Jonghyun dating se kyung and ji

Taeyeon Pens Heartfelt Letter to Jonghyun, Key and His Ex-Girlfriend Shin Se Kyung Cry at Mortuary

jonghyun dating se kyung and ji

Shin Se-kyung is a South Korean actress, singer and model. On October 20, , Shin and boy band SHINee member Jonghyun were spotted dating by a. Jonghyun is dating a girl named Se-kyung, who is in his business class . and “e -cchi-su-ru-to-shi-ta-ra-ha-da-ha-na-n-no-a-ji-da-rō” and he. I have nothing against Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung. to other people that is, comforted Jessica his soon to be ex-girlfriend right on the spot.

jonghyun dating se kyung and ji

Jonghyun has doubts and objections and he feels an urge, repressed and should-be gone. He finds out relatively quickly that Kibum prefers to be called Key — even though he never tells Jonghyun — and that he lives only a block away from Jonghyun. He drinks black coffee and usually sleeps in.

He loves getting pierced, but loves watching other people get pierced even more. Kibum is free, in a way Jonghyun has only ever wished he could be. They work through hiragana relatively easily, because Kibum refuses to teach Jonghyun Japanese using hangul — he says that to know a language, people should at least take the trouble to first learn the scripture, the rest will follow much more smoothly.

But then the boy is knocking on his door with a sketchpad tucked under his arm and wearing a jumpsuit and nothing underneath, bearing too much skin and too much chest. Kibum takes the paper as soon as Jonghyun lifts his pen, and after one squinted glance, he nods approvingly.

He has to read through a bunch of sentences and does so a little clumsily. One night he ends up taking Kibum out for dinner just because he can. He is forced to open the door for an insistently pounding-on-the-wood-like-he-was-gonna-get-some blonde just as he was doing the last buttons on his pyjama.

He was wearing waist-high tight blue jeans with a loose t-shirt tucked in and something that kind of looked like an army jacket on top. His slender wrist was decorated with golden bracelets and his necklace was made out of a collection of loops in different sizes, woven together.

SHINee's Jonghyun & Shin Se Kyung still happily dating

His fringe also appeared to be hidden in… was that aluminium foil? Even for Kibum that seemed to be a slightly off choice in lieu of a hat, and his aggravation turns to befuddlement when he thinks about how Kibum went out with that thing stuck in his hair.

Kibum eyes it a little sceptically, but when there are no objections even as he fills it with water, he just shrugs again. He loses his jacket to reveal a v-cut in the back of his previously normal-seeming t-shirt.

Jonghyun can almost count the bumps of his spine when he moves this way or that but tears away from the sight. At school, sure enough, she saw Jonghyun walking down the corridor with that Se Kyung girl and she hated to admit it but it broke her heart. Seeing him all smiles after breaking up with her-and with another girl, just made her blood boil.

Ah, so I'm that easy to replace, huh? Well, let's see who'll come begging for forgiveness when I get my revenge. Scenes from the movie "Carrie" began to flash in Jessica's brain and she imagined herself locking Jonghyun and Se Kyung in a room and punishing them, toasting them to death with her telekinesis. She saw Jonghyun and Se Kyung and she knew that they saw her too but refused to mind her. Maybe it was because they were already getting started and he was courting her already.

I'mma push that Chemistry and Algebra straight up your ass, Jonghyun. And as for you, Shin Se Cunt, how's about stuffing those straight A's into your pussy. Don't wanna get fucked too early to ruin your dreams of becoming an engineer. Jessica sat in class with her other classmates and looked around, trying to see if Jonghyun or Se Kyung or the two of them would pass by. If they had looked her way earlier, Jessica thought, she would've given them the finger as she had given them the finger in her dreams several nights ago.

She even had a dream about her giving Se Kyung the finger which was made of a knife. How she wished it was like that in real life. If only I could have that knife for a finger, I'd stab Se Kyung in the brain. Jessica found herself becoming increasingly violent, as far as thinking was concerned.

She thought of nothing but the revenge that she was plotting on the two. She could just imagine the look on their faces when they're sufferring. Jessica knew this and loved it. Reality snapped its fingers in front of her and said, Hey Jessica! You're a real person! How in fuck's name do you think you're gonna get powers like that? The best you can do is just accept the fact that the immature asshole dumped you because you weren't hot enough!

You were fat in his standards and too dark!

jonghyun dating se kyung and ji

He's just one of those assholes…those assholes who think they're real men because their preferences are girls who are whiter than milk and flirtier than Marilyn Monroe. Face it, you will never get him back. You will never get him. Shut up, said the other side of Jessica's brain which was Will. If I want to get revenge on him, I will because he deserves every single bit of shit that came to me. He deserves to suffer as much as he made me suffer. And I will get him. Even if I have to throw myself from a 50 foot building, I will get my revenge.

Fuck those who are saying that we should be friends.

jonghyun dating se kyung and ji

He suggested that we should be friends but fuck him! He treated me like a piece of chicken crap and he expects me to still be friends with him? Was he born in an asylum? Her seatmate, Ji Hoon, bolted awake and looked at her with eyes that wondered 'Who the fuck is she talking to? The day ended with Jessica feeling even more down and even angrier. She needed to find a way to exact her revenge on them.

On him, namely but since Se Kyung got in the way when their relationship was falling apart and the fact that Se Kyung didn't even consider her feelings, it made her part of the equation, too. Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany were housemates. Tiffany belonged to another level while Taeyeon studied at another school.

Tiffany knew Jonghyun and had seen Se Kyung but never really got the chance to know them but based on what Jessica had bee telling Tiffany, it seemed as though Jonghyun wasn't a just man. Fuck you with all the fucking curses in the curse dictionary! She could swear that some or even most if not all of her classmates think she was crazy.

She had been caught off guard murmuring things to herself and saying things out loud.

jonghyun dating se kyung and ji

Jessica had been alone for the time being and this was proof enough to her classmates and friends that she had gone crazy after the breakup. Let them think what they want to fucking think. I don't care if they label me as the craziest bitch in the batch!

If there's anyone crazier than me, it's that dickhead Jonghyun and his pussy of a girlfriend Se Kyung. What Jessica didn't realize though was that Jonghyun and Se Kyung were just friends and it was no different from Jessica hanging out with Onew and Key. Jessica had other thoughts, though. She believed that Jonghyun had officially replaced her.

When I exact my revenge on you two motherfuckers, you will crawl to me, beaten, bruised, bloodied and remorseful. Jonghyun, you will kiss my shoes and when that happens… Jessica was thinking this thought while walking down the road back home. She had her books pressed on her chest, held by her arms. Once again, she had been thinking and she was unaware that she was close to thinking out loud. And you, you bitch Shin Se Kyung! You have a boyfriend back at home why fuck with mine!

You're the reason why we broke up! You deserve hell on-" Jessica had been thinking out loud way too much that she failed to see the Stitions R'Us store that was a short walk away from their house. What kind of a fucking name is that? Curiousity made Jessica walk toward the mahogany colored store. It looked kind of old, especially with the things that it was selling. It had crystal balls, cards, incantations, spells, candles and whatever things that could make a fortune teller or a witch's boat float or in the witch's case, broom fly.

Jessica peered through the window and was greeted by darkness. Why are there no lights in here? They choose to operate in the dark? An old lady suddenly appeared and opened the door, making Jessica shriek in fright. The old lady had curly hair and wore a red dress and a shawl around her shoulders. Jessica looked at the old lady oddly but with an expressionless face.

She followed her all the way into the store and looked at all the items being sold with caution.

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So this is supposed to be a supersitions store? It is a supersitions store. I have everything for the supersititious here. From crystall balls to incantations to spells-" Jessica heard the magic word. The old lady looked at her rather quick expression change. Earlier she looked so strained and bored but now, she had all the enthusiasm in the world. That's what I said. The old lady rubbed her chin.

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Sit on the couch first. That look on the lady's face and the gesture of letting her sit on the sofa was a sure sign that she had something for her. But if you bring me Jonghyun and Se Kyung right now I could use some of that coffee to burn their skin to peels.

A few minutes later, the lady emerged with a music box, 4 candles, and a piece of paper as well as several bottles and spell books.

They were all in a box but Jessica could see them clearly. Jessica looked puzzled and scooted to the left side of the couch to make room for the old lady.

Jonghyun(Shinee) & Shin Se Kyung confirmed to be dating!

The old lady set the things down on her antique table and began to explain it to Jessica. Finally, she spoke up. The music box was old but beautiful.

SHINee’s Jonghyun And Shin Se Kyung Are Dating

It was brown with intricate designs all over it and a wind up key on the left side. Jessica took it in her hands and studied it. Curiosity made her want to open it but the old lady snapped and snatched it away from her. Jessica backed away, frightened. The old lady settled down and explained everything to her. The name of this music box is "Lucifer", yes, after the fallen angel.

It works like this. At exactly 12 mn, shut the doors and windows in your room. Make sure you are alone for full concentration. Put the candles on the four corners of your bed and light them up. Wind the music box up but do not open it yet. There is a note underneath the box. That is the incantation that you must recite before the ritual begins. Once you have recited the spell, yell the names of the cursed ones three times, each time louder and louder.

Lie down on the bed and sleep. The music will lull you to sleep. And in your dreams, you will exact the revenge you've always wanted…" The old lady explained.

Think of it as dream voodoo. They will get hurt physically and will get haunted. This ritual must continue for seven nights. On the seventh night, that's when they will be taken. How much we talking? If it costs a million or a billion won, I'd rob all the banks in here for it. I just want them to die!

The old lady's eyes widened. Just give me the music box.

jonghyun dating se kyung and ji

When you do the ritual, you must wake up as soon as the song ends…" "And what'll happen if I don't wake up? I don't even need to think about this. I don't care what fucking happens to me.

What I want is for them to die and simmer, boil, stew, fry, and steam in hell. If I die, fuck it. What I want is for them to die. Ahead or after me, they must die. Just then, Jessica's phone rang.