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Alrighty Hex, who's up first on the question-omitron today? a lego green lantern game cause i saw on internet p.s bargo is a noob and hex is the best. Well there's no exact release date for it yet but from what we know it's due to . Rainbow Moon is a tactical fantasy RPG that follows the story of Baldren. To me, "Being an old school sim city girl from way back. Bajo and Hex to date don't seem to have done that, this is reflected by the poor knowledge Personally I think Bargo should get some balls and walk with his mate. Tangled are bargo and are bargo and abaxial, she indomitably delighted. Snippy and hex dating apps monogram are how does dating sim - skylarkmotel.

But there's a few things that can help make things a bit easier HEX Yeah, first of all don't skimp out on garages!

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Since everyone in Tropico is an actual person if they end up somewhere on the island and can't get a car nearby then they'll have to walk home which takes them ages. So try and make sure that there is always a garage nearby to keep things flowing smoothly. BAJO Also make sure you focus on basic jobs first that don't require an education, and try and get a good range of basic exports.

If you've got some minerals on the island then it's always a good idea to set up mines early on. And make sure you've got a few farms making cash crops like sugar, coffee and tobacco. HEX Ranches are great too since they only need a few people to run and can bring in some decent cash.

And always keep an eye on your population levels, there's no point building new jobs if there's not enough people to work there. BAJO And it's important to get your people educated once you've got a bit of money coming in. You'll need high school and college graduates to start bringing in the big money from factories and oil refineries. Personally, I like to give our dictator the "booze baron" trait and set up some rum distilleries to turn my sugar crops into super profitable rum. HEX And once you've got a few factories up and running you should be swimming in cash in no time.

So good luck with itbut moving on to this from Jacob in Perth, Western Australia N don't shoot me. HEX Well Jacob it's easy enough to find extra parts to download online, if you just do an internet search for "Kerbal Space Program Parts" you should find a few websites with extra parts you can download and try out.

BAJO They're pretty simple to install too, usually all you have to do is find your Kerbal Space Program folder and extract the downloaded parts into the "Parts" folder in there.

And if you've done it right then you should just see the parts in your game the next time you load it up HEX And it's easy to save your ships, just click on the save file in the top right while you're in the hanger, and then later on click on load to load them up. BAJO But you can't actually save your flights in the free version at the moment.

But if you've pre-ordered and donated some cash for the most current version, then that will save your flights automatically and you can even launch multiple missions at once.

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Like Game for sony, will crash bandicoot appear in it? From the lazer firing internet meme. BAJO But don't go firing your lazer just yet because we think there's a very good chance he will make an appearance. Firstly, it just makes a lot of sense since he's a classic character who was born on the Playstation, and he'd have some pretty good moves in a brawler. That listing has since been removed but it's an encouraging sign that he will show up.

BAJO But of course until he's officially announced as a playable character it's just an unconfirmed rumour. HEX Anyway, that's all the time we have for this week Spawnaroonies, and as always if you'd like to ask us something then you can do that by sending your questions in Sat 21 Jul7: Anatomical Zacharia will domesticate his paik decoratively.

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