Kane and aj lee dating hornswoggle

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kane and aj lee dating hornswoggle

as it's publicly known that Carmella has been dating Big Cass for several years . AJ Lee over her time in WWE had several relationships with many They were accompanied by Hornswoggle and they formed a small unit of sorts. . in the form of the Rated R Superstar, Edge, who saved Lita from Kane. AJ Lee has kissed over 8 WWE superstars, including Kane, John Cena, Cody Rhodes; Primo; Hornswoggle; Daniel Bryan; Kane; CM Punk. My favorite Kane story is the one from Lesnar's book. I'll just quote . Wait, wasn't she dating Jay Lethal or am I imagining it? permalink .. Hornswoggle and Justin Roberts back this up to some extent as well. permalink .. Go google "Jay Lethal and AJ Lee", there are hundreds of pictures of them together.

kane and aj lee dating hornswoggle

Langston as Dolph's cronies. She is the most petite Diva by a wide margin, he's a powerlifter who's pounds, meaning he's very close to being literally three times her size.

See Getting Crap Past the Radar above. She rose to prominence in WWE by manipulating three men at once. Given that she's the heel, it's probably intentional. Had a darker hair color a few years ago, and she said that people sometimes mistook her for Miranda Cosgrove.

And now Aimee Garcia from Dexter. Was actually lampshaded by both women on Twitter. I Have the High Ground: Has a high flying move set. She was the dog when she was dating Daniel Bryan, who kicked her mercilessly.

Of course, it didn't exactly go well for him. Her match with Bayley was brutal, and she even mocked Bayley for being a Cuddlebug. AJ becoming the GM of RAW could be seen as this - especially since she was probably one of the better female wrestlers on the roster. That said, though, the entire Divas' division has been Demoted to Extra lately, so it may have been the best way to keep AJ in the limelight.

She was then kicked downstairs again after her "affair" with John Cena was "revealed" by Vickie Guerrero and she's competing as a regular Diva again. Also when Kane decided that she was ''too crazy for him'' and told her they wouldn't work out. Lonely at the Top: On the one hand, she lost her best friend after a bitter feud, none of the other Divas like her, and every guy she's ever dated thinks she's a complete nutjob and doesn't want to go anywhere near her. On the other hand, she doesn't seem to give a fuck.

She and Kaitlyn came off as this. Told Daniel Bryan she loved him. He said he appreciated it. She also gave a much lengthier one of these to CM Punk Ironically, as ofAJ and Punk are married in real life.

Yeah, that's putting it lightly. Love Makes You Crazy: If she's not the best example in Professional Wrestlingshe comes damned close to it. Hell, she's basically the poster child for this trope. Love Makes You Dumb: She confessed her love to him, his best response in return was that he appreciated it.

He blatantly used her as a means to hold on to his title. When Michael Cole was interviewing her and started verbally attacking her, he only came out to put a stop to it when his name was mentioned. It's led to fans comparing her to Harley Quinnappropriate since both her and Bryan are comic book fans. AJ can't seem to give up on Bryan after their breakup. Then she she set her eyes on CM Punk, as well as Kane, and all three simultaneously at that. After that it was John Cenathen Dolph Zigglerthough it didn't last.

kane and aj lee dating hornswoggle

She once repeatedly bit Natalya in a tag team match. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: A generous interpretation of her character at her best.

Video: 8 guys AJ Lee has kissed in the WWE until now

She has been known to exploit this, especially during her time as GM. This is why AJ turned on Cena and sided with Ziggler, because in her mind, he'd been toying with her. It's also why she pushed Bryan and Punk through a table- because they were ignoring her. Wherever AJ fell on the alignment spectrum right after she ended up GM, she made it her personal mission to torment all of her ex- love interests. Another decision AJ made with big-time companywide implications was her call to hire extra referees to RAW to help with the workload when the broadcast went to three hours.

One of these refs was Brad Maddox Afterwards this turned Eva and the Bellas face and united all seven of them against AJ. Kennedy hit Hornswoggle with a Green Bay Plunge off of a ladder when Hornswoggle tried to interfere on the behalf on Finlay. Kennedy after his match and challenged him to a handicap match with Postl as Finlay's partner.

Kennedy apologized for hurting Hornswoggle. Finlay accepted his apology and formed a team with Kennedy. The other participants and commentators were unaware that he was a participant in the match until the referee counted the pin and awarded him the belt.

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The next week on SmackDown! McMahon's illegitimate son culminated with the reveal that Hornswoggle was the illegitimate son. Hornswoggle's feud with Noble ended on September 28 on SmackDown! McMahon's son and his diminutive stature would eventually jeopardize his well-being. McMahon began giving Hornswoggle matches against competitors that were much larger than him to show his son "tough love. At the event, Khali defeated Hornswoggle by disqualification when Finlay attacked Khali on Hornswoggle's behalf, turning both Hornswoggle and Finlay faces.

At ArmageddonFinlay defeated Khali with the help of Hornswoggle. In addition, Hornswoggle also faced Khali on the 15th Anniversary of Raw, but Hulk Hogan made a surprise return in a one night appearance to come to Hornswoggle's aid. Finlay tried to get involved, but was attacked and handcuffed to the ring ropes by JBL.


McMahon's son, but "in reality is the son of Finlay". Association with D-Generation X — [ edit ] Main article: Needless to say, the relationship ended. Back inhe was connected to Sable. The pair had a very sexually charged relationship and while some remember it more than the other entries, it is often overlooked as a storyline that people don't talk about. Yet the relationship happened and while it had its fair share of controversy, the on-screen relationship happened and created a unique angle between Vince McMahon, Sable, the Big Show and Stephanie McMahon.

This was just one of many stories that Vince McMahon had that were often seen as scandalous and dramatic. And Maryse via tumblr. The two were known as the million dollar couple. Maryse proved that she could help Ted win matches and be very useful with outside interference.

The two had great chemistry and were a very popular on-screen couple. They lasted for a little over a year before things began to fall apart. Eventually, Maryse decided that she had enough and wanted to end the relationship between the two. During their time together, Maryse and Ted Dibiase Jr definitely made their impact on the roster and could arguably be seen as one of the best on-screen relationships WWE has had in recent years. The WWE Universe loved him whether he was a face or a heel.

He was an incredible wrestler and entertainer. Eddie was always popular with the ladies and Chyna seemed like an unlikely on-screen pairing, yet in the year ofthe two featured in an on-screen relationship. One that was very equally balanced with Chyna being given the opportunity to compete against men in the WWE.

Unfortunately, the relationship soon ended after Eddie accidently pinned Chyna to win the Intercontinental Championship, needless to say, Eddie was moved on quickly. Including one-half of the Shining Stars, Primo and while the two only shared a relatively brief encounter back in m, at a time when AJ was a still a rookie. Her relationship lasted the length of the season, the two were flirting back and forth until the season finale when they two kissed in the middle of the ring.

kane and aj lee dating hornswoggle

The Demon Kane was feared and went to great and terrifying lengths to get what he wanted. He didn't care who or what it was, he was going to get want he wanted. So he set his eyes on Lita, and he decided to take what he wanted. More often times than not, Kane forced Lita to kiss him and even marry him. Things looked pretty bleak for Lita until a knight in shining armour came in the form of the Rated R Superstar, Edge, who saved Lita from Kane.

This was certainly one of WWE's more creative storylines involving an on-screen relationship. Vince McMahon was harassing and doing everything in his power to make Trish's a living hell but luckily for Trish, The Rock came to save the day. The two exchanged many flirtatious remarks and even a few kisses as their on-screen romance went on for quite some time.