Lana del rey and bradley soileau dating

lana del rey and bradley soileau dating

Third time's a charm. Or so Bradley Soileau would have us believe. The model, actor, and musician best known as Lana Del Rey's on-screen. Video Star Bradley Soileau Smokes Weed + Talks Lana Del Rey, Brooke Candy, and His . I guess she used to date this guy Jimmy Gnecco. Interview With Bradley Soileau, Actor And Model In Lana Del Rey's “Born To Die” Video Bradley Soileau starred in the new viral Lana Del Rey music video, “ Born .. 7 Sweetly Romantic Date Night Spots In Washington DC.

lana del rey and bradley soileau dating

Notice any major changes? I went from like followers on twitter to about Kanye tweeted pictures of me. Plus the jobs are rolling in now. I think that would be the sh-t. Have you gotten any movie offers? I already have been getting offers for indie films. Not really interested at all.

I saw what Perez said about Lana. It was cool of you to stick up for her in your recent tweets. Who the f-ck is he? No one reads his blog anymore. It just pissed me off. Do you want the spotlight? You got noticed on the street?!

lana del rey and bradley soileau dating

Yeah, like 5 times now. Did you pose for photos? I dont want to do that sh-t. Tell me about your childhood and teenage years. Did you always want to model? From what I know, you were discovered. My aspiration was to be an archeologist. Then I wanted to be a journalist. Then I got into hardcore, got a bunch of tattoos, and got into trouble. After that, I just wanted to be something.

Do you enjoy modeling? I love being a model. You even talk about how unhappy you are. I lied too much in my past and it got me in a lot of trouble, so honesty is all I wanna do. What kind of trouble? Just trouble with friends, and sh-t like that. Lying gets you in shit. I really like where I am with myself. What are your goals for ?

To become a well-paid, successful DJ. Maybe get into producing professionally. Get some good high paying ad campaigns. What artists designers and musical acts would you most like to work with? Burberry, Dior, Chanel, some big suit companies, any pop artist. It would be awesome if you could produce a Lana Del Rey song one day. I would love to do a Lana Del Rey song. I have no idea. I see like five years in modeling and hopefully the music builds up during my modeling career.

This is going to disappoint your legions of fangirls. Are there any male models that inspire you? Have you been asked to star in more music videos? But no other videos unless it was mine, or a song I produced.

Would you star in a Rob Roy video if he asked you?

Meet Bradley Soileau, Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die' Boyfriend - MTV

His music, and vision is amazing. Of course it is, cause they spend more money on it. Who spends money on porn in ? It is funny if you view it for what it is. And Lana does have a great ass. What do you think of Kreayshawn? Did you see her leaked nude photos?

I think she has no flow. I saw the nudes, I tumbled them. I feel she kind of ruined her career for backing V-nasty, and beefing with Rick Ross. She was trying to say, since she went to jail, so she could say that. Just not someone you should back up, in that sense. Girls call me Bradley. Dudes call me Brad.

Interview With Bradley Soileau, Actor And Model In Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die” Video

My agent calls me both. The tattooed kid wins again. Was the whole thing was shot in Paris? How long did it take? It took three days. The part where she is in the cathedral with tigers and stuff, that was one day. The next day we started shooting the rest of it. I shot for two days, and it was like, a solid hours each day that we shot. There seems to be a bit of a back story to your character in the video but it seems a little unexplained.

20 Questions Interview With Male Model & Lana Del Reys ‘Born To Die’ Lover Bradley Soileau

Who is this dude? Alright, the back story. That's what it is. How did you get into character? Have you had acted before? They were like, "Yo, are you cool shooting really intimate bedroom scenes? Everyone was really nice, it felt all good. They were just like, "Make out with her and just be [you]. There is a lot of making out. The internet is obsessed with her lips, have you noticed this?

Yeah, I do know this. They feel pretty fucking real to me. I know everyone is so obsessed with her having plastic surgery, and if you really sit down and look at it -- makeup, and more money behind her now, so the shoots are better, everything is going to look better than the stuff she did when she was Lizzy Grant.

If you look at me in real life, and you look at me in a model picture, I look like a different person. People obsess about the wrong things.

Who is Bradley Soileau dating? Bradley Soileau girlfriend, wife

But everyone got to make something bad from something beautiful. Everyone is gonna wanna hate and say whatever it is they wanna say. Do you have a tattoo on your chest that says "Refuse to Lose"?

And one on your forehead?