Modern dating and social media

Social Media Makes Relationships and Modern Dating Harder

modern dating and social media

Social Media: Like six degrees of how quickly can I ruin this relationship. Stashing happens when the person you're dating doesn't introduce you to their friends or family, and doesn't post about you on social media. Schmidt's avid utilization of social media is far from unconventional; however, dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr are on the rise, along with.

Too much social media is unhealthy for love and connection and establishing relationships. It results in a person losing touch of the real world and just relying on the Internet, waiting for that next ping!

Before, you would meet somebody in a coffee shop, our and about, at work, even transport, talk a while, share a few laughs, exchange contact information, date, meet up, and spend time as a couple.

Nowadays, your considered a weirdo to talk to a stranger. This is because most of the interactions you have are spent online and not on a personal basis. How much connection is lost and how much your imagination can fabricate a potential relationship and connection with a person prior to meeting them.

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This is the reason why most professional singles still opt for the tried and tested traditional method of meeting new people. It may not seem much to a lot of people but for people who spend a lot of their time online, talking to somebody new in person is a breath of fresh air. This is the aim of modern day matchmaking services. To bring the traditional dating methods back without having to bother yourself with all the nuances it brings. Most matchmaking services willingly do all of these things for you.

They will look for the best partner for you based on your interests, values, and even your priorities in life.

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This means you will really meet somebody who is pretty much on the same wavelength as you. Or you watch his snap story and see a scene straight out of "Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging".

You know the scene: One must wonder what would be worse: These are the times we live in.

modern dating and social media

We can quickly and easily write a guy off the moment we discover something we don't like on his social media accounts, no matter how old it may be.

And while it seems brilliant on the surface: Since you checked out his social media you already know about his dog passing away last year, or the name of his favorite band, or that he and his best friend from high school want to backpack around Australia two summers from now.

All the fun of discovering new and interesting facts about a possible love connection, or ever new friend, is lost since there is very little he can say to you that could surprise you.

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And since this is sometimes the case for guys too, the cycle continues to run its course in a repetitive circle that rarely ends with any kind of commitment. It's like why some people watch "the movie" before reading "the book": We've lost the desire to discover the truth and would rather go digging for dirt. So, here's a challenge. The next time a guy peaks your fancy, don't look him up on social media.

modern dating and social media

Don't even ask for usernames of any sort. Ask for his phone number or even better ask him to meet you somewhere to hang out to get coffee or grab a bite to eat. He's college boy so he'll probably be hungry anyway.