Are lacey and rico from twisted dating in real life

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are lacey and rico from twisted dating in real life

Whats next time comedy Exercise Friends Food Thats none of Catchy Dating Site in touch with his community. are lacey and rico from twisted dating in real life. Apr 2, Dating · Advice · Fashion · Video Last night's Twisted finale delivered a shocking twist that is bound to be a real game changer for Lacey, Whitney and the whole Twisted crew. They are having lunch with friends Rico and Annie, who are both pretty aware that Lacey is subtly mooning over Whitney. Aug 7, EARLIER: This love triangle has divided Twisted fans since the moment Lacey the messy complications that resulted when Lacey began dating the only real over Danny when he declared his love for her oldest friend in the world. Rico's heart kind of got squashed by Jo and Lacey's heart kind of got.

Regina then flirts with Danny and invites him to her party. Danny notices the necklace she's wearing and asks where she got it. She tells him it was a gift, Danny seems distracted by the necklace. He thanks Regina for the invite and says he may stop by. Sarita asks if Regina's high on her hormones for asking Danny to come and reminds her that Lacey doesn't like Danny. At the party, everyone steers clear of Danny although Jo stays with Danny. Lacey and Sarita see them and Regina corners Jo asking if she "wants" Danny.

Jo says she isn't into him and that Regina can have him, Regina hugs Jo and says "everyone was so wrong about you". Jo asks why she's interested in him, Regina states that he's "here and not going anywhere" and that the town can't hate him forever.

Regina and Jo share a drink. Danny goes to Lacey and Sarita, trying to talk to Lacey. Sarita questions if he's trying to add stalker to his record. Danny recognizes Sarita as the girl with the facial hair problem growing up, mentioning she had to leave school for a week to get work done that was only approved in Germany.

He compliments the work stating he can still see the faint outline of the mustache.

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Sarita walks off, angered. Lacey tells Danny that she sees he's trying to impress people with one remark at a time and says it's a good strategy, Danny tells her it got her to say something. Lacey also mentions that she noticed he got Jo to follow him around like a puppy dog in under a day, which Danny tells her is harsh. Lacey informs Danny that she's a bitch now, Regina interrupts them mentioning that if Archie saw them talking he'd flip. Danny asks if Archie is at the party, Lacey tells him, Archie's getting ready for a game the next day.

The "Twisted" finale lives up to its title - AfterEllen

Regina tries to get a Danny v. He leaves to find Jo before she starts to have "real fun", Regina remarks on Danny ditching them, which Lacey tells her it was her fault for the way she was acting. Regina tells Lacey to relax and not be sensitive she walks away with a drink. A drunken Jo bumps into Sarita, who rudely asks Jo to watch where she's swinging her "creepy ape arms", which Jo agree's with saying there a disproportionate part of her body.

Sarita notices Jo being drunk and gets her to lick a drink of Scott's shirtless body while the party goers watch. Regina corners Danny trying to get him to her room, Danny hears Jo yelling at Scott to get away from her. Danny quickly comes to Jo's rescue, where Sarita and Scott try to get Jo to take off her shirt. Scott tells Danny to mind his business and calls him "rope boy", after Scott pushes Danny, Danny whispers something in Scott's ear that causes him to back down, Danny takes Jo and starts to walk her home.

Lacey and Regina exchange glances afterwards and Regina smirks before walking away from a worried Lacey. While Danny walks a drunken Jo, she asks Danny what he said to Scott, Danny says he told him he'd sue and win. Lacey pulls up in her car, giving them a ride to Jo's. Danny drops Jo off at her house and meets Kyle at the door, who isn't pleased to see Danny, Jo tells Tess what happened to her at the party and Kyle slams the door in Danny's face.

Lacey then takes Danny to his house, which she hasn't been to since the day Danny killed his aunt Terra, Danny thanks her for the ride and asks her to come inside, at first she hesitates but Danny tells her, he as her favorite snack, Blue Ranch Potato chips.

They go to his room where they rekindle a dare they made with Jo to eat every bag of different flavor potato chips, and she ended up puking it out on Lacey's dad's favorite rug. Danny tells Lacey that Jo's going through a tough time with his return which Lacey seems to be not having trouble with. Lacey asks what Jo told him about them, asking if Jo said Lacey abandoned her, Danny says no but asks if that's what really happened.

Lacey tells him, she did what she had to, to survive being friends with a killer and growing up with that tormenting her. Then Lacey asks if Danny regrets the murder he committed in the past,but he states that what he exactly regrets is being friends with her.

Lacey ends up sleeping in Danny's room while Danny's in a deep thought, then he gets a text from Regina inviting him over to her home but he refuses to go and she sends a text stating that she knows why he killed his aunt. Seeing the text, Danny clearly gets distracted and a gets a little furious. In the morning at Regina's the housekeeper finds Regina's dead body who's beaten to death.

are lacey and rico from twisted dating in real life

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are lacey and rico from twisted dating in real life

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are lacey and rico from twisted dating in real life

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are lacey and rico from twisted dating in real life

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The “Twisted” finale lives up to its title

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are lacey and rico from twisted dating in real life

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