Aquarius woman and dating

Dating the Aquarius woman

aquarius woman and dating

When an Aquarius woman does eventually fall in love, she is a devoted and stable This reason is that as a dating relationship grows and deepens, it moves to. How to Date an Aquarius Woman. Aquarius women are a paradox. Trying to figure this woman out is like trying to rope the wind. She will have inconsistency and. People with this zodiac sign are born from 20th January to 19th February. So if you are dating an Aquarius woman, here is what you can look forward to.

An Aquarius woman will want to interact with many different types of people. It is not unusual for Aquarius women to have friends and acquaintances from all different backgrounds, cultures, and social classes. In her quirky way, she will be pleasant to all of them equally.

It is rare for an Aquarius woman to dislike anyone, at least not at first. If she is attracted to you, however, she will pay more attention to you than the others in the room. If you notice this, do proceed with caution. Even if an Aquarius woman has a crush on you, she will very likely not be aware of it herself. If you make any indication that your interest is of a romantic nature, she will almost certainly reject you.

On the other hand, if she does reject you, all is not lost. If you back off with respect to romance, and she likes you, she will most likely continue to interact with you. More than any other sign, it is best to proceed patiently and slowly with an Aquarius woman.

Despite any gender expectations you may have, it is generally a good idea to let her make the first move, particularly in the early stages of the relationship. This is not a date, mind you. If you ask her out on a date or call your meeting a date, she will quickly decline or make it clear that it is no such thing.

This is not something to worry about, though. The fact that she is meeting with you at all is a very good sign. While Aquarius women are social, they generally prefer to meet people in groups or social events. They are not generally all that comfortable with intimate one-on-one encounters with anyone.

As always, it is best to be patient with an Aquarius woman and let her set the pace of your relationship. You might as well, as you will rarely persuade her to do anything she has not already decided herself she wants to do. One of the idiosynchrosies of Aquarians is that they rarely seek out company. They like social gatherings and enjoy being with people, but they generally do not go out of their way to see or talk to anyone. So, if she calls you, emails you, texts you, or in any way initiates communication with you, this is one of the sure signs an Aquarius woman likes you.

Developing a Friendship — Signs an Aquarius Woman is Feeling Close to You With an Aquarius woman, you may be in the initial stages of your relationship for quite a long time.

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If you have stayed the course and not scared her off, you may enter the next stage of your relationship, which is in the 11th House. The 11th House from Aquarius is Sagittarius.

If you have reached this level with an Aquarius woman, you will notice that the relationship has taken on a more light-hearted flavor. Below are the signs an Aquarius woman likes you and is becoming friendly with you.

Like Capricorn womenAquarian women have a dry sense of humor. The difference is that the Capricorn humor is very earthy, but the Aquarian human is very quirky. Aquarians view the world as outsiders, so they see things in a way that no one else does. This makes them amusing commentors on the human condition. When an Aquarius woman starts to feel close to you, she will start to share her hilarous observations with you.

aquarius woman and dating

They revel in being outside of the norm. It is almost certain that the Aquarian woman you are interested in has at least one, if not more, quirky hobbies or interests. She may have been in the chess club in high school or have played Dungeons and Dragons in college. Or else, she may be a game, manga, or anime otaku. She may collect soda pop bottle caps, or she may have every musical instrument known to humankind. Whatever it is, if she includes you in her eccentricities, you can be sure that this is one of the signs an Aquarius woman likes you and is starting to feel friendly with you.

This will not be an ordinary trip to a city or well known vacation spot. Aquarians are attracted to the strange and different places, and as she is getting close to you, she will want to share these types of adventures with you. The romantic stage of a relationship is located in the 5th House, and the 5th House from Aquarius is Gemini.

aquarius woman and dating

With an Aquarius woman, there is unlikely to be a moment where she confesses her love to you or anything of the sort. You will just find yourself in a romance and one or both of you will just acknowledge that it has happened.

Dating an Aquarius Woman - When you Fall in Love with an Aquarian Girl

Here are the signs that an Aquarius woman likes you and is falling in love. When an Aquarius woman falls in love, however, she will start to become a bit of a chatterbox. She will talk about lots of different things, and you may have trouble getting a word in edgewise. This is a sure sign that you have crossed from friendship to romance. Yet, when an Aquarius woman falls in love, she will begin to get curious and want to try new things.

She may want to go to new restaurants, get a different hairstyle, or try out a new clothing style.

How to seduce an Aquarius woman

She can escape anything that would narrow her freedom. The Aquarius woman is a real rock star The Aquarius is able to put on a show no one else will. That feature makes such girl the most charming and magnetic Zodiac sign. This is why the Aquarius girls requires tons of attention and makes dozens and dozens of friends.

Her untied spirit and loose nature encourage her to the maddest things in life. The Aquarius female will also make friends with people of all social layers and statuses - she tends to literally find common grounds with nearly everybody.

How to Date an Aquarius Woman: Essential Tips

The Aquarius woman may drop out of reality Precisely because she gets stuck in her own thoughts and is always thinking about a thousand different matters at once. Thus, Aquarius woman can easily shut in her world and isolate herself from everyone else when depression kicks in. It makes this girl appear a moody and cold personality, but the truth is she simply needs a break from the outer world from time to time.

Those women are very sensitive but they tend to hold their emotions on a leash all the time. Aquarius women can easily become upset over things from the past, the present and the future respectively and dwell on those, which might make it hard for people to get to know them closer.

aquarius woman and dating

What are Aquarius women like? The Aquarius women tend to lean over backwards really often.

aquarius woman and dating

They can be both loving and indifferent. Warm-hearted and as cold as steel. Need their private space but love being around people.

Madly rebellious, but loyal. The Aquarius girl is always a puzzle, sometimes to her own. Dating an Aquarius woman: Next are 5 essential things to consider when dating Aquarius women.

Address to her inner curiosity Nothing can impress the Aquarius lady more than creativity, so the most important tip on how to seduce this type of girl is to demonstrate that you can be original and prove you are not a 10th sheep in the herd.

It will be a good idea to dress nicely for a date with an Aquarius woman, but she will definitely find you a whole lot more handsome and cute if you create your unique individual look rather than just put on a suit and a tie.

If there are some unusually interesting details about your background, workplace or lifestyle in general, do not be afraid to tell it out loud and clear - it will make this woman much more willing to get to know everything about you. Conquer her friendship first Try to approach a girl of this sign first on a friendship level and soon you will improve your chances of taking over her heart.

Aquarians, especially women, are excellent and bright individuals, easily making friends with people of all kinds. Concerning Aquarius women in relationships, they are, however, a lot less comfortable and more careful in close romantic relations, which they sometimes find a bit restraining and may be notoriously stubborn for a commitment. Most romances with women born under this Zodiac sign appear to originate exactly in the form of a friendship, and after that gradually evolve into something deeper.

Do not attempt to make things difficult for yourself by trying to drag her into bed too soon. Play it cool, but careful, show patience and keep things easy until you are totally ready to make a bigger move.

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The most fatal mistake you could ever make when trying to get the attention of the Aquarius lady is to pose a threat to the precious freedom of hers by being too pushy and impatient. Keep in mind the following: Act calmly and wisely In order to win sympathy of the Aquarius female, prove her you are a cool kid, completely calm and undistracted type.