Nann trick daddy and trina dating


nann trick daddy and trina dating

Jan 2, Trina & Trick Daddy Were Allegedly Dating from to Trina and Trick Daddy broke out with the single “Nann N**ga.” The track. Aug 20, Trick Daddy and Trina, the Slip `N Slide Records label mates from Liberty heartache, dating the wrong men -- mixed with the experiences of others. Trina in the Trick Daddy song Nann Nigga, a title that loosely means "no. May 8, Trina is one of the most wanted women in Hip Hop industry because of her You Don't Know Nann: A Gallery Of People Rumored To Have.

nann trick daddy and trina dating

But what Trina considers a healthy personal and artistic evolution, one of her oldest friends and collaborators interprets as a betrayal. I ain't too much into the diamond princess thing," Trick Daddy confesses. She got the looks, she got the ass, she got the followers, and she got the know-how. A lot of women look at her now and think, Ain't no way I can be like that Trina.

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Trina and Trick have a long history together that predates their rap careers. But while they had slightly different priorities, both were bound by a love for Derek Harris a. That love would turn to sorrow in when Hollywood was shot as he sat in the front seat of a parked Buick on NW 25th Avenue and nd Street in Miami.

nann trick daddy and trina dating

Trick sadly notes that Hollywood was "a powerful man in this community"; Trina is a little more verbose about her grief: I was young and didn't understand why it had happened.

To lose someone so close, you don't want to believe that they're gone. But it made me realize that you shouldn't take anything in life for granted.

nann trick daddy and trina dating

Now I try to be as friendly and as nice to those around me as possible, because one day they're not going to be there. It was one of the hardest things I've had to deal with.

Diamond Princess album After promotion for her debut album ended in mid, Trina began recording music with Missy Elliott to create her second studio album.

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Trina was able to choose her own production, name the songs, and write whatever she wanted to write. It sold 67, units in its first week. Trina also started her own record label, Diva Enterprises now DP Entertainmentand by September had signed an artist, Lil Briannawho was nine years old and working on her first album.

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Lil Brianna had already appeared on the track "Kandi. Glamorest Life[ edit ] Main article: It sold 77, units in its first week.

nann trick daddy and trina dating

It also reached the Top 20 in most countries worldwide, becoming Trina's first majorly successful single. The single was certified Gold in the US in June Still da Baddest InTrina began work on her fourth studio album.

nann trick daddy and trina dating

To give fans a preview, she released two mixtapes: Rockstarr Royalty and the Baddest Chick 2: Both were largely successful, with the first released in early and the latter released in the fall of Trina originally planned for her fourth studio album to be released in Februarybut it was delayed by a few months in order for her to put finishing touches on the record.

First-week sales were 47, The third and final single from the album, "Look Back at Me", featuring Killer Mike and produced by Hard Hat Productions, was a regional hit club record. The group was to be featured on Trina's fifth studio album, but this never came about.

Trina & Trick Daddy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The duo has yet to release any music. It was dubbed a buzz single. A mixtape, Amazin' The Mixtapewas released in November in promotion of her fifth studio album.