Goten and gohan age difference dating

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goten and gohan age difference dating

Goku was born in April 16 age in planet Vegeta. We're gonna use this born in age Three years later in age , right before the destruction of planet Vegeta he is sent to earth. T List of character birth dates and ages. k Views . But like their father, Goten and Gohan have some pretty dark to go Super Saiyan at young ages and capable of great potential. Keep in mind that his life is a bit different from most others and all . In an anime-only episode, a fellow student named Angela blackmails Gohan into going on a date with her. Goten is Gohan's younger brother and Trunks' best friend. Birth Date. Age During the ten-year gap between the Kid Buu Saga and the 28th World.

Why do people keep calling gohan from the cell saga "teen gohan"?

When we first met Gohan, he was four years old when Goku introduced him to his friends. By the time that he fought on Namek, he was only a year older.

Before he was old enough to be in first grade, Gohan fought against two psychopathic alien killers one of which was his uncletrained under harsh conditions with the help of a green alien demon, was the youngest person in space and faced several deadly enemies on an alien planet. No wonder his mom wanted him to study.

When we first see him go Super Saiyan, it's when he was training with Gohan, amazing his older brother with how easily he attained the form. When Gohan asks about Goten's Super Saiyan form, we are treated to a flashback to the first time it happened. Chi-Chi never wanted Gohan to be a fighter, but seemed to change her mind when Goten was born. In fact, she was the one who trained Goten in martial arts.

When Chi-Chi was sparring with her son, Goten retaliated, instinctually going Super Saiyan and striking his mom. Not only was he the first to go Super Saiyan 2, he was also able to dominate Super Buu after having his power unlocked by the Old Kai.

The sad, and somewhat dark part about this is the fact that Gohan wasted his potential as a fighter and a hero after the Cell Saga. Or rather, Chi-Chi wasted his potential. Sure, we get why Chi-Chi would want her son to get an education, but the fact that he was able to defeat Cell when he was barely a teenager shows that he has the potential to be the world's greatest protector, especially in Goku's absence.

Goten offers to help his dad by driving the tractor for a while so Goku can get some training done in the fields. However, Goten ends up driving the tractor off a cliff, forcing Goku to save him.

Goten is absentminded on two fronts here; he didn't see a freaking cliff coming, and he almost died because he somehow forgot he can fly and is super strong. Seriously, that would have been a dumb, dark death for the young half-Saiyan. The fusion dance creates a powerful fusion of the two people involved, but there is a more powerful form of fusion: By attaching one of the earrings to opposite ears, two warriors can combine to form a fusion that is far more powerful than a fusion dance.

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However, potara fusion, unlike the dance, is believed at the time to be a permanent fusion. Why do we bring this up? For some reason, the combination of Trunks' confidence and Goten's playfulness results in a cocky and strangely eccentric warrior. The weirdest part of Gotenks has to be his attacks. He has made up some "interesting" attacks, usually on the spot. Because of this, Even though Gohan was born in Agehe is the physical age of someone born a year earlier. This isn't really a problem during his time being homeschooled, but when he enters into the public school system in high school, things get a little sketchy.

Since Gohan attends school with kids his age, it means that the records Chi-Chi submitted to Orange Star High School had to have been partially fake. Maybe Chi-Chi knows some shady people to be able to fudge her son's records like that. When Goku first meets his second son at the world martial arts tournament, he refers to Goten as a "little me," in a heartwarming introduction. Prior to his second fight with Majin BuuGohan asks Kibito for an outfit resembling his father's, and is then drawn in a keikogi identical to Goku's.

Gohan, from the alternate future, is dressed in a keikogi similar to that of his father's, and has a long scar across his left eye.

goten and gohan age difference dating

Abilities[ edit ] Gohan possesses superhuman strength and durability, [7] as well as superhuman speed and reflexes, as seen during his training with his younger brother Goten. As a child, Gohan is depicted with an immense amount of hidden potential, which at first only revealed itself when he experienced fierce rage or distress.

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He lost this ability after his tail was cut by Piccolo, [13] and later Vegeta. Gohan with this power up was even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks since he was able to dominate Super Buu with ease without transforming.

Ever since this fight, Gohan has given up on fighting and has continually gotten weaker to the point that he can't use his Super Saiyan transformations without straining himself. Gohan can still hold his own against Freeza's soldiers, Shisami, and Tagoma in his base form and overpower them when he transforms into a Super Saiyan. After Freeza's attack on Earth, Gohan returned to training with Piccolo. During his training with Piccolo before the start of the Tournament of Power, Gohan is pushed beyond his limits and manages to unlock his hidden power once again, becoming stronger than ever before.

Both as a child and an adult, Gohan is known to be a capable swordsman, as well as an adept teacher. Voice actors[ edit ] Gohan is voiced in the original Japanese anime and all other media by Masako Nozawa. Nozawa, who also voices Goku, revealed that she did not know she would be playing Gohan until receiving the script on the day of recording his debut episode. Despite having to voice Gohan, Goku, Goten and Bardock, Nozawa claims she is able to instantly get into the respective character simply upon seeing their image.

Jillian Michaels replaced Henderson in the later part of the Cell arc, while his adult version is voiced by Brad Swaile.

Henderson believed her experience playing Goku in Dragon Ball made it simple to develop Gohan's voice, though stressed performing as him was "tiring" due to the action of the series requiring louder volumes. She also remembered scheduling conflicts thanks to her wedding, setting the stage for the studio to audition other voice actors for the part of Gohan, and being disappointed at the role being recast.

Nadolny was called in to audition inwhen the English dub of Dragon Ball Z was recast. She said her most challenging time voicing the character was during his fight against Cell where she had to make him sound as "deep, tough and as much like a man as possible.

Final BoutGohan is voiced by Lex Lang.

In the Toonami Asia dub produced by Bang Zoom! In a rare English dub of the anime produced in the Philippines by Creative Products Corporation, Gohan was voiced by Ethel Lizano who also directed that dub.

Galang, who was 12 years old at the time he voiced Gohan. Appearances[ edit ] In Dragon Ball[ edit ] Gohan is introduced as the five year-old son of the series protagonist Gokunamed after his adoptive great-grandfather. Described as well-mannered and reserved, [22] [23] Gohan's story begins following his abduction by the extraterrestrial Saiyan named Raditzwho is also his uncle. While Goku is pinned to the ground, Gohan's extreme distress explodes with the release of his dormant power, which allows him to injure Raditz.

Piccolo then takes Gohan away following the fight and Goku's death, and trains him for the upcoming battle against the two other Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappathough Piccolo is aware that training the son of his greatest enemy will be a risk. Gohan, along with Krillin and Vegeta, are then forced into an encounter with Friezawho seeks the Dragon Balls for immortality. Shortly after the fight with Freeza begins, Krillin is impaled by one of Freeza's horns.

The poor guy was mocked hard over his exuberant alter ego. Gohan was mocked by everyone except Videl. Sure, she held the knowledge of his secret identity over his head for a little bit in the beginning, but once Gohan and Videl actually began their relationship, she never once tried to make fun of him for his widely derided crimefighting character.

Videl even vocally cheered him on while he was performing his goofy superhero poses. She learned martial arts from her father, Mr.

She not so promptly figured out that Gohan was both of these mysterious figures, and that it was not Hercule who saved the world seven years in the past but was in fact Gohan. They might have Grandma's eyes or perhaps their nose looks exactly like their Great Uncle's. For Videl and Gohan, their great-grandson was pretty much a mini Savior of the Universe. Naturally, young Goku Jr. A Hero's Legacy, we begin to learn the differences between the two Gokus, however. While Goku was obsessed with training, Jr.

When she was healed by Dende it was discovered that she was pregnant but had kept it a secret from Gohan because she had wanted to surprise him with the news. Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Goku combined their power but it wasn't enough until Videl came forward, allowing her unborn baby's power to be used. However, no matter how much Saiyan she had in her blood, she was certainly a superpowered prodigy.

Always a dreamer and fiercely independent Pan flew high enough to reach the stars before she was even a year old. Her uncanny abilities, coupled with her independence, led to many adventures as she grew older.

Dragon Ball GT- Baby Goten Vs Gohan (HD)

Throughout the series, a still quite young Pan was often shown traveling the world all on her, flying from place to place.

She was also very dedicated to her training, even from a young age, and showed a penchant for fighting as an aggressive infant, pulling Future Trunks' hair and kicking him.

goten and gohan age difference dating

Videl gave up halfway through their journey and convinced Gohan to continue on without her, allowing him to reach the battle just in time. A misunderstanding lead Videl and several other characters to believe that Gohan and Vegeta were killed by Majin Buu.

Bulma seemed to fully believe in Vegeta's death and fainted from the shock.