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Decorative Garden Fencing

Garden fencing has to be aesthetically pleasing, apart from being useful in keeping away stray animals. In fact, it is better to ensure it from the very beginning, so that all the future confusions can be avoided. The boundary of your property can be defined by the fence, which would save you from all the future arguments with your neighbors. It definitely gives a sense of security and safety. So, if safety and security can be attained with the aesthetics maintained, nothing can be better than that. It can also hide something that you want to hide. North Americans introduced this whole idea and now, it is quite popular in America. Gardening is one of America’s favorite hobbies, pastimes; you remember that even Charles Lamb described it as his primary activity after retirement in the essay “The Superannuation.” So, to save your favorite garden from any kind of transgressive activities, here are some of the decorative fencing ideas. Before choosing a certain design, do check if it matches with the architecture of the house and the surroundings.

There are ample options to choose from as they would increase the style quotient of your garden. The following can be simple, and they also come in a wide range of colors and designs.

Bamboo Fencing
It can give your garden a very exotic look, apart from ensuring your privacy and safety. These come in various designs such as Yucatan fence panels, reed, willow fence, etc. You can also go for a Kinakauji, Koetsu, or Rioanji-gaki style. Classic Kenninji fences are also a very good option since they can cover your garden quite well and are very artistic to look at. Traditional black tiles are also used with it to make it more beautiful. There are vertical strips of bamboo, combined with multiple horizontal, semi-round bamboo rails used for support. This kind of fencing can be designed in either single or double-sided, capped or uncapped. Though it really adds a character to your garden, it is not very long lasting and rots after just one season of rain, and snow would be enough to consume it.

Vinyl Fencing
It also comes in different colors and designs. The best feature of this style is that it is durable and requires almost zero maintenance. It gives you the full worth of money in terms of durability, and definitely, enhances the beauty of your garden, apart from keeping it safe from intruders. If embossed with wood, it provides the same look as you have got from wooden fencing, but with much more ease. PVC fencing is rot and rust resistant. There are no hassles of discoloring and graffiti as you can give them a simple wash, and they will be like new again.

Wire Fencing
This kind of fences is generally held by steel poles and is used to demarcate boundaries, wherein defining the boundary is really necessary and there is dire need to stay clear of intruders. You can definitely get it done if that is the situation, and then, you can decorate it with flower climbers and twirling plants, so that it can also look beautiful. These let in a lot of air and light, but do not keep your garden a very private area. The security is low when it comes to potential intruders who want something beyond the flowers in the area.

Chain Link Fencing
It is a kind of fence that is weaved of galvanized or steel-coated wires. These are placed vertically and are bent in a zigzag pattern. They are very easy to install and also, do not require much maintenance. They are also very cheap and like other wire fences, let abundant light and air, although they provide the least privacy. To make them semi-opaque, you can insert slashes in the openings.

Wooden Fencing
It gives your house an old-world look. It is appropriate for colonial homes that can be found easily in parts of lumberyards and home stores. If you want to get it done, you can also go for a simple split rail style that would give your house a rustic look. There is not much hassle as you get the readymade ones, so you can fence your garden within a day if you have all your tools in place. Wooden clapboards are also a good option, but then, they require regular maintenance to avoid rotting.

These are some ideas that you can use to decorate your garden and add to the aesthetics of your property. It will make you feel a lot better if you see beautiful greenery, with an equally beautiful fence around.