Klaus and caroline radioactive dating

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klaus and caroline radioactive dating

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However, if Silas destroys the other side altogether, he can take the cure, die, and pass on, but that means the dead supernatural on the other side will be returned to this side. Caroline underscores this by pointing out that every werewolf, witch, and vampire - including the many that Klaus has killed will return, wondering if Klaus cares yet.

Klaus concedes that his interest has been piqued. He asks Stefan how they can stop Silas. From Bonnie, Stefan has learned that Silas needs three massacres to do the spell, noting that two have already been completed aka the Young farm explosion, and Klaus' hybrid slaughter. He concludes that Silas is in Mystic Falls to complete the third massacre.

Stefan believes that there will be something in his office that will reveal Silas's next move. Caroline jokes about the existence of an evil villain to do list that casually lists stealing blood and performing three massacres alongside more human activities like picking up dry cleaning.

Klaus corrects Caroline and tells her that villains usually hire minions to pick up their dry cleaning. Caroline responds by sarcastically asking why Klaus is necessary to helping her and Stefan find Silas. Stefan reminds her that they don't know what Silas is capable of, and therefore having an immortal hybrid like Klaus on their side could be beneficial. Klaus adds that he and Stefan work well together, referring to their time in the twenties.

Stefan reasons that they did at that time because his emotions were off and Klaus explains that it's why Stefan was more fun. He also notes that Damon is probably relishing in Elena's emotionless state in New York.

Stefan argues that Damon knows what he's doing. Klaus questions this and warns Stefan not to underestimate the allure of darkness; that even the purest of hearts are drawn to it. Apparently impacted by his words, Caroline interrupts the conversation by introducing a book she found that might be of use.

She opens the book to a section on expression triangles for Stefan and Klaus to examine. Stefan reads from the text, which states that in some types of magic, like expression, human sacrifice can be used as a focus for power. Two additional supernatural sacrifices can compound the mystical energy that creates an expression triangle.

Caroline outlines the two massacres that have already taken place, emphasizing Klaus' hybrid failure in particular. Caroline notes the locations of the two massacres that have already taken place with a marker, reminding Klaus once again of how he slaughtered twelve of his hybrids. She connects both locations with a line as Klaus smirks at her. Recalling that the book dictates that the expression triangle is equilateral, she predicts the location of the third sacrifice by completing the triangle on the map.

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Amused, Klaus concludes that Caroline has been skipping her geometry classes. He argues that there are two possible locations for the massacre, as he completes a second triangle on the other side of the first triangle's base.

In her defense, Caroline points out that Klaus didn't give her a chance to finish. They exchange lasting looks before Stefan returns to the office and informs them that he talked to Bonnie's dad and believes he's found Silas. Later, Caroline is follows Klaus in the woods as they use a map on Klaus' phone to track one of the possible sacrifice locations. Caroline demands to see Klaus' phone so that she can see where they are. Irritated, Klaus reminds her that she did have the option of accompanying Stefan to the other potential massacre location.

Caroline explains that she wouldn't leave Bonnie's life in his hands. Still frustrated, she asks Klaus if he even knows how to read a map. Klaus informs her that he learned how to read a map from his friend, Magellan. She makes a sarcastic remark about him actually having a friend before wondering if he was drawn to his darkness too. Klaus states that he was referring to Damon and Elena when he made his earlier comment about the allure of darkness, but concludes that it struck a chord with Caroline.

She denies that there is any allure to darkness. Klaus stops and turns to confront her. Caroline acknowledges that she did once when she thought he was worth it, in obvious reference to Klaus.

She continues by saying that some people can't be fixed; that people who do terrible things are terrible people. Visibly impacted by Caroline's harsh words, Klaus changes the subject back to the location of the sacrifice.

klaus and caroline radioactive dating

Since there are no witches present, he concludes that they went to the wrong point. They meet Stefan at the correct point where the twelve witches are attempting to cleanse Bonnie. Stefan informs them that the witches are linked and that Bonnie is going to kill them. This won't happen if the witches kill her first, Klaus points out.

Caroline urges Klaus that they need to save Bonnie. He reminds her that the only way to stop the witches is to kill them, which would give Silas what he wants. With the witch ready to kill Bonnie, Caroline intercedes and drives the dagger into the witch's chest. This kills the witch along with the eleven other witches present. This puts the massacre location into darkness as Caroline ensures Bonnie is okay. Klaus and Stefan look on with shocked and defeated expressions. Early the next morning, Caroline sits in shock as Klaus finishes burying the twelve witches who were sacrificed.

Now that they are buried, Klaus concedes that it's almost like the sacrifice didn't happen, before he reminds Caroline that it did happen and now Silas has what he needs to destroy the other side. Caroline scoffs at his willingness to let Bonnie die. Klaus argues that one sacrifice i. Bonnie is less than the twelve witches Caroline sacrificed, to which Caroline responds by emphasizing that the one witch she saved was her best friend. Klaus replies by telling Caroline to say whatever she needs to in order to sleep better at night.

klaus and caroline radioactive dating

The significance of what she has done begins to dawn on her in that moment and she becomes emotional. Klaus touches her shoulder reassuringly and notes that she looks like she is in need of comfort. She nods slightly and Klaus responds by telling her to find someone less terrible that she can relate to - referring to Caroline's earlier disparaging comments directed at him.

klaus and caroline radioactive dating

Disappointed and hurt by his words, Caroline pulls away and leaves him with a regrettable look on his face. He can take the shape of whomever he wants you to see. Later Klaus was sweaty and cowering on the floor when Caroline came in again.

He thought it was still Silas at first but then when Caroline remarked about how she should be running three prom committees at that moment. He told her about the white oak stake, and since he was hurt, she was the person to call. She found that hard to follow: He ran Tyler out-of-town and killed his mother.

She had to help. Caroline was having a difficult time getting the stake out of Klaus. Caroline finally smartened up: If Klaus wants her help; he has to let Tyler come back and promise not to kill him.

klaus and caroline radioactive dating

We're working, and I'm serious, Kol. I'm just going to call him to come in. We could use the extra hands. I can tell from the look in your eyes. Caroline looked over at the bar and signalled to a few waiting customers that she would be with them in a second before Matt picked up. It's only myself and Kol on tonight behind the bar and April is on as Glassy tonight, but it's not enough. We're busy as hell. You're a life saver. If you could get here within the next half hour that would be great.

I'll be there in half an hour. Caroline put the phone down then made her way over to Kol and put a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. Can you not pay attention when I need you to? Kol shook his head at her and gestured past the bar over to the other side of the room. Over in the distance, Caroline could see an enraged Katherine looking about ready to throw a punch at another brunette and her friends on the dance floor as a stressed Rebekah tried to keep her from doing so.

I'll go get Vaughn from out the front. I already got Vaughn. Caroline let out a tired sigh and went over to Katherine. She led Katherine over to a table with a couple chairs and sat her down.

Kol nodded, getting the message like every other time they had a situation with Katherine and he went to make the call. Caroline reached over and put a hand on her friends arm. Elijah will be here soon. I just need to quickly go serve a few people, then I'll be back. Caroline was hesitant to leave Katherine alone in the drunken state that she was in, but she had a job to do.

At least she could still keep an eye on her for a couple minutes from the bar. She made her way back to the bar with Kol and went about serving everyone, pouring drinks, exchanging money, stocking up the shelves when they ran low, and fifteen minutes later, she saw Elijah walk through the entrance and make a beeline towards Katherine who was clearly still out of it.

When do damon and elena start dating in the vampire diaries

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klaus and caroline radioactive dating

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