating anxiety

Descriptive analyses were performed on all variables and the PIU. Pearson's product—moment correlation coefficient was used to examine the relationship between PIU and DEAs, multiple linear regression analysis to determine the predictors of PIU.

  • Relations Among Loneliness, Social Anxiety, and Problematic Internet Use.

In the studied group, students The mean age of the students was